Samsung posts support pages for the Galaxy A55 and A35 early

19 February 2024
The sub-sites for several European countries already list the upcoming mid-rangers, even though Samsung hasn't set an official reveal date.

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DarlingYext, 21 Feb 2024Hey, I'm back! So, I looked around, and came up with t... moreThanks a lot! That was a really deep dive into those phones!
Regarding your options:
1) Motorola Edge 30 Ultra - I'm afraid I will be disappointed with camera quality. Also Motorola promised 3 Android updates and it was packed with Android 12 on the release date, so Android 15 which is around the corner is going to be the last one
2) Oppo Find X5 Pro - it looks like a great pick, but I'm afraid it has already been sold out. Oppo Find X6 Pro is going to be released soon, but I'm afraid it will be out of my budget.
3) Infinix Zero 30 - looking great for the price, but I don't trust the company.
I will wait for the Galaxy A55 and Nothing Phone (2a) releases. If I won't be convinced to any of those I will save more and maybe go with S23+/S24+ phones. But even with S23+ I'm afraid of "Banana blur", especially considering that I take a lot of documents pictures. When S20FE was released there was actually no good alternative in that price range. That's sad than Samsung haven't gone the same way with S23FE.
Again DarlingYext, thanks a lot for your time!

    anonymouschris, 21 Feb 2024I'm located in Poland, my budget is ~3000zł (~700 eur)... moreHey, I'm back! So, I looked around, and came up with the 3 best options, well best in my opinion, all of which are under your budget. Here they are in order:

    1. Motorola Edge 30 Ultra ( Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 ) 2599 zl
    2. Oppo Find X5 Pro ( Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 ) 2599 zl
    3. Infinix Zero 30 ( Dimensity 8020 ) 1599 zl

    Let's start from the bottom with the Infinix, because I know you said you want OS support, which might be a bit of a concern here. I'd say it isn't, I actually own one, and have already received enough software updates that tell me Infinix cares about this phone, at least to give it a couple years of updates. As for cameras, unfortunatelly there is no zoom lens, but there is 3x sensor zoom, which is pretty much lossless. The ultrawide camera has something the S20 FE doesn't, and actually no Samsung phone does, apart from the S21/22/23/24 Ultra, so only the most expensive ones, that is AF (though all 3 of them have that), which not only enables the Zero 30 to shoot high-res macro images, but also helps with the wide angle images themselves. There is no wireless charging, but wired is plenty fast, it has an IP rating, but only 53, so just the basics. Performance is great, though only sligthtly better than the S20 FE, the other 2 are much better, but this is by far the cheapest, and newest of the trio.

    So next up is the Find X5 Pro, which is a phone that I can also add some personal thoughts to. I had the Find X5, which had the Snapdragon 888 but aside from that and it's wireless charging speeds, the standard and Pro are basically identical. Now, I mentioned that I had it, meaning that I don't anymore, which is true because I felt like it was boring, but that's a personal thing, there was nothing actually wrong with it. The cameras on it are amazing, so they should be just as good on the Pro, best of the trio I think, and battery life should be good too. Both wired and wireless charging are at top tier speeds, so that's a plus, there is even IP68 rating, the display has 1440p+ resolution, which is the highest of the trie, and it's the only one using LTPO technology. Altough it's also the only with "only" 120hz refresh rate, but I wouldn't consider the 144hz on the other 2 phones an advantage.

    So about that Motorola, it's an interesting option, but with it being the same price as the Find X5 Pro, I'd rather get the Oppo. Except if you are curious about it's 200mp main camera, 60mp selfie camera, or the 125W fast charging on it, which is by far the fastest of the trio, and it still offers 50W wireless charging, just like the Oppo. The display is 144hz, but it's not LTPO, and it's just a standard 1080p+ resolution screen, yet the Oppo has better battery life. Cameras all-around are great, but not on the level of the X5 Pro, especially because of the ultrawide cameras, they are both 50mp yes, but Oppo's sensor size is significantly bigger. Display protection is Gorilla Glass 5, same as the Zero 30, and that's good, but the Find X5 Pro has Gorilla Glass Victus. All in all, still a great phone, but it's the only one without an IP rating.

    My pick would be the Find X5 Pro, altough I think all 3 are good, but I'm curious about what you think.

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      • 21 Feb 2024

      Anonymous, 21 Feb 2024Don't buy Samsung Phone...I own a A15 5g of Samsung .T... moreSo you buy the cheapest possible phone on the market expecting it to perform well? I'm shoked people can be so dumb.

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        • rKT
        • 21 Feb 2024

        Don't buy Samsung Phone...I own a A15 5g of Samsung .The performance of the phone is worst ..Hanging up operation and many more

        Now I regret why I bought this.

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          • Sher Mohammad zabuli
          • C90
          • 21 Feb 2024

          Hi dear Samsung company i sher Mohammed zabul Afghan ame unteach your massage was came to me what do for you thank you

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            • 21 Feb 2024

            I've had a Samsung A70 since release and don't feel like I have a good upgrade path. Every phone in the A series is either smaller and/or a side grade instead. Shame. The A70 still performs well, battery is still at 75% health. Shame there are no updates anymore as it is more than capable of running newer version of Android.

              DarlingYext, 20 Feb 2024You made me thinking, so I'd like to recommend a coupl... moreI'm located in Poland, my budget is ~3000zł (~700 eur). I can buy phone at local shop, but also amazon shops from Europe are ok. Now I have S20FE which I'm very happy of, but it's the 4G version and I would like something at least good as S20FE, but with 5G and OS support.

                Anonymous, 20 Feb 2024Lol Samsung gives many updates and cool user interface. Eve... more"Lol Samsung gives many updates and cool user interface."

                Cool user interface, well yeah that depends on who is looking at it, I think it's ugly and childish.

                "Even hardware is ok."

                Yeah, it's ok, just ok, and nothing more. It's nothing impressive, and it's not enough.

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                  • Braco
                  • d@B
                  • 20 Feb 2024

                  My A52 still operates one oui 5.1 and android 13, shame on you samsung

                    anonymouschris, 20 Feb 2024Still waiting for recommendations of an alternative to Sams... moreYou made me thinking, so I'd like to recommend a couple of phones from other brands, if I can, but I take that as the challenge.

                    So, what is your budget, and what is the location where I should look at the phones? That is so, I know what the actual options and their prices are at said place.

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                      • 20 Feb 2024

                      Navy23, 20 Feb 2024nothing new, same to same every year. Samsung turned Scamsu... moreLol Samsung gives many updates and cool user interface. Even hardware is ok. Only charging speed is slow. Otherwise much better than any brand.

                        Anonymous, 20 Feb 2024Newer but barely any better than the older one.... Apple... moreWhat would you rather: a moderate RAM jump or a slightly better processor?

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                          • Fvc
                          • 20 Feb 2024

                          say NO to exynos

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                            • Ariyan
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                            • 20 Feb 2024

                            anonymouschris, 20 Feb 2024Still waiting for recommendations of an alternative to Sams... moreYeah Absolutely.

                              Still waiting for recommendations of an alternative to Samsung :) The only one I see is Nothing Phone 2 or to wait for the Galaxy A55. I will miss telephoto lens though.

                                iWalkman, 20 Feb 2024Alternative is buying every year crappy Chinese phones with... moreActually the reason why I switched to Samsung was that I was tired of bugs in the Redmi/Xiaomi I used before :D

                                  Anonymous, 20 Feb 2024who said that pixel is superior to samsung? pixel clicks ve... moreIt is 3 years younger and priced 1.5x than the S20FE when I bought it 2.5 years ago. Do you think I couldn't expect something better spending that amount of money?

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                                    • 20 Feb 2024

                                    Same "leaks" posted over and over again with the same "nothing change" comments. Like can you guys actually wait till there's actually credible info about the phone?

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                                      • 20 Feb 2024

                                      I wonder if they will at least get 5 yrs suppport.

                                        iWalkman, 20 Feb 2024willy_wonka_meme.jpgWell, you ran out of arguments much quicker than I thought. Huh.