Dimensity 9400 coming in Q4 with one Cortex-X5 and three X4 cores

01 February 2024
MediaTek will stick with its strategy to use multiple large cores and no little ones. It will focus on AI performance too.

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  • 01 Feb 2024

rizki1, 01 Feb 2024Currently only 4 phones with D9300 and 9 phones with D9200 ... moreExcept samsung, oneplus, sony, motorola, asus, meizu, honor , oppo, vivo, realme, xiaomi all consider qualcomm chips better.

None of them.are going to use mediatek on most expensive device while qualcomm for second tier phone.

X7 Ultra: 8g3
X7: D9300

X100 Ultra: 8g3
X100 Pro: D9300

Mi14/14 pro/14 ultra: 8g3
Mi 14T pro: D9300

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    • 01 Feb 2024

    Who tf cares about dimensity "flagship" tier socs? They won't be installed in any flagship Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus.

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      • 01 Feb 2024

      Hardware Hypervisor, 01 Feb 2024The 3nm process allows iPhone to reach 3.78 GHz which give ... moreits same soc just overclocked nothing new

        The 3nm process allows iPhone to reach 3.78 GHz which give it massive advantage in benchmark score.

        But the (probably) better architecture of Qualcomm's upcoming Phoenix cores is said to be able to reach 4GHz on the same process node.

          Currently only 4 phones with D9300 and 9 phones with D9200 are mostly used by vivo. OEMs need to release more Dimensity flagships... they have proven to be better at the low end and mid range.

            where are we going ?
            do we need that much computing and powerful processing things?

            what are we achieving? a computer in a phone or next a super computer in a phone?

            the more n more the powerful chips, the more the headache and more to suffer.

              Spanky, 01 Feb 2024Perhaps they should switch to a 10-core design. Something l... moreThat 10 core chipsets wasn't failure. They was great, but thair conclusion was that 8 core is good enough. I remember that soc in note 4, x20. It was great.

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                • 01 Feb 2024

                Multicore : 11300

                  Mediatek is slaying in recent years. They've been very mediocre for long time, but now their chipsets are incredible and have been for quite a while. Basically since introduction of Dimensity series few years ago.

                    A GeForce GPU for mobile? Now that definitely would be interesting.

                    But I think it is better the other way around, i.e. that mobile technologies go to the desktop and PC market.

                    By default they are already made to be more efficient, less power-hungry and more portable and cohesive and updated with all the latest technology.

                    We can already see ARM being used in PCs, and we can see the massive upgrade between Apple's new M chips (which are based off ARM instruction sets) instead of the old x86 used by intel chips.

                    Having unified instructions and SoCs means that we can finally achieve true cross-communication and the Internet of Things.

                      Wow! Very exciting stuff!

                      My dream is to run VMs on a small phone. Windows ARM, Linux, OpenWRT anything really... 😍

                        Perhaps they should switch to a 10-core design. Something like 1+3+6+2, or 4+4+2. There were some failed experiments with 10-core SoCs in the middle of the 2010s, but it should be feasible now.