Samsung's Exynos 2600 may ditch AMD's RDNA GPU for an in-house solution

06 May 2024
Development started long ago.

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  • 06 May 2024

P C M, 06 May 2024LOL........ Blind fan detected. "60Hz is more fluid t... moreLOL , fanboys of sammy and xiaomi are always in fantasy world.

Iphone 15 pro max has oled M material 1 generation ahead of s24 ultra.

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    • 06 May 2024

    New GPU still won't be better than A17 GPU 🤣

      I think amd gpu was an attempt to get amd to fab cpus with samsung. The order never came so no need to use their gpu anymore.

        Why? Ofc because its a failure, despite using the RDNA architecture the exynos does not have the capability of what an RDNA gpu have, also its not optimized for ARM chip and samsung toned it down heavily resulting in a disaster performance
        Benchmarking may looking good for the Exynos but in real usage its lagging heavily
        Samsung did not have the capability of what Qualcomm and Apple have, Qualcomm used the Adreno (of what used to be AMD's ATI Radeon GPU) and utilized it well and Apple design its own CPU and GPU after ditching both samsung and powervr to be the leading market but what happens to samsung? After having a hard time in competing with their reborn Exynos (used to be called hummingbird), tried to compete with partnering by the on the rise AMD RDNA, yet everything still failed and the reason is simply because they are too greed

          Solun1, 06 May 2024AMD itself expressed the partnership is a bit weird because... moreWell, Samsung also make chips for apple, and then apple put their name on them.

            They should just keep the entire SoC back "in(the)-house" and use Snapdragon 😂

              Anonymous, 06 May 2024Let us hope that the outcome will be different from the fia... moreIt should be more revolutional design like Sony Playstation 3 first one with CELL Procesor(supercomputer on a chip design).Wich will turn our Android Samsung Galaxy Smartphones real supercomputers in a pocket for every palm qnd Supercomputers Tablet PC.Real Tehmological Revolution.Return of CELL Procesor(Supercomputer on a Chip).

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                • 06 May 2024

                P C M, 06 May 2024LOL........ Blind fan detected. "60Hz is more fluid t... moreCalling them blind while not reading his comment correctly…Oh the irony.

                You’re aware of the fact that 120hz display doesn’t mean anything when the game they play doesn’t even hit 60fps right?

                  i wont buy a samsung gpu thats for sure.

                    P C M, 06 May 2024LOL........ Blind fan detected. "60Hz is more fluid t... moreThe typical Android mdeia range fanboy who hates the truth has arrived!! ha ha ha

                      The Android Freak, 06 May 20243nm or 2nm?Tensor 5 is rumored to be based on TSMC 3nm (N3E) node, the same node which is expected to be utilised for the upcoming Apple A18 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 4. 2nm is at least another year (and more like two years) away.

                      However, even the TSMC 3nm info is only a rumor and it could very well be that Google sticks with Samsung (in which case it will utilize Samsung's 3GAP node). As per the reports, however, the gap between the TSMC and Samsung nodes is likely to be much smaller as compared to the 5nm/4nm nodes.

                      So, either way, Tensor 5 would be a significant upgrade from Tensor 4.

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                        • 06 May 2024

                        DeepIn2U, 06 May 2024The choice of the Exynos SoC NOT being in North America has... moreTotally true,,, in NA people are more interested in Security, camera, brand name, battery life mostly. Give a couple of years old SoC with cutting edge features, they would still buy it.

                          Anonymous, 06 May 2024Need Nvidia GPUs to come back to mobile especially seeing a... moreAgreed but smartphones are small fry right now. NVidia is on the BigCompute game.

                          When they come out with their ARM mobile and laptop Socks and the mainstreamsmartphones are all foldable and rollable THEN you'll see them put a mud hole into the industry.

                          This is GOOD news as AMD has been LACKING and dragging their feet with GPU performance even in laptops and desktop!

                          3 generations of laptop NPU's and the exact SAME GPU?! Miss poor

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                            • 06 May 2024

                            Anton .el PAPI., 06 May 2024Also when I switched to iOS in times of pandemic, let'... moreLOL........ Blind fan detected.
                            "60Hz is more fluid than 120Hz"... LOL... Apple phones are great in many areas but it used to have had terrible displays compared to Samsung.
                            For 2-3 years Apple has been using almost same generation Amoled from Samsung but in the past it was usually 2 generation old display tech. Above those limitations it had 60Hz display.
                            Are you 80 years old bro?

                              Anton .el PAPI., 06 May 2024Nobody is interested in Exynos, not even Samsung itself hah... moreThe choice of the Exynos SoC NOT being in North America has absolutely nothing to do with people not buying it. Sure sales wouldn't be as significant but not less than 10%. The overall product is what people use!!

                              The issue with Exynos not being on Samsung Galaxy S24 variants in North America has to do with LTE bands patented by Qualcomm! It's as simple as that.

                              Do your research.

                                I tipped GSMArena this information btw

                                  Invetor, 06 May 2024will AMD sue them for patent infringement?No.

                                  Y reach so damn far out there?

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                                    • 06 May 2024

                                    They started GPU development 13 years ago, they better get it right this time.

                                      Anonymous, 06 May 2024True. Apple does spend money to optimize their games for IO... moreAlso when I switched to iOS in times of pandemic, let's say the end of 2020 which was when I made that jump, it came from an excellent 120hz s20 ultra panel, but the game had a lot of jerks, the phone got hot like hell with that game, with others went much better, but on the 11 pro max it went like silk, it looked even more fluid on a 60hz panel than on the galaxy one which was at 120hz!! So yes, this is Google's fault, not the manufacturers', if the game is not worse it is because the manufacturers have had to make adjustments to their layers!! Google only charges money for the game to be in its store, the rest is spent where the sun doesn't shine...

                                        The Android Freak, 06 May 20243nm or 2nm?2 nm?