Our Samsung Galaxy S24+ video review is out

06 February 2024
A bigger battery and a brighter screen are two major improvements.

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  • 07 Feb 2024

I think we are in the end of time. Human now only reproduce invention, nothing new. We already used all the ideas..what we do now is just upgrade and uprade. Are we ready for the time..the end of this world?

    What throttling man??

    I've had mine for about a week and it's been almost perfect in every way. Battery is fantastic, cobalt violet is amazing colour, battery is insane... I'm hitting 6 hours screen on time with still 50% of battery left. Display quality is a rival for the iphone.

      Nikojas, 06 Feb 2024Now that Will is the sole presenter ( and awesome) it woul... moreDon't be weird man.

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        • 06 Feb 2024

        Now that Will is the sole presenter ( and awesome) it would be cool if there was some more info about him on the site or a video. He has a lot of fans. I think. Me anyway.