ColorOS 14, Realme UI 5, OxygenOS 14 (Android 14) review

08 February 2024
Check out the latest software running on the most recent OnePlus, Oppo and Realee devices.

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  • 22 Feb 2024

Revelation1, 16 Feb 2024I'm very surprised the reviewer failed to mention TRAN... moreThe transitions are very cool and nice however the overall touch and scrolling experience of Oxygen 14 feels like a 5 year old OS. It definitely needs improvement. So many bad review in reddit, oneplus community and elsewhere but no improvements from Oppo/Oneplus.

    I'm very surprised the reviewer failed to mention TRANSITIONS that are part of the Oxygen OS 14. They are located in the bottom row when you bring up "widgets". There are 5 or 6 transitions to choose from and they are totally cool. I'm using "roll" so that when I slide from the Homescreen to another screen, all the icons turn into a motion 3d Tube and spin to the next screen. Love this very much. It's not on the Samsung Android 14 OS that my wife has, as we did a lot of searching on the web, and in her phone - it just is not there.

    I love my new Oneplus 12. I had the 5T for almost 6 years and just got the 12 a week and a half ago. I immediately noticed that all the connections are flawless and instant. For example, Bluetooth has zero hiccups when getting into the car and connecting my phone with the car system. Same thing with WiFi. Instant connections. Everything is working as it should, and very fast - snappy!

    Personally, I love the curved 12 and rounded corners. Makes me think of a sports car with nice lines and curves. Hey, that's how I feel about it.

    Regarding the comments about "rooting" the Oneplus, I suppose that applies for people who are more advanced, but I would not know how to do that so the inability to root my phone is not something that bothers me.

    I find the UI of this phone very good, and intuitive.

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      • 12 Feb 2024

      rachidrh, 10 Feb 2024One of the buggiest OS overlay I've ever used. I used ... moreYou are lying

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        • 12 Feb 2024

        Anonymous, 12 Feb 2024Yes, you're correct. I hardly could root my realme 7 v... moreAll companies that restrict the user from having full rooted administrator access to their own hardware should be sued out of their existence. Period.

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          • 12 Feb 2024

          Anonymous, 11 Feb 2024Never I repeat never buy this realme OnePlus oppo trash Y... moreYes, you're correct. I hardly could root my realme 7 very very difficult following a lot Telegram groups. For Oppo related devices if they are under Huawei you can completely forget rooting as Huawei just do not want you know the backdoor they implement in the OS.............. so they never release bootloader methods.

            The only issues I have got with android is chrome the most crap chromium browser and it is terrible with privacy) it shocks me to this very day people use that rubbish browser (I'm aware of the market share too).

            I'd never never recommend chrome and safari (since that's what iOS users also use) both are crap.

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              • Sc$
              • 11 Feb 2024

              I repeat never buy this realme OnePlus oppo trash
              You cannot even unlock bootloader to root it.
              Stop wasting your money
              Real power users buy Xiaomi
              Only Xiaomi allows real root

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                • 11 Feb 2024

                Pumpino, 10 Feb 2024I know, but I don't have the money to buy half a dozen... moreYou can try other stock android like moto or zte since they are only oem to use PD protocol 65w and up.

                  Noob, 10 Feb 2024Reading reviews is not like having the device on your hands... moreI know, but I don't have the money to buy half a dozen phones and then decide which one I want to keep. However, I tend to accept GSMA's charging speed tests. For me, I wanted a phone with faster charging than the Phone 1, so I ordered a Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G recently. I might struggle with MIUI, but if stock android becomes a priority, I'd probably return to using my old Pixel 6a. Close to two hours for a full charge is painfully slow though.

                    One of the buggiest OS overlay I've ever used. I used to own an Oppo Find X3 Pro, and man.... Bugs while listening to music via Headphones that lasted until ColorOS 13 (when I sold the phone), general lag, weird battery drain that happens 3 days out of 7, buggy scrolling and a lot of apps crashing even tho my phone had 12GB of RAM!

                    I would consider OnePlus if they still had their own overlay and not this copy-paste Oppo one, even Realme used to be interesting but now they all run on the same buggy mess that is the core ColorOS code.

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                      • U@6
                      • 10 Feb 2024

                      Rest in Peace Oxygen OS ⚰️

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                        • rJ}
                        • 10 Feb 2024

                        You telling me Clark Kent is Superman .what the heck

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                          • 10 Feb 2024

                          Can't wait for this bloated crap to be removed in Europe, none of this toymakers contributes to the open source world imagine if they where not allowed to use free software, game over for this guy's

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                            • atq
                            • 10 Feb 2024

                            It doesn't work when you merge companies as they lose their individuality same with the OS. That said we have no carriers doing oneplus in uk now so the brand is going stale too.

                              Since Oneplus is bringing OxygenOs 14 do they have any software update related problems? Cause couple of months ago there was a problem with their OS viz, whenever we update our phone some green lines appeared on screen!! Is this issue still exists or they fixed it? Anyone have any idea?

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                                • 10 Feb 2024

                                Pumpino, 09 Feb 2024Cause I can read. Reviews on sites like GSMA, for example. ... moreReading reviews is not like having the device on your hands..Don't believe everything you read somethings are over cooked some of these reviews you read are paid ads!

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                                  • 10 Feb 2024

                                  Aierlan, 09 Feb 2024Oppo has integrated Ai into the OS. There is more Ai featur... moreGood job

                                    Anonymous, 09 Feb 2024Android never suck.No, he's right. Android used to suck.
                                    It made a big leap with 4.0.3 then stagnanted then made another big leap with 5.1.1 then stagnanted. Then has made small incremental updates, some upgrades, and the occasional downgrade.

                                    Also, his point was this GSMArena article is kind of pointless. And he may have a point. The underlying software is very important, and acts as the backbone for the rest of the OS to function. In some ways, Apple benefits from this. Because they are so big (wealth, reach, developers) they are able to level the playfield and build fresh systems, with new technology, and avoiding past mistakes. Android benefits somewhat from this, but in a different way. And many of future magic, features, etc etc that come in the next year's are actually are built using that framework we are setting up today. The immediate example is the latest Apple Vision Pro, which has VR/graphical roots reaching back to the iPhone 8.

                                    However, having discussions about the OS experience is also important. To see what the final product is like, when all this code comes together. Unfortunately this article does not do that. It's telling if you read it carefully, they hand-wave the term "AI" around like it is magic. It's not. There was a time when simple programs running on simple cpu was thought the same as magic too. This current AI-Fad is just an evolution of that processing, it really is not something we fear like in the SciFi Movies. We do not have (yet ?) a true consciousness that lives in a virtual space. So until we have AI Features baked into the Kernel, we don't really have much to complain about, since all of the tasks can be accomplished by using an App instead.

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                                      • 10 Feb 2024

                                      The new OxygenOS on the global side is just a ColorOS rip-off, with functions cut and more OnePlus elements. I've come from the old OxygenOS (sub-12) on my OnePlus 8 to 13, and now OnePlus Ace 2 running Chinese ColorOS, I must say, the full version of ColorOS is just on another level.

                                        Noob, 09 Feb 2024I wonder how did you know that yet you haven't used a ... moreCause I can read. Reviews on sites like GSMA, for example. Posts on Reddit. You should try it some time.