Rumored Galaxy Z Fold6 FE may not launch this year

13 May 2024
Samsung is expected to launch its more affordable Z Fold and Z Flip variants next year.

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  • 14 May 2024

Samsung is so late in foldables game. I heard the camera setup will be the same as on 5 which were the same as on 4. Yep, my fold 4 will be the last from them. I'm jumping ship

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    • Anonymous
    • p4K
    • 13 May 2024

    Very sad about this, luckily can get older model for pretty good prices these days.

      DeepIn2U, 13 May 2024There is NO market uncertainty! Slaves globally have bee... more"Slaves"?

        DeepIn2U, 13 May 2024Doesn't seem to affect the S24 when Samsung brought ba... moreThere was enough to separate the S23 Fe from S24.

          justasmile, 13 May 2024Far too similar. Would kill their Z fold 6.Doesn't seem to affect the S24 when Samsung brought back the S23 FE just 40 days ago!

            There is NO market uncertainty!

            Slaves globally have been up after a 2yr stagnation.

            Samsung Sales in the USA have riswn by 2% along with a staggering 12% revenue increase for this market. .globally Samsung is undisputed king in revenue share!

            If Samsung can make and ship a myriad of low end clones like thr A, M, etc series there is no excuse not to. Ring the Z Fold SE to market. No pen support and slight thickness against Chinese rivals who are NOT shipping globally?!

            Make the battery bigger then! Solved!!

            Give it S-Pen support. Do not include it make the user's BUT it!
            Makes the S-Pen cheaper by production volume and more sales for the accessory!

            Stop listing such drivel as reasons not coming to market!

            Samsung is just maximizing on brand name recognition and higher per unit revenue and profits with higher end market segmented devices. Simple!

            Remember they have a new CEO for the conglomerate and it's a return of the family so after jail for so long it's $$$$-ING in the sites.

              the Fold 6 FE might not launch because the Fold6 itself is akin to an FE model compared to let's say Oppo/Oneplus, Vivo or Honor's foldables.

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                • Enzo
                • u7V
                • 13 May 2024

                Fold6; Fold6 Ultra. No need to have 3 variants of the same phone in this very little market

                  Seems redundant. The pricing and build quality of foldables is contradictory with inferior cameras. I'm not sure this is a lasting market.

                  Unless they find a way to make it 99.99% glass and only use 00.01% of the current "flex" material, removing the need for screen protectors, I'm not sure these will ever be an option for me...

                    This report makes little sense.. The story according to the elec sounds like
                    Samsung: we can remove the digitizer to make a more affordable FE foldable
                    also Samsung: we can't launch the cheaper fold because it doesn't support S Pen

                    Did journalists stop using even the tiniest bit of critical thinking?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 8XV
                      • 13 May 2024

                      Will the Z Flip6 FE be released though? Also, the Z Fold4 is still a good phone as a foldable even right now

                        GAMIR3DH, 13 May 2024Why not instead keep the Z Fold 5 but at a discounted price? 🤔Far too similar. Would kill their Z fold 6.

                          Why not instead keep the Z Fold 5 but at a discounted price? 🤔