Nokia 7110 slide surfaces, though not yet official

15 Oct, 2008
The Nokia 7110 slide seems like what Nokia has in store to replenish its lower midrange ranks. Equipped with a QVGA display, 1.3 megapixel camera and a microSD slot, the new Nokia 7110 slide is...

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  • private

nokia can at least put a five mega camra to make up on a crap phone

  • Romeo (SA)

The first 7110i was more of a business phone,this 7110 slide phone is more like a entry level nokia.Im less impressed.

  • C

Dear, dear! Nokia what is that? You can do better than that! Get back on track will you?

  • Anonymous

the old 7110 was a technical monster at it's time. do you remember it?? the automatic pop-up mechanism at the slider,the biggest screen on market then,and with wap. after 7110 was 7650,the first pioneer with camera,biggest colour screen and symbian!!!! and after that,the 7xxx with touchscreen and 1.3 mp camera!!!!!. the 7-series was a range of high-tech,innovation and fashion. now this model it's a shame for it's name. this must be a 2 or 3 series. nokia is becoming crazy

  • DeJust

If this phone was an SE or a Motorola it would have been bashed like hell, or if the SE X1 (Xperia) or the new Motorola ZN4 were Nokias or Samsungs they would have had reviews just two days after their announcements. It's more like GSMArena is trying to persuade readers to buy certain brands and this is the reason why Nokia and Samsung are in front in terms of sales. Just a humble thought. Peace!


Nokia just keeps on coming out with choices for consumers..MINDBLOWING!!!!!!
They are 5 yrs ahead of the Industry!!!!

  • Sunil Dutt

Nokia is by far the Best..I give up!!!!

  • Anonymous

Just cannot cannot cannot Match NOKIA.....They are GOD!!!!!

  • rakeb

ok this slide phone first nokia 1.3 mp after 5300

  • nono

nokia is 2 years behind other brands....
at last they made a nice looking phone, but have noooo specs at all...
i understand its a low end phone, but it cant cost more than 50 euro...

  • Anonymous

people will buy what ever they like

  • TurtleBot

just buy sony ericsson..
same price but you would not disappointed,
cause the case is awesome..
and durable too..

  • Erick

I would envisage this handset to be priced at nearer 50.00 euros. Otherwise, no one will seriously consider it. The Nokia 6300, with far superior build quality, is still available at around 100.00 euros, which most will probably go for instead of this device. Its display is its only major plus point.

  • misha

give me a the age of the iPhone nokia comes up with this???waste of time if u ask me

  • wtakizawa

I do not have problem with the low specs since this phone is targeted to low to mid class user. But for a nokia phone wearing a 7xxx code name, the design is way too ugly. Too plain n bland. 7260 n 7360 were a lot better.

  • JK

7 Series phones have quite often in the past been low-0end. They are still categorised as fashion phones regardless of technical ability.
Look up the 7360 and 7380.

  • kal

For 200 Euro it should have 2mp or 3.2mp cam. What I see here is lower-end specs at mid-range price. But I guess it doesn't matter to Nokia in anyway. People will buy it simply 'coz of its Nokia logo. I'm not impressed.

  • Anonymous

low mid-range phone and mid-range phone are different

  • Anonymous

Kimik, 16 Oct 2008I doubt anyone who reads this website understands that diff... moreSo how do you define "low to mid range"? Anything costing less than 200 Euros as of Oct 2008?

  • Kimik

I doubt anyone who reads this website understands that different phone have their different target markets.

This phone is for 'low to midrange'...
What? Do you expect a 5MP camera in all phones, 3g, and the likes?

Don't be ridiculous, if you want a more expensive phone with higher specs, them get one that has those. Stop b1tching and moaning!