Samsung to launch two Galaxy Z Fold 6 models including an Ultra

29 February 2024
Z Fold6 Ultra is said to offer a few key exclusivities like a 200MP main cam and optional stylus support.

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I am disappointed with the future foldable phone Fold6 which destroyed my hope to buy it.
It is very bad that Samsung misidentified the target customer and still only offers a mini version of the Fold6 with a small 7.6" display. I have the money, but I will not pay for a miniature that is only 0.8" larger than the S24 Ultra. The childish argument: "that better portability" when folded" is only for poor teenagers.
When the Galaxy S Ultra with a 6.8" display is successfully sold and worn, why couldn't the Fold6 Ultra, for example, have a similar size when folded??? And the +30g weight up and down is absolutely irrelevant.
All of us who have money would like to pay for a bigger machine for working in the field. Samsung didn't understand who its customer was.
This is how Samsung loses my money too.
I certainly won't buy a mini folding phone that is only 7.6" when unfolded. That's why the Fold6 is not worth the money to me when the competition offers first-class folding mobile phones with an internal display of more than 8"
I don't understand the designers of Samsung why they throw away the chance for bigger sales and more money on a decent folding mobile phone.

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    • MOJ
    • JLP
    • 15 Apr 2024

    Anonymous, 05 Mar 2024That's retarded. They need to make a Fold mini just to... moreThey Already did!
    It's called Z flip!

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      • JLP
      • 15 Apr 2024

      David 040882, 29 Feb 2024Great, just what we needed, like regular foldables weren�... morehash, don't give them ideas!

        I just feel like samsung doesnt try as of late. Oneplus drops an amazing phone with the open and they dont even try. My flip 5 sits by my bed side i never use it. Battery life and charging speeds are aweful. I use my s24+ and or my s23+ as my main phones. Now this year a miseally upgrade to battery on the flip announced. If it wasnt for trade values i would not even get a each years "upgrade". Just odd moto can drop a flip phone at 599 usd with a 4300 battery and light weight yet 1k usd samsung struggles to deliver.

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          • Chandan
          • 7kL
          • 07 Mar 2024

          I was owner of fold 6, and ihave to sell this within 3 months. Camara was good on paper but it was pathatic. Fold 6 200 mp camara looks good but not to rush to buy paper spec for this series are not up to mark.

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            • Anonymous
            • IBI
            • 05 Mar 2024

            That's retarded. They need to make a Fold mini just to fit in your pocket, or else fold it again.

              Less noticeable is still noticeable so its a garbage.
              Also no Gorilla glass victus 3 on main screen .
              No charger in box, no earphones, no sd slot no many else.
              Nothing but an unfinished product.
              No thanks.

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                • zibidi
                • gx1
                • 03 Mar 2024

                Will it beat the weight/body target of the predecessor, or maybe beat the honor magic v2? Hopefully...

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                  • f}B
                  • 02 Mar 2024

                  dvt555, 01 Mar 2024Remember how the Note9's true successor was the Note10... moremy mom is still using note10, excellent phone for the $500 I paid at the time ;)

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                    • gXJ
                    • 01 Mar 2024

                    dvt555, 01 Mar 2024Remember how the Note9's true successor was the Note10... moreAnd the regular Note 20 was a total flop.

                      dvt555, 01 Mar 2024Remember how the Note9's true successor was the Note10... moreThe good old days 😅

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                        • dvt555
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                        • 01 Mar 2024

                        IpsDisplay, 29 Feb 2024Ultra is losing its meaning Remember how the Note9's true successor was the Note10+ and the normal Note10 was a sad excuse for a Note?

                          There are 3 things fold devices need to improve in order for me to switch from the main Galaxy S lineups:
                          1) Same top-tier camera as on the S-series
                          2) S-pen slot
                          3) Actual glass display cover (or at least something that won't get scratched by nails...)
                          I don't expect the number 1 and 3 to ever be a thing, so sadly another year, another pass.

                            3x if there is 200mp main camera is so useless, but they got it on s24u.
                            Though others got 64mp 3x or low res 5x cameras, do I expect such on this ultra fold, I can only wish, after all past folds are too weak specced.

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                              • Rosso
                              • g8$
                              • 29 Feb 2024

                              I just hope they won't use that to justify higher pricing

                              Who am I kidding, they will because they basically have a monopoly on folding phones outside of China

                                Ultra is losing its meaning

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                                  • Lucky0670
                                  • 63x
                                  • 29 Feb 2024

                                  Hop it to fold 7 or later cos fold 6 won't have s-pen slot so I wait until in the future.

                                    David 040882, 29 Feb 2024Great, just what we needed, like regular foldables weren�... morethere have been rumors of Samsung making a cheaper fold, so what will likely happen is the fold 6 Ultra will keep the $1800 price tag while the standard fold 6 will have a lower price

                                      Anonymous, 29 Feb 2024Z fold series has 3 times more expensive screen as from S24... moreidk what country you live in but in my country it's just under 50% more expensive (not including special offers). Not completely out of the question for it to be around the same price lol

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                                        • Vale
                                        • 3SI
                                        • 29 Feb 2024

                                        This would make a lot of sense. Until now all the speculation was about how similar the fold 6 is to the 5, but that was maybe referring to the regular fold 6 getting a refresh mostly. Launching an ultra version would make sense but only under 2000€ and the regular version should be somewhere at 1400-1500€. This is good marketing because they can improve a lot on the ultra, make it more expensive than the regular and it will look like a must buy compared to the other.