Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 Enduro arrives with Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1, AMOLED display, and Wear OS

10 May 2024
It's already available through Mobvoi's official website.

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  • Piticao
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  • 08 Jul 2024

was looking for mobvoi release but was hoping to see WearOS 4, they are still hung on 3.5 :(

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    • Woody
    • 8v@
    • 28 May 2024

    I got this at the weekend and it's great.

    Finally a watch with a battery that will last a long run with music (on spotify) and accurate reliable GPS.

    I can also pay with NFC so don't need to bring my phone.

    Battery is lasting ages too. The second screen means the battery lasts ages - it works the same as if the full Wear OS is working and just boots up the OS when I need it.

    Battery on Samsung and Pixel suck in comparison, and Huawei doesn't have NFC in UK.

    So far no faults at all - easily as good as the Apple watch without having to have an iPhone.

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      • Flyercan
      • xGB
      • 17 May 2024

      I want to know how long the battery lasts with all the main features it has turned on, not with it all turned off.

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        • Shailendra Kumar
        • CbG
        • 17 May 2024

        Smartwatchguy, 10 May 2024Yes, competition is still trying to match the 5. Even with ... moreWow very nice watch ⌚⌚⌚

          Enduro is because of crystal glass too. It is really durable. Yuo must read a little bit better before you comment.

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            • Smartwatchguy
            • Yd6
            • 10 May 2024

            Tomo100brt, 10 May 2024What is mess? Did you trie TicWatch Pro 5? After TicWatch P... moreYes, competition is still trying to match the 5. Even with Google giving early access to newer OS versions to competitors, no one has been able to beat the twp5 from May 2023.

              If this was supposed to be a "new era", I don't know anything about advertising. Where is:
              - LTE module support?
              - side (left side) charging via pins?
              - WearOS 4.0?
              - battery with min. 10-15% larger (remember that Huawei Watch 3 Pro has a battery of almost 800mAh)?
              - factory built-in .GPX track navigation function (like in the old Amazfit Pace)?
              - dual operating system (dualOS)(as in OnePlus Watch 2)?

              Unfortunately, the company lost due to its popularity and brilliant idea with two screens. If they don't improve their software department, it will all end in a DISASTER. :/

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                • yalim
                • mu4
                • 10 May 2024

                double display is a genius feature and it is optimized really well. but,this is a sports oriented watch and one of the key areas it has to excel is HR and GPS accuracy. it is almost similar to galaxy watch in that regard and galaxy watch is not a good benchmark. besides there is still no external Bluetooth HR sensor support. these are the main drawback considering ticwatch costs 50% more than a galaxy watch. the other one is, it lacks delivering wearOS updates in time. it would be much appreciated device if they would gave Qi wireless charging and more reasonable prices,too.

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                  • Tomo100brt
                  • 3q}
                  • 10 May 2024

                  Fuxos, 10 May 2024I have ticwatch 3 pro. Piece of shit! Probably, this one is... moreWhat is mess? Did you trie TicWatch Pro 5? After TicWatch Pro 5 and 4-5 days of battery I will newer buy another WearOS watch.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • EUk
                    • 10 May 2024

                    I have to say, calling this the "enduro" when the batery life seems to only achieve an extra 10h over the original watch 5 pro's 80h seems just a little bit of a stretch. Compare to what Garmin considers deserving of the title "enduro" (34 days)...

                    That said, this is obviously still fantastic battery endurance for a full-fat WearOS smartwatch compared to the 1-2 days at best you'll get from the likes of Samsung and Apple.

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                      • Fuxos
                      • AvM
                      • 10 May 2024

                      I have ticwatch 3 pro. Piece of shit! Probably, this one is the same.
                      P.S. To be fair, the double screen is cool, but the rest is a mass.

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                        • TK
                        • nch
                        • 10 May 2024

                        When you in the market voor a new smartwatch this is a good option . Bug if you like me already own and wear a ticwatch pro 5 then no the upgrade is so marginal not worth spending your hard earned money on

                          Cheap company didn't even add an eSIM feature at least to make a difference

                          As per their teasing on X (twitter).. "A New Era Dawns. The Future Arrives in Days"

                          WOW.. What a Future!