Here are some newly leaked Sony Xperia 1 VI promo images

07 May 2024
This phone is starting to leak as much as Google's Pixel 8a.

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Oppo's low res 6x camera output(from its hi res hw) lags behind samsung's crop from 5x hi res. I do wonder how sony's 7x low res will fare... Will there be any surprises?

    chocowii, 07 May 2024Who needs 7 years of updates when the hardware cant outlive... moreI got 2021 phone, thats 3 years, soon 4. Then its going to 3rd owner for years to come.
    Its may not be important to everyone, but device will retain value and won't end up in trash for being unusable because of software.
    I got also 2013 phone I use, with 3rd battery already. Interestingly I use its pen on new phone and it works just fine, there is a lot you can do even with old phones.

      Happy to read GSM Arena test during June

        16mm is not too wide, 7.5mm would be ideal lol, not to mention resolution, when I take superwide pics, there is just so much in there, you need that resolution so details are not drown, not to mention better macro shots.
        3.5-7.1x is the biggest news, if it was 50mp standard bayer it would be more fun tho, getting 15x of lossless digital zoom.
        I also wonder what sensor sizes are...

          ks, 07 May 2024The big unknown: The SONY update policy. Who needs 7 years of updates when the hardware cant outlive it. Longer update support is just marketing bs.

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            • 07 May 2024

            The big unknown: The SONY update policy.

              Anonymous, 07 May 20244k was the thing that set them apart. Such a pity they gave... moreBy using a QHD display could make this phone to cost less, because let's be honest Xperia phones are expensive. They use a less overkill display, but they use an updated camera system!(75-170 mm of continuous zoom!)

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                • 07 May 2024

                Anonymous, 07 May 2024Then when samsung decides to use, you all will be saying 4... more4K is indeed overkill on a phone, even 1440p is too much for a 6.x inch screen. 1440p makes sense on my z fold 5 inner screen, but other than that you just can't really perceive it, it just drains more battery. So even if Samsung decides to bring a 4k display, I would drop it to 1440p or lower to sve battery

                  The new zoom range(85-170 mm) sounds amazing! I hope it will perform well.

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                    • 07 May 2024

                    Real truth about 1V is hiden in "Under the sun | Xperia 1V" when you set brightness to min 80% and watch from 3:30 to 6:10.

                      The announcement is finally scheduled for May 15. I'm delighted and as unfortunately the colors seem the same as the 1 V (I have khaki green) I would take the "Platinum Silver". The Ace For Japan remains pending. Unfortunately no Pro this fall? But Sony took better care of the 10 VI. Looking forward to availability (June?)

                        Anonymous, 07 May 2024Then when samsung decides to use, you all will be saying 4... morei'm not saying that even if samsung uses 4K for their phones, 1080p is enough. 1440p is a bit overkill. 4K makes sense on TVs and monitors but smartphones?

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                          • 07 May 2024

                          Positive, 07 May 2024Copying apple in this aspect isn't bad I think, Samsun... moreYeah became Iphone copycat, lost their most devoted fanbase and there is no reason anymore to buy Samsung, especially in exynos regions, except if you really like Dex or something.
                          They lost me completely with smaller batteries, removal of SD and being more bloated each year.

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                            • 07 May 2024

                            you have to suffer, 07 May 20244k on a phone is overkill. and more expensive to repair.Then when samsung decides to use, you all will be saying 4K is " must have".

                              Anonymous, 07 May 20244k was the thing that set them apart. Such a pity they gave... more4k on a phone is overkill. and more expensive to repair.

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                                • 07 May 2024

                                I'm actually excited to see what the final specs look like. I have the Sammy S24u and although it is a great device, I occasionally miss the camera tracking and responsiveness of the Xperia 1 IV. I swerved the 1 V as to me, it didn't really offer much of an upgrade, but if they have upgraded the sensors/res, increased the optical zoom, made the display wider and have consolidated some of the cam/vid apps, then I may be coming back to a Sony Xperia!

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                                  • 07 May 2024

                                  Wow, now that's a great piece of tech right there, if the cameras and battery life are good, and if it doesn't overheat, then this will be hard to beat, at least in my opinion. I always wanted a sony phone but that 21:9 screen always killed it for me. Now they fixed that as well. This may be the perfect smartphone actually

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                                    • 07 May 2024

                                    PhoneFreak45, 07 May 2024lol difference being the design of the iPhone is broken. Wh... morelol difference being the design of the iPhone is broken. Whose dumb idea was it to cut a chunk out the screen. Who's idea was it to have empty space where a sim or even better SD could be. Who's idea was it to have no headphone jack

                                    Manufacturers deliberately removing such quality of life features comes from their greed,it's not idea or strategy or environment.
                                    They're just concerned about getting easy money by pushing customers little harder everytime.

                                    Quality MicroSD are enough fast for high quality 4K@60Hz/120Hz recording & most apps excluding demanding apps & heavy games only.but companies removed it with lame excuses because they wanted you to have higher memory varient for higher price or even worse their Cloud storage.

                                    3.5mm Jack was also axed so that they could sell those expensive wireless earbuds with excuse of environment.How can a device containing 3 batteries,weight almost equal can cause less environment damage than wired which contain no batteries....only marketing geniuses can bring up something like that.

                                    Manufacturers are now moving towards removing Physical SIM slot. Like apple is just putting a plastic piece in place of Physical SIM tray...since they've already wasted that space then why not just make it useful to people?? Do you think they're doing all that for you??

                                    Now finally for all those who think they don't use these features or think these features are meant for cavemen only, so removing 3.5mm Jack/MicroSD isn't gonna bother them.
                                    Well if they don't use these then they can chose not to.noone is forcing you to use them h they're not causing any particular issues either so why ignorant opposing these small features.

                                    Also keep in mind one they've annexed these features then who's gonna stop them from removing anything else??
                                    My best guess is Physical ROM storage is gonna next target,as it's an one time investment h user can keep enjoying benefits for rest of phone's life.
                                    If they could remove that storage or minimise it h force users to use Cloud storage with subscription you think it's impossible??
                                    You're just someone who has the access to that data
                                    On the Cloud but you don't own that all of your precious memories,data is gonna be a property of these corporates in near future.
                                    5G is plenty fast & 6G is gonna even faster & there is Satellite internet on rise too. so instant access/loading of your Cloud data is not gonna be a distant dream even in remotest places.
                                    Keep supporting their stupid,greedy moves folks & brands will keep doing such things.

                                      Well, the Mk V was really nice. This one looks even better. Sony is doing great lately

                                        Hell, that looks appealing as hell. Make it around 1k USD and 3+ yrs of updates and you get my money