GSMArena labs: would you subscribe to a newsletter?

13 April 2024
For some of you, this will be a convenient way to keep up with recent development. Tell us what you think!

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  • Tom Apple
  • 3pG
  • 18 Apr 2024

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2024GSMArena Labs is a complete waste of time. They ruined the ... moreYou can block the emojis with an adblocker. I think gsmarena is one of the sites that censors the least amount from my experience. (I stopped using TheVerge over 10 years ago because of their censorship)

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    • bikelover1352
    • rK@
    • 18 Apr 2024

    once a week email which has information about all the phones that have been launched during the week passed and upcoming phones which are going to be launched and also a section of phones you have reviewed

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      • Anonymous
      • Jb8
      • 16 Apr 2024

      there should be architectural ability to choose frequency of email messages: once per 1, 2, 4 or 8 weeks. this will lead to appropiate wanted letters istead of try and leave.

      so optional should be not only topic subjects (teachnoligies, phones), but message frequency also.


        If I want phone news, I browse this site. Emails take more of my attention and shouldn't be cluttered with junk.

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          • Nitin
          • CbF
          • 15 Apr 2024

          The newsletter should be crisp and concise! It may contain phone of the month (flagship, premium, basic etc) based on publishing frequency. Maybe you can talk about new technology

            Rareart1, 15 Apr 2024Who would you say features coverage they regularly don'... moreGiz mochina

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              • Anonymous
              • 3SL
              • 15 Apr 2024

              I owuld subscribe, but only when it's a brief weekly newsletter.
              Daily would be too much and at some point getting annoying.

                Vin Aigre, 14 Apr 2024I am actually in dark mode...So am I (by way of S23).

                  IpsDisplay, 13 Apr 2024I wouldn't say they are on top they miss out on a lot ... moreWho would you say features coverage they regularly don't cover?

                    I'm a fairly frequent visitor but I'd probably subscribe to get a quick rundown in case I missed something. It would be nice if it could be combined with 1 or 2 most important news articles from electric vehicles too

                      Don't get me wrong, I would love to. The thing is I already receive them newsletters in hundreds.
                      And I think they're generally a bad business idea, if they remove traffic from your website.

                      However, I'd love the forums to make a return... I'd love to have a voice in the debate. But, the forums are shut down since a few years.

                        Depends if you can curate what you want in the newsletter. I would probably follow Samsung phones and anything newsworthy, like stuff about the Apple lawsuits.

                          Claudesp33d, 15 Apr 2024I won't, i always refuse such offers. If i am intere... moreI also visit the site several times a day. It's very well organised and easy to search for and find what you need.

                          Why would you instead have extra stuff forced onto you?


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                              • Anonymous
                              • P$X
                              • 15 Apr 2024

                              NeonHD, 15 Apr 2024I would likely subscribe to it, and I think having this opt... more👆 This.

                              I would even pay to subscribe to detailed, in-depth testing like rtings but for phones. But newsletter signup popup disgusts me.

                                I would likely subscribe to it, and I think having this option is great for those that want it, just don't those try to force it with those annoying newsletter signup popups like most sites do.

                                  I won't, i always refuse such offers.
                                  If i am interested in something i would check it out myself. I visit this website several times a day, so in my case i don't need to subscribe to a newsletter. Other people might find it useful if for whatever reason it suits their needs.

                                    you have to suffer, 14 Apr 2024instead of implementing newsletter, why not RSS instead?They already have RSS. That's what I'm using.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • RIL
                                      • 15 Apr 2024

                                      Newsletters about India releases only. Ain't gonna read.

                                        instead of implementing newsletter, why not RSS instead?