Sprint and LG announce Optimus F3 for $30 starting June 14

06 June, 2013
The LG Optimus F3 will offer a 4" WVGA IPS display, 5 MP camera, LTE, Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2.

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  • Anonymous

Wow. LG copied every UI from Samsung. They can't create their own interface. Poor company.

  • Anonymous

Good job LG. Samsung's user interface copy succesfull.

  • AnonD-118923


  • AnonD-153160

I can't wait for an LG Optimus G Pro for sprint :D

  • AnonD-3778

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2013lg optimus ui is far better than touchwiz... most of sam... moreyup, i agree... my both smartphones were from lg till date.... first optimus one and then optimus l9.... both rock and better than any smartphone that price bracket

  • prasetyo

f series absolutely stunning compare to
L series II

  • PH LG Lover

This is a nice phone with good specs...pls have this phone also available in PH, it would be a salable phone if affordable price.

  • skyp

the truth is that no one knows the secomstance surounding this strange sprint promotional release i think this is just a sells strategy i do want too up tight with this because lg has released great phones with it's own ui and has no reason to use touchwiz.

  • qoo

AnonD-153051, 06 Jun 2013Since when did LG phones run Touchwiz?Maybe you didn't use Internet for ages.
Samsung's UI is different.

  • Anonymous

samsung ui? lol

  • AnonD-142633

Why is there touchwiz(nature ux)? And don't give me that "smng is copying lg" since the icons on the 4x look very different

  • Anonymous

i want lg optimus f7 and l9-ii

  • Anonymous

Saafa, 06 Jun 2013Touchwiz?! LG!!!??? REALLY!!!????!?!?!??!lg optimus ui is far better than touchwiz...

most of samsung ux was copied from lg,
like dual hd video recorder,q translator,eye tracking detection ,smart screen, q remote,..so on and on..,
lg is better than samsung,,,
samsung is just a popular,,,
that is why most people do not familiar with lg...

life is good!

  • Anonymous

Looks like the international S1. On another note, I hope anyone signing a two-year contract for a subsidized phone realizes they are paying around $450-480 in addition to whatever upfront costs..meaning this lower-range dualcore is gonna be costing the average consumer only $100 less than a flagship model and probably MORE than they could find many a nice mid-range phone for. ..Heck, I think the S3 is selling for the same price on contract now, along with last-year's iPhone (low memory version).

  • skyp

this is just a sprint version the international version is different lg has it's own ui this is just a budget phone who cares what i want to see is G2

  • AnonD-69898

Theo, 06 Jun 2013it is ony me or the LG phone running samsung touchwizz???LG has its own optimus UI. . :-)

  • Anonymous

Lg phones are getting way too much samsung looking....in this particular image look at all the icons!!! damn...wat is this?!

  • Saafa

Touchwiz?! LG!!!??? REALLY!!!????!?!?!??!

  • AnonD-153051

Since when did LG phones run Touchwiz?

  • DroidGuy

Is it is US only?...what about it's global availability?