Samsung Battery AI to improve Galaxy S25's longevity by 10%

07 May 2024
Even batteries aren't safe from the AI invasion.

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  • L68
  • 07 May 2024

so bullshitty funny ... especially everything is now magic... "magically extend the longevity of their batteries by """JUST""" up to 10%*

    MindTheGap, 07 May 2024> Whether or not it does is beside the point - why not f... moreThen they should buy the Plus

      Oh marketing!

        > Whether or not it does is beside the point - why not fit a 5,500 mAh cell in the S25 Ultra, for example, and at the same time employ this magical Battery AI on top of that?
        Those gargantuar-hand people will complained that their huge gigantic brick will be 5g heavier, that's why.

          another excuse of using li-ion battery.

            This has sort of already existed in Android for the past 5 years, probably more. If Samsung doesn't specifically describe how this is any different than the pre-existing smart battery saving features that already save an arguably negligible amount of battery, then this is just more AI fluff. I'd prefer a new battery tech i.e. silicon carbon instead of ambiguous AI features.

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              • 61V
              • 07 May 2024

              Ai battery... What a joke. Put 120w of fast charging and i couldnt be happier.

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                • 6cA
                • 07 May 2024

                A 2000s phone can last up to a year without the need of "AI Optimization"



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                      • pwt
                      • 07 May 2024

                      Sounds good if it will work well since task and battery management has never been a strength of android.

                        I like this implementation of AI. This is what AI should be used for, pattern recognition and optimization of simple things.

                        However, they must ofter the user the feature to disable it if they want, lest becomes another layer of aggressive notification/background process monitoring-killing that actually breaks apps.