Samsung teases "new premium" models of smartwatches, new form factors too

30 April 2024
The company is also developing advanced new hardware for future wearables.

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  • 01 May 2024

measuring health data is just marketing bullshit blah blah blah to sell even more useless electronic waste, of course everything is supposed to be ecologically sustainable according to the marketing chatterers, which is even more marketing bullshit blah blah blah

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    • 01 May 2024

    nino77ns, 30 Apr 2024samsung watches only show the correct time, and they downlo... moreI wonder if I'd be the only person commenting on here if this site would close down all the corporate robot accounts. I probably would. Feels weird. Talking to myself on the internet....

      samsung watches only show the correct time, and they download it from the internet. they probably wouldn't even show it properly. the sensors and the accuracy of the data can be seen in comparison with polar products that are professional trackers, even then they are somewhere in the middle of the scale, huawei and apple are among the better ones that show accurate data and almost professional equipment,,,I don't believe that Samsung will ever make something good

        Anton .el PAPI., 30 Apr 2024Baaaaa I just want to sell you the watch and the ring toget... moreWhich is why I said both. It can be an engineering and R&D limitation which quickly gets exploited by Marketing and by Upper Management.

          PepperPot, 30 Apr 2024"The Galaxy Watch7 will reportedly have an SoC that is... moreIt's sadly not 100% reality, since it depends on what Marketingspeak each organization practices.

          Energy efficiency doesn't always mean the fact that it consumes say 50% less than last year's solution. It can also be something like the RTX 4090 which blew the RTX 3090 out of the water in terms of performance, but also raised the power consumption, yet it managed to be more efficient than the 3090.

          So, energy efficiency, depending on the Marketingspeak, can be either a drop in terms of power consumption over last gen, or it can be the fact that it performs much better while power consumption remains the same.

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            • 30 Apr 2024

            Hopefully Samsung will design a watch that looks closer to a classic watch, they should really learn from Huawei, they design the best smartwatches

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              • 30 Apr 2024

              Anton .el PAPI., 30 Apr 2024Baaaaa I just want to sell you the watch and the ring toget... moreExactly, look at how the marketing unit killed most wear os related threads even on Reddit. Short term $ making strategy while killing the market with Google's help lol. Slow motion car crash..

                "The Galaxy Watch7 will reportedly have an SoC that is 50% more power efficient than its predecessor,"

                That's all I care about, but it's probably an exaggeration.

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                  • 30 Apr 2024

                  Will the pro or ultra model have rotating bezel? If not will keep my 6 classic.

                    If samsung things they can sell this as a medical devices for exact measurements they are wrong and should be accused to courts for improper results.
                    No smartphone company no matter how much they try will ever release deices which will be allowed by red cross, ministry of health or advanced medical companies which releases and devises devices which gives exact accurate staus about health for persons.
                    This is nothing but a markting gimmick it will stay this way and people who would rely on improper measurements like a real thing should visit a psychiatric doctor.

                    Its liek downloading from a play store or Apple store an app for identifying mushrooms in forests. Every person have a really good chaince to get poisoned.

                    This is the same example.

                      useless if they;re still looking like a toy watch. If the design it's like huawei watch 4 pro, then yeah, I'll buy it, if not, then it's a big no for me.

                        punmeisterone, 30 Apr 2024From what I read, the top specced model will be known as th... moreBaaaaa I just want to sell you the watch and the ring together, more money!! But how Samsung has its monopoly in the market!

                          From what I read, the top specced model will be known as the Galaxy Watch Ultra, with no 7 on it, similar to how Apple did.

                          Also, the blood sugar measurements may be only possible wearing BOTH the Galaxy Watch Ultra AND the Galaxy Ring together. It may be because of limitations (since the Ring can catch better biometrics than the watch) or Samsung wanting to squeeze as much money as possible, or both.