Carl Pei says Nothing Phone (2a) isn't powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 7200

19 February 2024
The big reveal is happening in a few hours.

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Pumpino, 26 Feb 2024How do you determine "that segment" if it's ... moreNothing targets people who want to draw more attention... Oneplus at it's beginnings targeted geeks and cyanogenmod lovers. At the time custom roms were a must on android devices. I'm not defending Nothing either, but they're refreshment to the market in their own way, so i wish them luck. At least they're actually trying rn. This year started interesting if we exclude samsung who tries to sell future subscription plan along with 1500$ phone...

    Carl Pei is a liar.

      Hudinited, 25 Feb 2024Because you don't get the design and the wow factor th... moreHow do you determine "that segment" if it's not based on price? People who want a fancy looking phone?

      I have nothing against Nothing, but there are OEMs with a proven track record, longer software support, and superior cameras, for less money. OnePlus built up a following by initially offering cheap prices; Nothing is attempting to do it without the cheap prices.

        Pumpino, 20 Feb 2024There needs to be an incentive for people to buy from Nothi... moreBecause you don't get the design and the wow factor that nothing has without a doubt. For me personally, the design isn't really important at all but there are some amount of peace who actually care. Considering it's a new company, hitting the specific group of people especially with little to no competition in that segment is probably the best thing they can do. Regardless, it's not price to performance choice, but it wasn't even meant to be one.

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          • 20 Feb 2024

          Cerealfreak, 20 Feb 2024So it's still the mediatek 7200 but the pro version? H... moreI bet he is gonna again claim it needs "modified and exclusive SoC " to support Qi charging same way he said about Phone 1, when using this kind of charging has zero to do with chipset inside the device.

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            • 20 Feb 2024

            So it's still the mediatek 7200 but the pro version? Huge difference obviously. The Nothing phone 1 has been adding, I've just had it for 12 months, my ONLY GRIPE is it's very slippery when not in a case, and apparently this was a choice

              Anton el .PAPI, 20 Feb 2024SD 870 🤷‍♂️just now revealed. dimensity 7200 pro.

                SD 870 🤷‍♂️

                  Techgg, 20 Feb 2024No,SD 695 is so underpowered and doesn't support 4k vi... moreit is not dimensity 7200, but it is actually dimensity 7200 Pro. wtf?

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                    • 20 Feb 2024

                    Anonymous, 20 Feb 2024For a price of $349 it would make a lot of sense.No,SD 695 is so underpowered and doesn't support 4k video recording, I mean the poco f5 costs around $350,Yet it has a super powerful SD 7+ gen 2 chipset

                      I Just Read, 20 Feb 2024Yogesh Brar@heyitsyogesh Nothing Phone 2a launching global... morei think Snapdragon SM7675. 30min left for reavel SoC

                        Anonymous, 20 Feb 2024The lack of hardware and software support makes most Chines... moreExactly. I'm not a fan of Samsung's UI or its camera processing, but it makes a lot more sense for the average user to buy a Samsung on sale versus a Nothing phone. The software support alone makes it worthwhile if the price is the same. The average user doesn't know about poor colour accuracy and over sharpening in photos, or about slow charging. We know better though!

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                          • 20 Feb 2024

                          Stop hyping this.. people hardly remember this after 1-2 weeks of launch..

                          Everybody knows what happened to nothing phone 2 hype train after 1 week

                            Anonymous, 20 Feb 2024Weighing on fast and new chip is only way Chinese manufactu... moreI dunno, seems like Xiaomi, Vivo and Nubia have been doing a WHOLE lot of innovating before your beloved American Fruit lords

                              Yogesh Brar@heyitsyogesh
                              Nothing Phone 2a launching globally on March 5th

                              - 6.7"~ FHD+ OLED, 120Hz
                              - MediaTek Dimensity 7200 Ultra
                              - 50MP + 50MP (UW)
                              - 32MP selfie
                              - Android 14, Nothing OS 2.5
                              - 45W charging

                              (Limited US release)
                              Expected Pricing: $400, INR 30K
                              10:13 am · 13 Feb 2024

                              Now that Carl Pei has rubbished this supposed leak which as appears to be downgraded from the 8 Gen 1 Nothing Phone 2.

                              The SoC to be an UPGRADE is at LEAST the Dimensity 8300 or Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 ( 7S Gen 2 nope)

                              If you're on X and you post it it's real. It doesn't have to be true, it's just real.

                              In July 2023 the Nothing Phone 2 starts at $599 / £579 / AU$1,049 base model 8GB of RAM

                              Oh yeah I can see where he got $400 and Dimensity 7200 Ultra
                              Spoiler alert! He first logged onto his X account....

                              Don't get aerated by the RUMOURED specs

                                So it will be powered by SD 8 gen 1 if i am guessing right.
                                My last bets hopes for SD865 or SD 7 gen 2.
                                In case of Mediatek it will be Dimensity 8XXX series.

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                                  • 20 Feb 2024

                                  It will be powered by old SD 6 series. Just wait and see and you'll definitely get NOTHING 😎

                                    Swaraj, 20 Feb 2024Who gives a dufk? It's not stock Android ... End of st... moreYou're comment is imbecilic. NOTHING is a UK tech company... not Chinese. There is no such thing as stock Android running on any manufacturers devices. Including Google devices.

                                      Plot twist, it'll be an Exynos

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                                        • 20 Feb 2024

                                        Anonymous, 20 Feb 2024Hope this model comes with an SD card optionSaying "I hope it comes with SD card support" in 2024 is like saying "I hope it comes with a built-in keyboard like my Blackberry". I hope this "SD card" faction will become extinct this year. I bet these people buy vinyl records and think it sounds better than CD. Hippsters. Buy your Starbucks coffee and be quiet.