Realme GT Neo6 announced with SD 8s Gen 3 and up to 1TB storage

09 May 2024
Realme's latest flagship killer is going on open sale in China from May 15.

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  • 14 May 2024

Realme makes perfect phones of this era the company is only behind with Apple and Samsung but acquires a fucking ideology.
Only launches 64gb ROM with 4 and 6 GB models, for opting to 128gb model, one must go for 8 gb Ram variant of budget category models.
This ideology sucks anyone

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    • Sr6
    • 12 May 2024

    Fake mi sucks because you really can't root it
    No bootloader unlock
    No fastboot mode
    No root
    No fun
    No ips LCD display technology
    No FM radio
    No sd card slot
    No audio jack
    No buy

    Nice try fake me

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      • fI%
      • 10 May 2024

      Everything is fine except for 8mp sensor that Google used to put in their pixel as front facing .. freaking realme with their obsession with useless sensor

        Aaaaaand guessed right once again, a useless 8mp ultrawide...

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          • 10 May 2024

          Anonymous, 09 May 2024Saw speed test comprasion on YouTube between a55 vs moto ed... moreThis I have to see. Link?

            pl2rts, 09 May 2024X3 Pro was the problematic model where even Xiaomi India CE... moreI am not in India and the ceo wasn't fired for thr X3 pro , he left the company amidst growing scrutiny by the government

              Cllassic, 09 May 2024My POCO X3 pro died two weeks back and they had no parts! X3 Pro was the problematic model where even Xiaomi India CEO was fired for.
              So no wonder why there is no parts for that phone to find.
              The phone was also sold in my country only 6 months and then no shop had it. Was probably also cause of the issues and shops were aware of it.

              Xiaomi made improvements and learned from the mistake just like Samsung learned from the Note series that had exploding batteries.
              Never mind that the X3 Pro was like 239 euro when it was for sale the 6 months and it was insane cheap price for the specs.

              India have lower standards for quality for their market and as a large market you probably see more defects too. It's mandatory for EU to have 2 years warranty so quality standards need to be higher

                JimmyTheGreatest, 09 May 2024I find it a little comical that you have to use a camera fo... moreIt's water meter and these things are hard to see places.
                Electric meter is totally different thing as they get all the meter numbers trough internet as we even have the internet provided to us trough the electric lines even tough i dont have the home internet like that as i have it trough phone line

                  Cllassic, 09 May 2024My POCO X3 pro died two weeks back and they had no parts! Sorry to read that, I know how annoying and distressful it is. I heard that Xiaomi has a service center somewhere in the EU. Did you visit Xiaomi center?

                  In my country no repair shop agree to get involved with a Xiaomi phone. And once they find out it's a Poco brand, they won't even touch it. If I can replace the battery in my marvelous Poco F3, the lifespan of the unit could be extended for an additional 2 - 3 years, because it's a powerful phone.

                    JimmyTheGreatest, 09 May 2024I have personal experience with repair shops refusing to re... moreMy POCO X3 pro died two weeks back and they had no parts!

                      pl2rts, 09 May 2024I dont think i get any vivo or oppo in my country or at lea... moreFirst of all Where do you live?
                      I know they are all under BBK but the subbrands have an issue not the main ones
                      My POCO X3 pro died a fortnight ago and the service center didnt have the motherboard so i had to try my luck in a local shop , there the guy tried repairing it but he couldn't , then he said the subruse an inferior process in making their motherboards and they mostly cant get repaired except in rare cases plus procuring their spare parts is difficult,
                      There is a reason why they re-release their phones under subbrands under reduced prices

                        Why does this look almost exactly like the Redmi note 13 Pro+ silver edition hahaha

                        Like it's literally the same shell 😂

                          pl2rts, 09 May 2024I dont think i get any vivo or oppo in my country or at lea... moreI find it a little comical that you have to use a camera for the electric meter reading... Isn't it easy to fake? In my country the readings are periodically reported automatically to the electricity operator. We have no physical access to the meters, only via an app or web browser.

                          With regard to the camera in Poco 5. I'm not a photographer. But you can shoot stunning pictures with the F5. There are a ton of camera settings that I don't understand, but if you know how to tweak them, you can take semiprofessional pictures. I'm convinced that almost all of the people who complain about the camera in the F-series, probably never owned a Poco phone. They just want to waste time and have something to whine about...

                            IpsDisplay, 09 May 2024What I wanna know if that 42° c claim after 1hr genshin imp... moreI doubt, Turbo 3 is around 46°C but if true that good news, irrespective of that 8s gen 3 is good soc, and people should consider it over 7+ gen 3.

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                              • 09 May 2024

                              I was hoping to see it get the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 instead since this 8s Gen 3 is only marginally better than the 8 Gen 2 CPU wise, but noticeably worse GPU wise given that its Adreno 735 graphics core (which is an overclocked A732, which also is just an overclocked A730) has 768 shading units and 1536 total shaders compared to the Adreno 740 which has 1280 shading units and 2560 total shaders.

                              In simpler terms this will be better for general browsing and what not, but won't be as good in gaming as the GT5 for example. Still a solid improvement over the GT Neo5 nonetheless.

                                Cllassic, 09 May 2024Oppo ,Vivo, are okay plus they do get repaired , in that pr... moreI dont think i get any vivo or oppo in my country or at least nothing over budget class.

                                And for me Vivo and Oppo is just like Realme and IQOO that all should be under the same BBK or something that after OnePlus just started to make new brands

                                And all are Chinese brands just like Xiaomi and Poco

                                Never mind that i dont give a 2 cents about phone cameras and i am not willing to spend more for digital soap camera on a phone on expense of performance

                                If i care for camera then i would go with a real camera. Phone cameras are just tools with what you dont make like family pictures or anything like that. At best you use them in tourist trips to remember something in the future that you went to some place.

                                I have Poco F5 and i am fine with it. It's camera i have used like once in the end of month to take picture of cold and hot water numbers to report them and pay for the bill

                                  Cllassic, 09 May 2024Optimal would be no crashes, good scrolling with no itters ... moreI have personal experience with repair shops refusing to replace a dying battery in my Xiaomi Poco F3. Extremely annoying and frustrating not being able to get such a trivial service. You can repair a satellite in the EU, but not replace a battery!!!

                                    pl2rts, 09 May 2024What should people buy in the range of 300-500 euro then ? ... moreOppo ,Vivo, are okay plus they do get repaired , in that price range you shouldn't expect very good camera's. Nothing is good but cant say anything about the after sales.

                                    The iQoo 12 camera's are very inconsistent no two images of the same scene are similiar, the camera app of iqoo and vivo though same perform different plus the phone freezes when connected to a car, in case of a rebranded phone always choose vivo

                                    I dont know about Xiaomi if someone has any experience please mention

                                    These phones seem very attractive but the software side and the camera is something totally diffferent

                                      IpsDisplay, 09 May 2024I've used a cheap realme 8 5g thing got 2 software upd... moreOptimal would be no crashes, good scrolling with no itters in between , decent camera performance in third party apps, good animations.

                                      and also the phone gets repaired when theres a hardware issue. A repair guy said to avoid realme and poco strictly

                                        It seems to be the best of the snapdragon 8s gen 3 phones hardware wise but at the same time it is almost a carbon copy of the Realme gt Neo 6 SE with just the 7+ gen3 swapped for the snapdragon 8s gen 3. These chips are practically the same with only a small performance difference so there doesn't seem to be a lot of point in having 2 almost identical phones for the same market. The other changes are basically just faster charging and dual band GPS and tri-band Beidou.