Honor teases Magic6 RSR with 100x digital zoom, coming in March

26 February 2024
Expect a sporty version of the Magic6 Pro.

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  • 13 Mar 2024

Haroon , 28 Feb 2024If Honor provide clean Android and announce 4 Years Android... moredude, seriously I don't understand people like you

this is the power of android devices : HAVING THE CHOICE
there are plenty of manufacturer that are going in the flat / rectangular non ergonomical path

HOPEFULLY honor is standing out keeping good curves that are ergonomically much better, offering us 3D facial recognition (yes it needs to have a little "pill hole" but it is well done), etc etc...

you have PLENTY of choice, and HOPEFULLY there are some manufacturers that are not full sheeps copying apple all the way to the design of their phones even if it is nonsense (hello Samsung and their rectangular, flat edges that are offering 0 comfort when holding and giving 0% secure holding of the phone)

anyway, go for another brand if this the design is a dealbreaker for you, YOU HAVE THE CHOICE

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    • Mikon
    • gxF
    • 08 Mar 2024

    Why didn't Honor make their flagship with a straight, flat display at least once? Why do they always use a curved display? Is it that hard? Even Samsung switched to flat straight displays. Curved displays are so impractical, easily broken and even their protectors are more expensive for them.

      Well if its regular zoom it could be impressive or 1000 digital zoom instead of just 100.

        Useless if it's still going to have 2,5x/5x camera instead of a 10x one.
        This 100x digital it's a joke. Also, Honor should definitely improve its software update policy since Honor 5 Magic Pro didn't even get A14 till now.. :(

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          • Haroon
          • mxh
          • 28 Feb 2024

          If Honor provide clean Android and announce 4 Years Android updates then phone goes great to sell. Because specifications of the honor phones are great but the only problem is software.

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            • Azza2
            • g8e
            • 27 Feb 2024

            Lith man, 26 Feb 2024"100x digital zoom". I'm not sure who are t... moreThe whole point of using a good lens with a focal multiplier is clarity, sharpness and perhaps bokeh. Digital zoom is essentially frame cropping and resizing to fit.

            Then again it depends on how much precision you need. I think this is why sensor cropping works better than interpolation of pixels.

            Although I was reading about periscope zoom having different characteristics at other zoom levels. Not one size fits all approach.

              The main sensor won't be the same according to major leakers. A few are saying it will come with the 1" type OV50K but a cut version of it. Either way the Porsche branding means a very high price so no point in getting it over the Magic 6 pro

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                • 26 Feb 2024

                Anonymous, 26 Feb 2024All this talk of 100X digital zoom is plain gimmick Even... moreTheir software is not so good. Like Samsung. I would try gcam on Xiaomi.

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                  • 6kY
                  • 26 Feb 2024

                  I'm with many others. Digital zoom is BS and no pixel count and software can replace optical zoom and good lenses.

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                    • 26 Feb 2024

                    So no 1 inch sensor? Lol

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                      • 26 Feb 2024

                      All this talk of 100X digital zoom is plain gimmick

                      Even looking at the 30X hybrid AI upscale shot of latest Xiaomi 14 ultra is a joke with oversharpening , looks like early AI image generation.

                      Just give 10X optical and be done with it.

                        Nobody with common sense will love digital zoom! We want optical!

                          How can they even do 100× zoom when they can't even properly do 5× with their latest phone?

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                            • 8Np
                            • 26 Feb 2024

                            No oV50k?

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                              • Lith man
                              • M@X
                              • 26 Feb 2024

                              "100x digital zoom".
                              I'm not sure who are the bigger clowns - Honor marketing department or users who buy into such gimmicks.
                              I can give you 500x digital zoom on any device - just open your photo in Photos app and scroll up (on PC) or pinch outward on your phone. There you go - genuine 500x digital zoom.