Samsung Galaxy C55 goes official in China

22 April 2024
Samsung renames the Galaxy M55 for the Chinese market.

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  • 22 Apr 2024

what's the point publishing such articles ??? chinese consumers don't even know the existence of your website !!! think about it

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    • fren
    • 7vp
    • 22 Apr 2024

    other brands are already using 8 gen latest midrange processor yet samsung feels so proud putting in a first generation hahaha

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      • Fek
      • 22 Apr 2024

      David 040882, 22 Apr 2024Samsung, we westerners want leather back tooSame, I like this look too.

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        • 22 Apr 2024

        Anonymous, 22 Apr 2024quit releasing so many phones for different markets, not on... moreIt's more them being competitive in some markets and slacking off in others (because why bother, good stuff will end up expensive to import anyway) I think.
        As for the C55, €250 might sound a bit steep for a Chinese-sold phone with these type of specs but extended band support is a worthy advantage.

          Actually this is better than A55.

            Samsung can't compete with Chinese brands in china. There you can get an Honor Magic 6 lite for ¥1199, (sold at $300 in Europe). The import tax just makes it too difficult for any budget or mid range imported device to compete.

              Samsung, we westerners want leather back too

                The surprising thing about this phone is that Samsung didn't cut the frequency bands. It's the cheapest phone in China (at least at launch) with band 20 and band 7 support. Normally you have to get flagships from Oppo/Oneplus/Iqoo/Vivo/Honor/Huawei to get this full band support. It's something brands usually save costs on. Anyway, won't sell much. Samsung only really sells foldables and their ultra flagship in any type of significant numbers in China.

                  another day another Samsung

                    Leather back panels have been out of fashion for weeks already, and the LG G4 proves it.

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                      • 22 Apr 2024

                      C stands for China then!

                        wow leather. no need to deal with glossy backdroor which prone to scratches.

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                          • Bn5
                          • 22 Apr 2024

                          quit releasing so many phones for different markets, not only samsung, but also the chinese brands

                            Best looking Samsung imo.

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                              • ter
                              • 22 Apr 2024

                              Totally ruined the nomenclature and purpose of the original C series. At least it's lightweight!

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                                • PanRT
                                • Mrm
                                • 22 Apr 2024

                                Looks good, this design need S25 And A5x series no glass back.