Meizu moves away from smartphone business, will invest all in AI

19 February 2024
The company will restructure the FlymeOS team into a division that will implement large language models.

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  • 19 Feb 2024

rizki1, 19 Feb 2024What? Didn't expect it. Because they don't make c... morePhone that was going to be meizu 21 will be available as Polestar Phone, since Polestar car brand belongs to Geely.

    What? Didn't expect it. Because they don't make cheap phones anymore like in 2015-2017 😭 Makes me remember HMD collaborating with Nokia in 2017-2018.

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      • 19 Feb 2024

      DarlingYext, 19 Feb 2024That's sad, but ever since the moment Geely bought the... moreWhy AI? Geely did it right?
      It's like some killed you and judge says murder weapon is guilty not person that used weapon to kill you.

        Meizu :Game Over...

        However, their journey ended 10 years ago. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise now.

          Wow that came out of the blue. Was still waiting for the 21 Pro to come out, since it seemed that they were finally back, taking the business more serious than ever.

            Another one bites the dust

            Why does this keep happening :⁠-⁠[

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              • 19 Feb 2024

              Meizu had good days back in 2017-2018, later the brand just faded away once xiaomi started to conquer the mobile division. Competition is tough for Meizu in current mobile market, I believe this is a wise decision since the company owned by Geely and they have resources to build software. Remember that ev cars will sell like hot cakes in the next 20 years, so its a long term play for geely

                That's sad, but ever since the moment Geely bought them it was to be expected. Well, now I hate AI.