Details for Snapdragon X Elite-powered Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge surface

11 March 2024
This will be a 14" laptop that will join its Intel-powered siblings in a few months and will compete with the likes of the Apple MacBook Air.

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0odle-noodle, 14 Mar 2024crazy how you're totally lying. My own thinkpad (i5 11... moreNo need to lie. you are clearly running large software and have everything set to max performance if you're getting only 3 hours of battery life on simple browser tasks. I just looked up FOUR different Intel Core i5-1135G7 ThinkPad reviews on Notebookcheck and here are the results with web browsing on Wifi at half screen brightness:

ThinkPad L14 G2: 6h 55min
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon G9: 9h 58min
Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Yoga Gen2 20VK000VGE: 6h 41min
Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Gen2-20VH0017GE: 6h 04min

So from four different ThinkPad reviews from a site that extensively and transparently tests laptops with the exact same technically accurate test EVERYTIME, it shows your laptop is clearly faulty, has a bad battery, or you are messing with setting you have no clue about to get such horrendous battery life. Intel has consistently been pushing out CPUs since tigerlake that (if properly configured and optimized by manufacturers) can hit anywhere from 6 to 10+ hours in everyday battery live doing routine web browsing, light office work, and media streaming. And before you try and refute any testing or results coming out of Notebookcheck, they are THE most reputable tech review site bar none. all of their testing is completely transparent, technical, and easy to verify yourself.

    jp, 19 Mar 2024ram not the ssdi'm all fine for soldered ram, but soldered ssd is more concerning.

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      • 19 Mar 2024

      you have to suffer, 15 Mar 2024well i guess ARM powered laptops aren't for me then l... moreram not the ssd

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        • 19 Mar 2024

        No x86 compatibility is a bummer. As sad as it is. More than ten years they try Windows arm, since Balmer showman.

        There always be some x86 code somewhere, even in windows. And that code will be in the bottleneck, it'll have to be handled by some emulation. Even go-to users will notice it.

        Apple succeeded migrating architecture a few times because they have 'amaaaaazing' addicted users who re willing to accept slugginess and bugs of emulation, Marcos have not as much software to port, and coders were fussy to port early for the new trendy hypey amaaaaazing toy. Not the case right now zidoz, not fun for them at all. ( i.m a devoper btw...)

        Quite sure I'm on the point.

          AnonD-1147675, 11 Mar 2024Can I install a Linux distro on that? Like with x86 machines?A large number of Linux distros support ARM64, my favourite being Fedora.

          As to how well it's gonna work out of the box, I've no idea. I guess it will take some time (from months to years) to make most features work.

          ARM vendors love creating bespoke hardware features and use closed source to support them which makes the life/work of Linux users all so difficult.

            Anonymous, 12 Mar 2024Obviously, what else can you expect from a ARM powered lapt... morewell i guess ARM powered laptops aren't for me then
            laptops should have socketed storage or even M.2 storage. soldered storage is really a bad idea on laptops. imagine trying to retrieve your data once the unit suddenly dies.

              0odle-noodle, 14 Mar 2024crazy how you're totally lying. My own thinkpad (i5 11... moreShow me in my comment where I mention your cpu, there is no. Single tiger lake cpu in my comment, then you accuse me lying to something I never say?

                Hemedans, 11 Mar 2024I5 1230U from Alderlake, Most MTL laptop and some ryzen zen... morecrazy how you're totally lying. My own thinkpad (i5 1135G) never gets more than 3 hours of battery life, even when modifying control panel to lock the processor at 30%. This is ridiculous considering that I only use web apps in my browser AND windows puts my battery health at 92%.
                If I'm only getting 3 hours of SOT, there's absolutely no way a computer using a processor 1 generation newer has triple the battery life. In real world usage, almost all x86 based laptops perform much worse in battery life compared to the "up to" runtime provided by the manufacturer.
                trust the actual reviews, not the "controlled" testing by the manufacturer.

                  wolfchigo87, 12 Mar 2024Does that mean that in games it will have the power of Xbox... moreOf course not. It's not running bare bone OS like Xbox it will run Windows and it will run unoptimized PC ports. It will definitely not be able to run any new games with high fidelity graphics.

                    New ultra powerful laptop ARM PC era incoming

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                      • 13 Mar 2024

                      INAMULBHUYAN, 12 Mar 2024You are absolutely right bro.. Snapdragon X Elite 💪🔥❤️8 of every 10 laptops in the world is still windows. if not intel or amd, someone else would eventually step in to develop a direct rival to apple silicon chips. i also expect to see entry and midranger versions of Xelite to be used in $600-1000 laptops next year.

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                        • 12 Mar 2024

                        AnonD-1147675, 11 Mar 2024Can I install a Linux distro on that? Like with x86 machines?Absolutely, you can run Linux on ARM since forever. Now, of course, the code might need tweaking for that specific platform for full performance. But I assume Quallcom will give the specifics away, not like Apple.

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                          • 12 Mar 2024

                          Tumbleweed Linux more professional OS is hard to find, Microsoft runs almost everything on Linux finally will window be replaced with azure OS on workstations?

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                            • 12 Mar 2024

                            TechJocky, 12 Mar 2024You're already in a deep sleep. That's why you do... moreApple M1, AMD Mullins and the Intel Core m were the peak of fanless design

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                              • 12 Mar 2024

                              yalim, 12 Mar 20242025 will be the year of qualcomm laptop processors. once l... moreYou are absolutely right bro..
                              Snapdragon X Elite 💪🔥❤️

                                Hemedans, 12 Mar 2024Or maybe it's you who didn't use them? All indepe... moreLOL. Sounds like YOU are the one who don't use them then. But that's fine, keep living in your fantasy with sponsored "reviewers" as your information source. I'll maintain my own statement based on my experience.

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                                  • 12 Mar 2024

                                  Does that mean that in games it will have the power of Xbox series S?

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                                    • 12 Mar 2024

                                    you have to suffer, 12 Mar 2024will it come with soldered SSDObviously, what else can you expect from a ARM powered laptop (yeah I know they are not calling it ARM but more or less it's same).

                                      will it come with soldered SSD

                                        Gabroz, 12 Mar 2024Are you kidding me? Intel has lost the efficiency crown sin... moreNo MTL and Zen 4 trade blow, don't confuse raptor lake found in desktop with Meteor lake.

                                        This graph show efficiency at different power levels

                                        Also MTL has advantage at low task load with those LP cores inside soc you can get even 20 hours battery life if you do things like reading or browsing lite pages which don't wake up main cpu.