MWC 2024 wrap-up

29 February 2024
Check out the most memorable announcements from this year's Mobile World Congress Barcelona.

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Honestly nothing exciting.
Past MWCs had many new phones with many new features nowdays nothing just some sketches, unfinnished products which just like Apple project Titan will get to work for several years until the compay will say its not possible and close the project.

    1993Nani, 02 Mar 2024Where is Sony Xperia!!!!!!There wasnt Sharp either.
    And several other brands.

      Yt5, 03 Mar 2024Where's Apple?
      at home taking notes

        Aadrian, 02 Mar 2024Boring MWC, which by the way should be rebranded into somet... moreIt's the unfortunate side effect of manufacturing, and China is the manufacturing country for everyone. You can go to most trade conventions, and the vendors nowadays are mostly Chinese.

          Shellyman Studios, 03 Mar 2024Remember the days when MWC had HTC, LG, Samsung, and Sony a... moreSamsung, similar to Apple, now prefers controlling their own narrative with their own unpacked events for their major products. That way, the attention is fully on them instead of having to share the day with numerous other OEMs.

            Yt5, 03 Mar 2024Where's Apple? Apple prefers to control their own narrative with their own events.

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              • S37
              • 03 Mar 2024

              Chinese phones can't be any worse hope next year will be better

                Remember the days when MWC had HTC, LG, Samsung, and Sony announcing their phones? Yeah, those were peak MWC.

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                  • 03 Mar 2024

                  Where's Apple?

                    Playing it fast and loose with the word memorable

                      Boring MWC, which by the way should be rebranded into something like Mobile World for the Chinese.

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                        • 02 Mar 2024

                        Make me miss the old MWC where's all manufacturer introduce new phones ( not concept and accessories). Nowadays they prefer to introduce it earlier than MWC event because they wanted their spotlight alone not to share with others 😔.

                          This year's MWC is kinda boring

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                            • 02 Mar 2024

                            Nothing interesting. 😒

                              Not bad, but I'd say last year's MWC was slightly better, ngl

                                Where is Sony Xperia!!!!!!

                                  How I see it infinix takes the cake as top presenter for MWC.. the glasses 🕶️ gaming headset is genius to me... Seems like a natural evolution to the switch

                                  Outsource the power hungry screen to the glasses instead

                                  Then Nubia second those Nubia budget trio are not generic whatsoever.. you may not like them but from a spec configuration point of view it's a pretty uncommon mix

                                    Holy moly Oppo's next flagship will be global? helll yeahhhh buddy! They should steal the ultrasonic fingerprint scanners from Vivo's Pro+ phones, find a way to introduce variable aperture on the main cam or most importantly, have wider aperture for the telephoto cams because right now those are pretty dang dark compared to Xiaomi at least. If the 3x went down to let's say f/1.8 and the 6x went down to f/3 or something I think they can throw a decent fight against Xiaomi and win even without variable aperture. I think the inclusion of photographic modes would be great as well though master mode and its Hasselblad tuning thing should do the job for a lot of people. I'd love to see these changes in next year's Find X phone cus this year's one was pretty damn mid mostly due to the narrow aperture of the telephoto lens and the lack of variable aperture.

                                    ZTE deserves a round of applause for lowering the barrier to entry to flip phones, thank you for that. If it had the 7+ gen 2 or an equivalent processor it'd have been absolutely perfect for 99% of people. I think the 7 gen 1 might start to show its age soon but considering the fact that this phone is 600 USD people can just buy another one for that price a year later and still be ok. Love the wackey stuff from them especially the Music one, a phone that's a speaker lol brilliant. Samsung should do stuff like this, their A80 was pretty dang cool back in the day imo

                                    Wow, the Xiaomi phones are good. The 14 has the camera system of the 13 Pro sans the 1 inch sensor but with a "Light hunter" with a wide aperture though the 14 Ultra has the same aperture basically AND is 1 inch. Nice way to nerf the base phones Xiaomi. The 14 is most likely the best hardware package on a compact phone. Nice phone indeed. But just like the Ultra, it's 200 euros too expensive. The software update policy and the bugs in their software mean the phone isn't worth that high price. Would rather go buy a Nothing Phone 1 and a nice ol Sony A6300 rather than this overpriced "literally a DSLR" phone if I were REALLY into RAW photography and stuff. Seriously, we haven't evolved much since the Mi 10 Ultra days, 1 inch sensors are good but now we need variable aperture that's wider than Xiaomi provides to get proper focus back, telephoto cams are still usually above 1/2" like seriously the Mi 10 Ultra had a 1/2" sensor back in 2020, 4 years ago. Only Oppo seems to have crossed that threshold but their super telephoto has the same sensor as Xiaomi but with a much narrower aperture, like bruh what? Processing helps yeah but when you're talking about rivalling DSLRs, and you're charging THAT much, you need better hardware than 4 year old phones. 1/1.3" is enough for the main cam for the most part except for videography so yeah 1 inch sensors are great for that and overall help a lot but software does a lot of the heavy lifting nowadays and gets even 1/1.43" sensors close to 1 inch ones in terms of overall photographic qualities (besides depth of field). Idk man, with Huawei not being able to make huge leaps like back in the day, everyone else has just become stagnated. Really dig what Omnivision is doing nowadays, hope they can usher in a new era of smartphones with better optics, their OV64B is one banger sensor and goes to show that if utilized properly, it can do the job extremely well and that Omnivision can create some of the best if not the best sensors on the market.

                                      Nice roster, I'd say.