Oppo confirms next Find flagship series is coming to Europe

27 February 2024
The company will strengthen its presence with a Telefonica partnership.

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  • 28 Feb 2024

Selling in Europe = pay patent fees = more expensive price for less features.

Remember that latest Oppo find N3, lack of many features like:
- no IPX8 rating
- no desktop mode
- no HFR camera
- mediocre selfie camera
- no wireless charging

Not to mention, Oppo has way smaller number of official service center/store compared to Samsung.

Samsung and Google can give 7 years of OS upgrades, so if this Oppo phone only gives fewer updates than 7 years it's an auto deal breaker.

    The only foldable I would buy. They don't even have to change the specs for 2 years, thats how bad are others in hi res and tele options.
    Not that hi res mode is good, samsung and apple are winners in raw fields, but they got no such hw lol

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      • sp7
      • 27 Feb 2024

      Hopefully the OPPO Find X7 Ultra Satellite version will be available in Europe.

        Happy to have oppo back. Shame about the partnership with Telefonica. Telefonica own I2 which is UK network that I'm not personally fond of. I'll be buying my phones outright but that's fine

          Welcome back Oppo. Now setup a repair-service-maintenance structure in Europe, and your phones can actually be repaired.

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            • Mc2362
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            • 27 Feb 2024

            The Xiaomi 14 ultra is super expensive it's not getting any cheaper it's not for the majority of folks. Just the well off

              Nice, it's would be nice because I have and oppo device and my gf have realme one and if we broke our phone that will hard to repair

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                • 27 Feb 2024

                Actually, Oppo had made an agreement with a local company to produce Oppo phones locally in Turkey. They previously had an agreement with another company but the factory closed last year. But now, they are opening another factory. Some of those phones might get exported to Europe.

                  We'll talk about it later. This is too early.

                    Well those are good news, but I'm pretty sure the X8 Ultra's price tag in Europe will be eye-watering, just like the Xiaomi 14 Ultra's