Oppo and vivo to give up on foldables while Huawei works on a 10-inch tri-folding device

15 February 2024
Samsung may introduce a rollable.

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  • 21 Feb 2024

mac231us, 15 Feb 2024Saw these exact words/post almost a year back (now with som... moreFacts don't change with the passage of time.

    No surprise about the exit from foldable phones. I myself used to be in the foldable phone before I sold it for my current LG V50 with its detachable Dual Screen case. Needless to say, it's one of the best decision I made in my life. There's never been a single moment in my life since the switch that made me want to go back to foldable phones, not even slightly.

      mqondy, 15 Feb 2024Projection would result in very crappy picture qualityInitially it will. But once they figure out how to perfectly manipulate the angle of incidence, the image quality should appear more than good enough.

        Anonymous, 15 Feb 2024Very soon GSMArena staff will be replaced by AI. Journalist... moreso, they'll generate articles with AI if they wanted to.
        it's just sad to hear that AI would truly replace human jobs. the future would change differently than what people expect something good.

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          • 17 Feb 2024

          you have to suffer, 15 Feb 2024oppo and vivo realizes that their foldables don't sell... moreThe one plus open was on back order for over a month and change. So no. That ain't it.

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            • 17 Feb 2024

            You mean to tell me after they got the biggest foldable makers to change their tune and go back to the drawing board that oppo is bowing out of the foldable game? Nah. That ain't happening. Probably should've let this play out before reporting on a rumor.

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              • 16 Feb 2024

              I find this article dumb and stupid.
              Why would anyone who just started on that category to call it quits so fast?
              Even Xiaomi, lesser known brands Phantom/Realme, are all jumping in, let alone Apple.

              Unless something about the production costs vs the take up is really topsy turvy.
              Meaning production > income by 5 folds?

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                • 16 Feb 2024

                Just because you can fold an OLED doesn't mean many want or are willing to use such. I have a fold 4 and rarely use inner screen, I do like compact and smaller phones though, they are in short supply!

                  JohnW1981, 15 Feb 2024The prospect of holding something the weight of a 10 inch t... moreAgreed but the 8in foldables are down to 240gr nowadays and that's just like 10gr more than an S23/S24 ultra.

                  I'm excited about Huawei attempting something new. I dislike square displays so a double foldable could be just right. I hope they find a good way to protect the display. On the 2nd hand market there are a gazillion foldables for sale with damaged displays.

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                    • 15 Feb 2024

                    0odle-noodle, 15 Feb 2024If their foldable market share is dropping its because of t... moreVery soon GSMArena staff will be replaced by AI. Journalists and digital artists are already losing their jobs.

                      If their foldable market share is dropping its because of the price. Chinese brands are well known for making their devices much cheaper than samsung and apple. This isnt the case with the foldables. the Opplus Find N open3 is only $100 cheaper than the galaxy fold 5, which isnt enough for most consumers to justify buying from a brand with less history. This is compared to their normal slab phones that cost $300-$400 less than the competition, which a new user might seriously consider.

                      Also, what's with the AI generated banner? are the GSMA writers getting so lazy that they can't handle finding relevant images?

                        The prospect of holding something the weight of a 10 inch tablet to use as a phone doesn't appeal to me

                          They are giving up flip type foldables, not all foldables.

                            The phone is so legit and affordable at your price so please purchase before the time ends

                              Positive, 15 Feb 2024Huawei should stop and make the foldables more durable and ... moreRepost. I didn't catch your quote. If you have information on anything related to Huawei's durability, please share it.

                                You have information on Huawei's durability? Please share.

                                  WhatSAComputer, 15 Feb 2024Based! Now make an 8.5" slab phone pleaseAt this point people who beg for 7+ inch phones are trolling

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                                    • 15 Feb 2024

                                    makes sense. folding phones are still a very small market and %70+ of this market comes from flip (clamshell) phones. unless oppo dethrones samsung in foldable market share, it doesn't worth spending resources in folding phones.

                                    huawei is no longer a global brand. they are no competitive in scale of economics. those folding phones are too expensive to produce only to sell in China.

                                      What a Missed opportunity For BBK Companies. I Saw The recent N flip 2 phone As Competitive As their Samsung And Xiaomi Rivals, And They could Use Their Technology and Market To Reach more Customers. But They decide to give up :(