Google Pixel Fold 2 hands-on image leaks

07 February 2024
It shows a very different camera bump compared to its predecessor.

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Anonymous, 11 Feb 2024Apple: dynamic island Huawei/some other brand: moving notc... moreAverage Apple bootlickers claiming advancement of supply chain is made by Apple itself.

But hey, you've lost your mind when claiming "key island" is related to Apple's "dynamic island".

Did Apple invented the word "island"?

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    • 11 Feb 2024

    MRSTEK, 08 Feb 2024Apple? Hard innovation? Other brands copy Apple? Do you liv... moreApple: dynamic island
    Huawei/some other brand: moving notch
    Samsung: Key Island
    Apple: titanium
    Samsung: titanium
    Apple: no headphone jack
    Samsung and others: no headphone jack (and no sd)
    Apple: notches
    Everyone else: notches
    Apple: full screen body
    Everyone else: full screen body
    Apple is $2.85 trillion.

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      • 09 Feb 2024

      Yuck! Google just stick with the visor design no need to go with the modified square model that everyone seems to use and that has been boring for so long

        Nothing to do with the thickness for a larger processor as many chinese foldable mobiles are extremely thin with a powerfull processor

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          • 09 Feb 2024

          Bradley Lewis, 08 Feb 2024Not really, google has changed something with the camera is... moreIt resembles a hypothetical iPhone foldable more than a Pixel foldable to me.

            MRSTEK, 08 Feb 2024Apple? Hard innovation? Other brands copy Apple? Do you liv... moreI give credit where it's due.
            Apple is innovative, but not always. Sometimes they play it safe, sometimes they go out of expectations.

            For instance, after the iPhone 8, people were speculating what Apple was going to do with their phone design. They were far behind the times when it came to screen to body ratio, and the problem was their Home Button and TouchID. The prevalating thought was that Apple was going to move TouchID into the Apple Logo on the back, move to a full-screen at the front, and have a digital form of Home Button. Well that didn't happen, they went out of expectations. They completely removed TouchID, made FaceID, went with a Gesture-based Navigation, invented FaceID, had a big bezel on the front for the modules, and the display was a weird 19:9 aspect ratio that was not good for content consumption. This design was a misstep. The pan demic showed how FaceID was problematic, where TouchID worked well, the Gesture Navigation is less intuitive and a downgrade, and the design of the devices turned objectively ugly. So this is an example where Apple was NOT innovative. Whereas the design-focused company Sony had the Xperia 1 lineup, they used a modern ultrawide display, they have much better speaker arrangement, no display cutouts, a symmetrical design that is described as pretty, and a fingerprint scanner that is reliable especially during the phase of mask wearing. If we had the opposite, where Sony went with the iPhone X design and Apple went with the Xperia design, well everyone would be making fun of Sony and their bad user experience, and praising Apple for being objectively better. The opposite happened and we don't get to have these conversations.

            Not that being objectively better ensures financial success. Apple moves x100 times more iPhones than Sony moves Xperias. Part of that is Sony's fault, and part of that is credit to Apple for creating and maintaining a status and advertising that is the envy of the industry. That last part allows Apple to play it safe, and NOT innovate. But they have been at the forefront of innovation from time to time. Credit where it's due.

            Same goes for Sony, LG, Samsung, and other OEMs. Each has innovated in the past in their own way. And I still maintain that Foldables are not good devices, the Flip maybe it has its own niche, but the best and only Fold that was worth it in theory was the Huawei Mate X. If that was built with today's technology, I would get one.... but I am not sure we have folding glass that is durable enough as the exterior material for those daily forces and abuse. But a big corporation (like Apple) could invest into research in that specific field. Or it can come from a novice. Credit where due.

              Wesker, 08 Feb 2024This and the Pixel 9 leaks ; If google go through with thes... moreIMO Google should keep the curved frame and sides and increase the thickness of the phone to 9.5mm to accommodate larger sensors for all three cameras. They should do this:

              •Rear Cameras:
              ✓50MP, 25mm (wide), f/1.4-f/4.0, 1.0"-type, 1.6μm, Quad Pixel
              multi-directional PDAF, Laser AF, OIS
              ✓50MP, 12.5mm (ultrawide), f/1.4-f/4.0, 1/1.56"-type, 1.0μm,
              Quad Pixel multi-directional PDAF, macro support
              ✓50MP, 125mm (periscope telephoto) f/2.8-4.0, 1/2.0"-type,
              0.8μm, Quad Pixel multi-directional PDAF, OIS, macro
              ✓0.3MP, ToF 3D LiDAR (depth/Laser AF)

              •Front cameras (selfie):
              ✓50MP, 25mm (wide), f/1.4-f/2.4, 1/2.74"-type, 0.64μm, Quad
              Pixel multi-directional PDAF, Laser AF, IBIS
              ✓50MP, 12.5mm (ultrawide), f/1.4-f/2.4, 1/2.74"-type, 0.64μm,
              Quad Pixel multi-directional PDAF
              ✓0.3MP, ToF 3D LiDAR (depth/Laser AF/biometrics)

                Not really, google has changed something with the camera island every year to make it new but also identifiable as pixel, this is the biggest change but with the metal island with the flash to the right in the island it is still identifiable as pixel in comparison to pixel fold 1 and pixel 8. They were always going to have to change the layout as if they want more than 3 sensors the visor design just doesn’t work

                  It's definitely got a strange design for the camera bump; as of now I think I like the visor better, but as with the redesigns of other devices (s21, pixel 6, s22 ultra to name a few) I didn't like the design until the device actually launched and I got to see what it truly looks like. I fell like this will be the case for the fold 2.

                  Also I'd like to point out that the corner camera is the most optimal place to put the camera. From a design POV, the center visor is more visually appealing (or not) and is more iconic, but from an engineering POV, it's impractical and is less space efficient.

                    justasmile, 08 Feb 2024So you want to sacrifice comfort for just a small percentag... moreYes. Is a big screen.
                    And the left side of the foldable is very squared anyways due to the hinge

                      have people not yet learnt from the leaked images of the X7 Ultra and the Nothing 2a that the camera bumps on prototypes are often not representative of how they end up looking on the final design

                        This and the Pixel 9 leaks ; If google go through with theses designs, the whole design DNA of the Pixel line will be flushed down the toilet.

                          Kangal, 08 Feb 2024Apple will probably eliminate all the competitors when it c... moreApple? Hard innovation? Other brands copy Apple? Do you live in 2009?

                            Apple will probably eliminate all the competitors when it comes to Foldable.
                            Either that, or they will butcher it. No middle ground.

                            I think Apple will go with the original Fold Design which is much better than the OnePlus, Xiaomi, Google, and Samsung designs. The original one released by Huawei is the best one. It's too bad that device was flawed, and got un-launched. Huawei's second device was a copycat of Samsung's Design, and it was a downgrade.

                            What you need is someone (like Apple) to do the hard innovation and get the materials done proper. That means a glass that wraps around the outside, which means No Creases. It also means No Selfie, because your Rear Camera acts for both. You do lack internal space, so you have to sacrifice some battery capacity, and forgo features like Pen Silo, Headphone Jack and maybe even the USB port. You also can't have a camera module that is oversized, because you don't want it to protrude outside of the seams/design.

                            Again, it's not easy. Apple can do it. If they do it, they win. And then Samsung will copy them the next year. If Apple doesn't, they don't innovate, and it will be a flop. Then Apple will discontinue it afterwards, like they did with the iPhone Mini, and other design like the 5C/5/5S/SE bodied that got discontinued after 2016.

                              More interested in what new software features they will put in Android 15 for foldables.

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                                Mills, 08 Feb 2024Do not let Google cook. Just don't. Their signature vi... moreGoogle bought HTC's design department back in 2019, why would they need another team for design

                                  GAMIR3DH, 08 Feb 2024The camera design is not my biggest issue. But rather is th... moreSo you want to sacrifice comfort for just a small percentage increase in screen? LOL

                                    Pixels just get uglier every generation.

                                      More interested in what new software features they will put in Android 15 for foldables.

                                        The camera design is not my biggest issue. But rather is the corners of the phone. WAY too circular! I like em square