Samsung Galaxy S24 series' major update reaches Europe

23 February 2024
The Galaxy S24 series phones now have the Vividness slider and an array of camera improvements.

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Anonymous, 23 Feb 2024So a dull, grainy screen is no complain. LolDo you have a S24U yourself with this fail, damn it, if not shhhh your voice can't be taken serious. But soon i change for Xiaomi 14 Ultra instead, fast charging, much more smooth vs Sammy etc.

    snowdogg, 27 Feb 2024Has anyone noticed any differences? The pictures still look... moreThat's strange - the vivid is VERY noticeable on my model now... have you gone into the advance settings and altered the vivid slider to max?

    I still have mine on the natural setting... it suits my eyes better, lol.

      Has anyone noticed any differences? The pictures still look the same the only thing is that it is not changing cameras randomly on me while in 3/5x zoom... VIVID now looks like what standard should be but I am not seeing any vibrant colors.

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        • Yhy
        • 26 Feb 2024

        Hey GSMarena, how come no mention of the washed out "vivid" mode in your original reviews? It was blatantly obvious that the old vivid mode wasn't doing anything noticeable.

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          • DGV
          • 25 Feb 2024

          Akarius, 24 Feb 2024I think you completely don't understand their strategy... moreMost don't get it the important updates is just update to latest open source software

            Anonymous, 23 Feb 2024Defeating Samsung is also not a difficult task. They will b... moreI think you completely don't understand their strategy, unsurprisingly.

            Samsung doesn't have to be absolute best at everything. They just have to be GOOD ENOUGH to beat Xiaomi and the likes, and when you combine that with global reach, it's a recipe for success. Hell, most of the time their competitors don't even try giving them a hard time. Good hardware can get you only that far when availability is nothing comparable to Samsung's.
            No matter how hard you close your eyes, cover your mouth or how deep you stuck your fingers in your ears, you can't deny the reality - it works. Numbers don't lie, no matter how much you would like this company to evaporate. As long as you look at the problem from a point of view of a tech geek, you'll fail to understand the reality that the mass market - on average - doesn't give a flying V about which phone charges 15 minutes faster. If your point of view represented majority of smartphone market, flagships would represent core and majority of sales, but that's clearly not the case.

            Do you understand? Lem in his "Golem XIV" said that evolution was a process that was a genius only once - when it really mattered, inventing photosynthesizing cells to combat entropy. Everything after that was gibberish, cobbling cells together into more gigantic meat mountains, eating one another instead of self sufficient solutions, it was no longer ingenious because it no longer needed to. Same goes for Samsung. Current market situation and their position does not force revolutionary designs so naturally they follow the path of least resistance. Now go tell me how it's bad because you, your whole life, deliberately choose the most awkward, inefficient and counterintuitive method of achieving anything you can think of.

              Anonymous, 23 Feb 2024So you will tell us that a battery from S20 ultra, a old x3... more"So you will tell us that a battery from S20 ultra, a old x3 telephoto sensor from S21 ultra is Innovation?"
              Nowhere did I say it's innovation - in fact, I've stated to the contrary on multiple occasions so don't blame me for your inaccurate interpretation of my posts.
              Also - are you seriously expecting a new imaging sensor every phone model? A new battery technology every model? I guess the amateurs at Sony have no idea what they're doing with their sensors going on for 10+ years - go tell them how to invent new technology every year, test it, set mass production lines, thoroughly iron out any new tech issues, with R&D running like Bolt on cocaine. I'm sure their army of engineers pales in comparison with your expertise.

              "Check the Components which Samsung use. Some of them are years old and they sell it to you as a new S24 ultra"
              Cars are running 100+ years old combustion engines - these must be the kings of shoving fossil technology to the unaware mass market. Thank god for specialists of your type to enlighten us.

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                • S3x
                • 24 Feb 2024

                Bysvindal, 24 Feb 2024It fixed nothing for my s24+. Camera is as worse as it was ... moreRubbish

                  Really disappointing, 24 Feb 2024After the update, I don't see ANY improvements with th... moreSame with the processing is terrible.

                    It fixed nothing for my s24+. Camera is as worse as it was before the update: ton of noise, fuzzy oil paint skin and hair...simply terrible! Looking at my older s23+, the s24 one is miles worse at the camera level...I've rarely seen such a mediocre camera processing

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                      • X@n
                      • 24 Feb 2024

                      available in india too, yesterday i installed the update.

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                        • Really disappointing
                        • Kgu
                        • 24 Feb 2024

                        After the update, I don't see ANY improvements with the cameras. Same noisy photos at night, same problems with back light.

                          I was badly waiting for this news that's why i didn't returned my s24U as I ordered it on the day first. Finally issues will be solved

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                            • Ivo.
                            • jMx
                            • 24 Feb 2024

                            The vivid display issue was totally intentional. Samsung broke it on purpose. It's like Samsung wanted some negative reviews before they fix it. The camera stuff maybe the same thing. Apple is so far behind, that Samsung has to shoot itself in the foot to keep them alive! :)

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                              • swc
                              • 24 Feb 2024

                              What, 23 Feb 2024Well test it already and tell us if the vivid display stuff... moreIt works great, you need to set up vividness level, you can chaosem form 3 levels

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                                • JH2
                                • 24 Feb 2024

                                Anyone facing wifi connection issues? For example the wifi is connected, there's no "connected, no internet" message and yet you cannot use it?

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                                  • 24 Feb 2024

                                  What, 23 Feb 2024Well test it already and tell us if the vivid display stuff... moreno its not a scam it's quite vivid now, much more than earlier!

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                                    • AQe
                                    • 24 Feb 2024

                                    Anonymous, 23 Feb 2024Just got the latest update XBA BUT this update doesn'... moreIf you want to adjust the new vividness of your Galaxy S24, S24+, or S24 Ultra display, you will first have to turn off Adaptive Color Tone, which you can do from the phone's Settings » Display menu.

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                                      • xhn
                                      • 24 Feb 2024

                                      Anonymous, 23 Feb 2024Lol don't be so hard on them. Samsung Fans love to spe... moreSamsung has also the cheaper phone than this Ultra of you do not have money. If I can advice you, you'd better to choose the Chinese brands if your budget is only below $500. For above $500 or even more, it is save for us to buy the consistent phone (i.e Samsung for Android and iPhone for iOS).

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                                        • Jiy
                                        • 24 Feb 2024

                                        Phone buyer, 23 Feb 2024Xiaomi 13 😫😫😫😫🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Jokes that you even bring up that phon... moreXiaomi 13 pro and ultra....Perfect phones just you are poor to buy them and u spread hate..