Redmi Turbo 3 announced with SD 8s Gen 3 and 90W charging

10 April 2024
The newest member in the Redmi series may launch as the Poco F6 outside of China.

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  • 07 May 2024

SShreyas17, 11 Apr 2024Wait, people are buying Samsung's overpriced mid-range... moreYes my friend I buy Samsung overpriced midrangers since 2015 and I never complained about 25 watt charging and and exynos crap.

    SuperSpruce, 15 Apr 2024The prices were for the Mac storage upgrades.Even worse, my friend

      Mills, 15 Apr 2024iPhone 15 Pro Max doesn't have 12GB of RAM but I don&#... moreThe prices were for the Mac storage upgrades.

        SuperSpruce, 15 Apr 2024Remember, Apple charges $800 for just that amount of RAM an... moreiPhone 15 Pro Max doesn't have 12GB of RAM but I don't think it's needed anyways. The OS is pretty optimized, despite how anti-consumer and closed source it is.

          Mills, 10 Apr 2024Almost 400 USD for 1TB/16GB? Xiaomi MUST come to the USA an... moreRemember, Apple charges $800 for just that amount of RAM and storage

            justasmile, 11 Apr 2024They don't have to express it everywhere till the poin... moreBro stop gatekeeping the comment section and do something better with your time. I don't know what you plan to achieve by doing this. You know no one is going to stop commenting just because you are gatekeeping the comment section. You are just wasting your time.

              CamoGeko-XDA, 12 Apr 2024Looks like a decent mid ranger. I'm not supporting ... moreGood luck!

                Does it have bypass charging?

                  Looks like a decent mid ranger.

                  I'm not supporting Xiaomi until they change their unlock bootloader policy and remove bloatware.

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                    • 11 Apr 2024

                    Abhishek, 11 Apr 2024Curious to know which phones people wanting a 3.5mm jack ar... moreStill using my Poco F1 because
                    1. It still works great
                    2. There is no alternative

                    Sd card
                    FM radio
                    And would like IR blaster
                    With a flagship chip? And that its not a 200kg, 20 inch brick?
                    Impossible to find

                    Am really thinking of going back to dumbphones like many many others do. Or a hybrid for starters.

                    But hey, if the smartphone manufacturers don't want to take my money...

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                      • 11 Apr 2024

                      Anonymous, 11 Apr 2024brain 404. you can buy a 5$ samsung 3.5mm usb-c DAC that wi... moreAbsolute BS! I dont want to buy and carry any additional devices with me. It's the same as saying why you need more internal memory when you can plug in an external SSD!

                        LoneOwl, 11 Apr 2024Well Realme GT neo6 SE just announced, which seems to be al... morePoco F6 will be at least 150 euro more in price then this is and there are no other alternative that make it to Europe. Realme GT Neo6 SE with better specs and lower price wont make it to EU and buying the China version will make it a paper weight cause you wont have internet bands for stable internet connection everywhere you go.

                        When Redmi note 12 Turbo come out it was also 270 euro year ago for China market and then was also Realme GT Neo5 SE around the same price with similar specs.

                        To be honest i dont see a point to go with Poco F6 if that be in China market also. In China it's either Redmi Turbo 3 or Realme GT Neo6 SE

                        Poco F6 probably will be something like 12/256 and 12/512 option only. I dont think there be 16/512 for Poco F6 for Europe market. Or they will go with 12/512GB and 16/512GB like for F5 was 8/256 and 12/256GB versions only

                        Also as far as i have understand about Poco was to have lighter OS version so less bloatware too. Ads are China market specific and thats why they have the price lower too.

                        And for China market you should compare the Realme GT Neo6 to Redmi Turbo 3 and leave the Poco F6 out of it

                          JimmyTheGreatest, 11 Apr 2024Maybe... The problem is we can't buy it in the EU, so ... moreThats true unfortunately for us Europeans with latest Realme GT devices.

                          Just mentioned it to show people that there are also other phones with similar specs and price as Poco F6.

                          Oneplus Ace 3V is rumored to be Nord 4, and also has similar specs and price with Redmi Turbo 3/Poco F6.

                            LoneOwl, 11 Apr 2024Well Realme GT neo6 SE just announced, which seems to be al... moreMaybe... The problem is we can't buy it in the EU, so we have no other good alternative.

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                              • 11 Apr 2024

                              ugly design

                                Strawhat, 11 Apr 2024Snapdragon 8 better than Snapdragon 7. I hope the price dif... moreA very small amount better. Basically just an overclocked version of the same processor. Negligible performance difference

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                                  • 11 Apr 2024

                                  Anonymous, 11 Apr 2024"No 7 years OS upgrades = no buy." May I ask q... moreIt's a troll

                                    justasmile, 11 Apr 2024The problem is that these people are spamming this same thi... moreThe best part of this, it's always the same people and anons flooding over and over again, it must be sad resorting to that kind of behavior to garner attention.

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                                      • 11 Apr 2024

                                      Anonymous, 11 Apr 2024There is no alternative. The phone makers just gatekeeping ... moreI digress, there are alternatives and solutions, but most people here are busy ranting about it instead of searching a suitable device or finding a workaround, and the best of it, spamming every single phone release or announcement with the very same thing over and over again.

                                        Well Realme GT neo6 SE just announced, which seems to be all around better than Turbo3/Poco F6.

                                        Bigger battery
                                        faster charging
                                        ltpo brighter screeen
                                        better camera
                                        IP65 and Victus 2

                                        It also has a cheaper 8/256 version unlike Redmi turbo 3/poco f6 and Realme's OS is more clean compared to bloatware/ads of Pocos HyperOS.