Samsung Galaxy A35 and A55 official cases leak ahead of launch

15 February 2024
Galaxy A55 is getting its own Standing Grip case.

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Anonymous, 01 Mar 2024I don’t mind having an iPhone SELOL.

Go for those borderless phones, you won't go back.

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    • 3SI
    • 01 Mar 2024

    justasmile, 16 Feb 2024So people shouldn't mind having an iPhone SE? 😂I don’t mind having an iPhone SE

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      • Anonymous
      • KiV
      • 16 Feb 2024

      Dkj195, 15 Feb 2024 slim bezels are important for viewing angles, it just look... moreSamsung and Apple are like the "vespa" of smartphone.

      It would sell well as long as it had its own signature design.

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        • Anonymous
        • 7k6
        • 16 Feb 2024

        Good it will not have side fps, it sucks.

          magnaroader, 15 Feb 2024Whatever happened to the "4X" and "6X" ... moreJust repositioning to simplify the lines.

            Anonymous, 15 Feb 2024Idk why people give a crap about bezels, thick or thin it d... moreSo people shouldn't mind having an iPhone SE? 😂

              I like cases like this that makes the phone flat and lose the camera pump. I seriously dont understand these cases that make the camera island pump on them. I dont see a point to have a case like that as you make the phone larger with the case so why add more protection in there when that is not needed.

              The 3rd case with the sliding stand is nice too. I dont like the wallet style cases like the first one.

              I even look phone cases that make the rear flat before i buy a new phone.

              I just hate all these camera islands and so on. Why must they make these cameras pop out of the skin makes no sense. Make the phone fatter and fit larger battery in it so we dont need a case to flatten the rear if they talk about no space.

                slim bezels are important for viewing angles, it just looks better viewing in full screen, heck it ain't even premium anymore lot's of midrange have very slim bezels, question is why didn't they do it? It's not that they can't obviously, but they haven't and other competitors are already gaining on the better looking displays even in midrange, after all display is very important as it is the first thing you are looking at, and undoubtedly what ever you do is on the display, so why not make it look better even im midrange, if the prices are going up the quality should too

                  So you get yourself a midrange phone but you are also getting a more premium treatment in the way software updates given for a longer period of time and now with these accessories, that usually flagships get, you get an even better treatment. At least that’s what they want you to experience, so you buy their phones. That is actually kinda clever. Just pamper customers, and they come back.

                    Anonymous, 15 Feb 2024Idk why people give a crap about bezels, thick or thin it d... moreBecause they shouldn't exist at the price point. Also because it obscures screen size. I only care about flat edges and equal bezels (still slim). I don't put my whole basis of a phone on bezels, only the screen and chipset (oh and if it has good video/telephoto)

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                      • Q9y
                      • 15 Feb 2024

                      Idk why people give a crap about bezels, thick or thin it doesn't matter.

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                        • Nikojas
                        • 3sZ
                        • 15 Feb 2024

                        Are these lime green phones and cases actually popular? I don't think I've ever seen a person using one in real life.

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                          • Zee
                          • r31
                          • 15 Feb 2024

                          Interesting! But why the delay in releasing the phones?

                            Anonymous, 15 Feb 2024The bezels of the a55 in this one doesn't look as thic... moreyeah the bezels look symmetrical and thin, rare samsung w?

                              bezels look fine tbh, maybe previous pics were weird or these pics are fake

                                This time around, A55 actually looks kinda nice. Bezels don't seem too thick. Hope they price it nicely

                                  Whatever happened to the "4X" and "6X" series of Galaxy A/M phones?
                                  I thought the M42 and M62 had great sales?

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                                    • Tsr
                                    • 15 Feb 2024

                                    justasmile, 15 Feb 2024Do avoid getting the black cases unless you want the bezels... moreI don't like thick bezels but

                                    People overreact, they are fine here.

                                      Do avoid getting the black cases unless you want the bezels to look even thicker.

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                                        • Shan
                                        • CbF
                                        • 15 Feb 2024

                                        Overpriced Samsung phone no adapter in box no back cover