End of an era: HMD is dropping its Nokia branding for smartphones

31 January 2024
Nokia smartphones are on the way out, all hail HMD.

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  • 31 Jan 2024

Employment Stephen Elop was biggest mistake, then selecting Windows Phone and deleting Symbian and MeeGo. After that Nokia shares fall, no one buys Nokia phones with WP OS. Sale of the telephone division to Microsoft after stock fall.
Microsoft is about to close its phone department and sell what's left of the company to the Chinese. Nokia brand use for HMD. They never showed anything interesting - boring, average phones.

A sad end to the history of Nokia phones. If they had developed Symbian/MeeGo or switched to Android they could have easily been number 1 or 2.
Especially since after Huawei were eliminated anyway. And Nokia was the most innovative but if someone forces a system on you that no one wants to buy, Windows Phone don't have an application. you cant force customers to use OS like that, the company could not wait for a functional system for years when others had developed and better systems and lots of applications.

In addition, Elop introduced great chaos, abandoned consumers with Symbian phones, then with Windows Phone (because they didnt get to Windows Mobile).
Technically, Nokia was still very good and MeeGo promised to be interesting. They could sell Android phones and develop MeeGo - because there was still space on the market back then.

    Without the Nokia brand recognition, hmd are doomed. Unless they start making actually well specced, good looking devices at competitive prices. But knowing what people and their hubris are like, I'd say there's pretty much zero chance of that happening.

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      • Ib5
      • 31 Jan 2024

      rip nokia

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        • 31 Jan 2024

        "Nokia Corporation is still a global leader in network equipment and is a leading patent licensor in the mobile tech space with over 6,000 patent families essential to 5G."

        latest patent results nokia was 5th so its not leading


          Why do they think that if they weren't successful with an actually well known brand name, being Nokia, they will be successful with their own name?

            salute to the nokia phones..

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              • 31 Jan 2024

              no one really bought Nokia phones anyway, imagine how bad the sales will be on these WITHOUT the Nokia branding

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                • 31 Jan 2024

                Let me guess:

                - more odm from China instead of own phones.
                - useless unisoc chips with cores A75/76 instead of chips with armV9.
                - only low ends instead of range $100 - $1000