OnePlus explains why it's only promising 5 years of Android updates, not more

06 February 2024
It all has to do with sandwiches.

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JayJerry, 06 Feb 2024According to me, 3 years is okay.. updates usually decrease... moreI dont think that budget and middle class will catch up to 2024 flagship performance in 2029 so even if the performance drop after 5 to 7 years of OS updates it wont make much of a difference as apps and everything will still run well on them.

Change a phone after 5 years is probably to get new cameras on the phone and some new features with hardware that can't be done with software.

Why i talk about budget and middle class phones is that the market is mostly full of them and all the apps need to work on them cause all apps want to be part of the large market to have users that make them money

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    • 06 Feb 2024

    Seems like apple bread is different than your bread! because except for battery, which is very normal to not behave the same even in 2 to 3 years of heavy use, everything seems fine with them! Sorry, but your excuse is just showing that your company is lazy! New flagship CPUs are not like 10 years old phones CPUs and are much more capable and years ahead of current apps so, I don't accept your excuse even if I change my phone every 2 to 3 years.

      OnePlus is being goofy here. At least Google, Samsung and Apple pretend that they want you to be able to choose between replacing the battery after 3 or 4 years and still keep the phone rocking with new software updates. OnePlus is just saying "you don't need more than 4 years updates because once your battery dies you should not replace it, you should buy our newest model and have the 4 years updates from that one"... In China they are unhinged, don't even pretend to give people a chance to not fall into consumerism 🙃

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        • 06 Feb 2024

        Exactly 4-5 years is the max for a phone's hardware to last. beyond that, you must be a saint to still use your phone. most likely after 5 yrs, the battery is bad, the phone is slow, cracks, and dents here and there. Most users, especially mid to high-end models change phones every 2 years, some even change annually! 7 yrs, is just a gimmick.

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          • 06 Feb 2024

          If you are explaining, you already lost.

            Phone nerd, 06 Feb 2024He’s kinda right I mean look at iphone 8 It has ios 16 b... moreApple don't really shine with large capacity of batteries in the first place.
            Iphone 8 with 1821mAh battery
            Never mind that there is a high chance with Apple phones with the last update to make the old phone worse so you want to get a new phone.

              He's cooking and burning at the same time.

              On one hand, someone may not want the same phone forever and won't want to replace the battery and look for something new entirely. One the other hand, JUST REPLACE THE BATTERY and peak performance is back again.

                Screen burn, battery depletion and wear and tear there's no point to 7 years

                  But if 5 years is more than fine!!!

                    According to me, 3 years is okay.. updates usually decreases the performance of a phone

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                      • 06 Feb 2024

                      Stop telling bullshit if you don't want to update your phones for a little longer

                        ""When our competitors say their software policy will last seven years, remember that their phone's battery may not.""

                        Well thats why Samsung makes the phone more easy to change the battery. Easier to repair the phone. Also It's OnePlus who need to make the software fit with there phone as they also dont have pure clean android to blame it on google or who ever.

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                          • 06 Feb 2024

                          LOL, then you replace the battery, lmfao, that is the silliest reason if i ever heard one. But of course, they're rather sell you a brand new $800 phone than a $80 battery. :D

                            Not true, cpu ang cpu will not increase 100 time so an s24 will be obsolete in 5 years. AI and optimization or combine will make a phone like in for 10 years. But the company need to sell so... And batteries ? They are like tires, a changing component. Why you bring thos to argue table ?

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                              • 06 Feb 2024

                              OnePlus is missing the point. The reason for 7 OS updates is not so you can keep it for 7 years, it's so that you can sell it, get the battery replaced, sell it on and still get software updates, increasing the resale value.

                                how frequently does Oneplus send software updates? I'm just curious.

                                  He’s kinda right
                                  I mean look at iphone 8
                                  It has ios 16 but the battery is trash so is the software experience

                                    I agree i mean after full use of 5 years the battery will be dead,5 years of OS is definitely enough.

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                                      • 06 Feb 2024

                                      All I'm hearing is excuses: If the devs can't optimise the software in peak smartphone era when the advancements YoY are minuscule, it's their fault, not the hardware's fault.

                                        The thing is, that phone technology is near pinnacle anyway. I am using almost 4 years old Huawei P30 Pro and I don't feel like upgrading. Anyone having gen3 and above has no need to upgrade ever. Unless they do something with batteries.