Oppo Find 5 Mini leaks, said to pack a 3.7" 720p screen

10 June, 2013
The Oppo Find 5 Mini is purported to be offered in multiple color options including red, yellow, blue and green.  

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  • AnonD-288314

As it turns out, it is a 4.7incher:

  • AnonD-152877

AnonD-123792, 12 Jun 2013Great! At last a real mini phone with big specs!!! Please make i... moreSorry to burst your bubble kid but this isn't true. Apparently, an Oppo representative stated that this rumor is false.

  • AnonD-123792

Great! At last a real mini phone with big specs!!! Please make it quick!!!
I'm just bored with so many 5" screen phablets ... i want a big specs small size phone!

  • Anonymous

Wow. This could hit pretty big!

  • RangoX

This is the cellphone I've been looking for! I hate nowadays huge smartphones. Way to go, Oppo.

  • mercury

I'm so excited... I think this is what it feels like to be a teenage girl at a Bieber consert.

  • AnonD-112395

perfect size!

  • ray

Wow! What an amazing gadget! hope to own one A.S.A.P., Why without the color of white?!

  • Apple Hater

it's about 400 ppi

  • yemko

OMG! I wish we could see stuff like this in Nigeria market

  • CubanSmokes

it is a too big step back from 4.7 inch but the Oppo find 5 i might consider though...
I am very happy with the competition Oppo is bringing to the smartphone manufacturers because i think high end smartphones are heavily overprized!

  • ryan

Still don't consider this "mini", but finally, a mini-device that's not over 4''. Bout time. Still probably wouldn't buy.

  • TruckStop

o_O, 10 Jun 2013Any microSD there? But hey, it's Oppo, so we must forget about i... moreSigh, you're right. No card slot (or radio), it's like Sony not releasing the Xperia SX worldwide. Do these companies want to sell their phones?

  • AnonD-115871

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2013Omg high ppi at 3.7"!!yes, 397 pixels per inch!!

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2013Omg high ppi at 3.7"!!Yes around 397.

  • Clys

Smaller than my Oppo Find Piano? *sigh

  • Primark

AnonD-107998, 10 Jun 2013have been waiting fot this kind of phone, small screen (footprin... moreI came from xperia x8 my self, got myself a xperia v though, its good, but I think this oppo 5 mini is also a good decision if your looking for something compact. And it is quite hard to place a xperia v in your pocket, that is why I got myself a side strap, but I do think 3.7 will do just fine inside a pocket...

  • Anonymous

Omg high ppi at 3.7"!!

  • AK

Very good in design and specs. But, 4" or 4.3" screen will be better.

  • mandy

this is the very Nice Model