Early Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 and Dimensity 9400 benchmarks show incredible performance

01 February 2024
Incredible or impossible? The gains are much bigger than we would normally expect for a generational improvement.

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  • 30 May 2024

ELVA, 29 May 2024As someone using a phone with a dimensity 6080 you have a p... moreHow is lowest 20 fps comfortable?

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    • 29 May 2024

    Anonymous, 09 Feb 2024There's absolutely no way is this real; a 50% improvem... moreOne phrase to sum this: Moore's law is dead

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      • 29 May 2024

      potato4k, 29 May 2024Mediatek: look at our Dimensity 9400 OEMs on the real mark... moreAs someone using a phone with a dimensity 6080 you have a point, but hey it pretty nice I can play genshin comfortably when I use a cooler

        Mediatek: look at our Dimensity 9400
        OEMs on the real market: here our new phones with Helio G99 Ultra! And Dimensity 6080/6100+! YEAH!

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          • 28 May 2024

          Thanks to the fierce competition between Qualcomm and Media Tek, technology in mobile devices are rising higher and higher which benefits the consumer. Currently snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and dimensity 9300 are fiercely battling each for supremacy and before the end of 2024 the battle for supremacy will become even more fierce as the upcomings 8 Gen 4 and dimensity 9400 will both be fitted on the 3nm node process.

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            • 22 May 2024

            Where fierce competition is the name of the game, qualcomm's upcoming 8 Gen 4 vs Media Tek's dimensity 9400 in which both chips will be fitted on the 3nm node process and a significant upgrade over their predecessors will take mobile technology to a higher level. Thanks to this fierce competition, both Qualcomm loyalist and Media Tek loyalist will be in for a treat.

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              • 19 May 2024

              Fierce competition is the name of the game and in this case is accelerating rising android phone technology which is good for the consumer. With Qualcomm and Media Tek fiercely trying to outdo each other(8G4 vs D9400) is going to make phones powered by either SoC feature rich and powerful. Whether you're a Qualcomm loyalist or Media Tek loyalist, you can be grateful both companies exist since as I've mentioned it's forcing both companies to outdo each other which of course brings out the best in each other.

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                • 18 Mar 2024

                While it's obvious that qualcomm's snapdragon 8 Gen 3 battling Media Tek's dimensity 9300 (both on the 4nm node process) is fierce competition at it's finest, their upcoming successors, snapdragon 8 Gen 4 and dimensity 9400 will up the ante as both of them will be fitted on the 3nm node process.

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                  • 06 Mar 2024

                  Although I'm a Qualcomm loyalist having many Qualcomm powered phones with future plans to buy more, I am grateful for Media Tek's great products such as their current dimensity 9300 and upcoming dimensity 9400 which is forcing Qualcomm to constantly produce ever better chips such as 8 gen 3 and the upcoming 8 gen 4
                  Between Qualcomm vs Media Tek, the competition is fierce as both companies are bringing out the best of each other so even customers of Media Tek powered phones can be grateful of Qualcomm's existence just as I'm grateful for Media Tek's existence. As for why I choose Qualcomm over Media Tek is because Qualcomm has the reputation as being more reputable and a longer history vs Media Tek.

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                    • 01 Mar 2024

                    Anonymous, 09 Feb 2024There's absolutely no way is this real; a 50% improvem... moreNot exactly, cause 8 gen 3 use 1 large, 5 medium and 2 small cores, 8 gen 4 uses 2 large and 6 medium core. So, the improved multi score can also be attributed to one extra large and medium core. If you look at single core performance, it went from 2500 to 2800 ish, around 13% improvement, which is plausible.

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                      • 09 Feb 2024

                      There's absolutely no way is this real; a 50% improvement is crazy and completely impossible in a single Generation. I believe,---like previous generations---the flagships for 2025 are going to get a 25% improvement (in Geekbench) or maybe a little more, but not whatever this is.

                        I think it's due for these companies to collaborate with large game and software developers to make full use of their chipsets. It's just a shame to see their performance being wasted on smth a 2 y/o phone can run flawlessly.

                          I Just Read, 03 Feb 2024This story is fake Before you get upset and post based on... moreAnders makes no sense.

                            I Just Read, 03 Feb 2024This story is fake Before you get upset and post based on... moreI didn't comment on this section as I also thought this was obviously fake, and even if it has a slight chance of being real, I have no reason to believe it. However as usual you had to mention me in your comment here as well, for reasons unknown to me. Don't comment misinformation, or to be fair, literally anything about me.

                              Vegetaholic, 03 Feb 2024PS4 emulation incoming :)PS4? I didn't even know there was an 8 Gen 3 that could play PS3 emulator..

                                rizki1, 01 Feb 2024insane, what do you want to do with performance this fast?PS4 emulation incoming :)

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                                  • 03 Feb 2024

                                  This is the speed of 11900k/5800x3d desktop CPU or Apple M3 arm.
                                  Why do we need such powerful devices? Can I run Windows or Linux native on those devices with full app support?
                                  What about thermal throttling? I still think those numbers are fake and this is SD Elite X with an active cooling solution.

                                    This story is fake
                                    Before you get upset and post based on a rumour (now perpetuated by Digital Chat Station) here is the DNA / FINGERPRINT / VIDEO evidence to retain as there is another 9 months for stories like this to follow.

                                    Not for Darling Yext
                                    If the answer is 4, the conditional interchangable variables are plus + or multiply x what is the unknown

                                    Let's venture into the Apple Vineyard
                                    Apples fabrication went from 4nm to 3nm with it came a name change.

                                    Apple A16 Bionic 4nm to A17 Pro 3nm
                                    SAME THING HERE!
                                    The vast majority will already know (the exception named) or have deduced the answer from the above.

                                    Because the tipster don't know this how is It they purport to have benchmark for Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, when there WON'T be a 8 Gen 4 (which will be 3nm)

                                    More??? Cmon I should not be asked to provide further evidence (X account to follow)

                                    But here is more
                                    List Snapdragon Flagships:

                                    QC 8G3, QC 8G2, QC 8G1+, (QC 8G1), [ 4nm]

                                    QSD 888) [5nm]
                                    QSD 870, QSD 865, QSD 860, QSD 855, [7nm]

                                    QSD 845+, QSD 845, [10nm]

                                    QSD 835, [10nm]

                                    QSD 821, QSD 820, [14nm]

                                    (QSD 810) [20nm]

                                    Further or EVEN more on Nanoreview there hasn't been a Snapdragon X gen 4

                                    The move from 4nm to 3 nm WILL bring a change in name, as you can see Qualcomm have used a different naming standard when the process (nm) changes

                                    8 Gen 4 which to repeat these leaksters don't know or appreciate Qualcomm naming system so all to they have done is add 1 to 3 (pause that open calculator 1 ...)

                                    I actually do know the name and the synthetic Benchmarks please see my separate post which will follow in November 2024. I spent too much time on this already

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                                      • 70d
                                      • 03 Feb 2024

                                      Redeemer, 02 Feb 2024Qualcomm chips are getting hotter and throttling harder eve... moreYou're being delusional.

                                        4Ghz. Hmmm...mmm...

                                        I'm assuming we'll have nitrogen cooling soon?