Sony Xperia 1 VI leaks in full, all specs detailed

14 May 2024
We're now only a few hours away from its official unveiling.

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TheSnowWinterR7, 14 May 2024If the FHD+ downgrade from 4K resolution of Xperia 1 VI tur... moreMaybe Sony has an xperia Ultra up its sleeve!!

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    • Krillo
    • 04e
    • 14 May 2024

    I hope the screen size is 6.3 or less.

      If the FHD+ downgrade from 4K resolution of Xperia 1 VI turns out to be true, that means at least 2 things:
      1. Sony was never a fan of QHD display on their screen-focused devices and only applied it to two Xperias AFAIK, Z4 Tablet and XZ3 (if you count the cancelled Z4v, then three).
      2. Xperia 5 series discontinuation rumour is heading towards correct rather than false as now Xperia 1 VI now occupied Xperia 5's resolution room.
      And plus, Xperia 10 VI could inherit Xperia 5 series features in this case, such as the rumour 50 MP LYT500 ultrawide lens and obviously, the back design.

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        • IgorS
        • LjP
        • 14 May 2024

        People complaining about the lack of a 4k display with opinions in 240p.

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          • Dolle
          • 04e
          • 14 May 2024

          Anonymous, 14 May 2024The spec I care most about nowadays is weight. And that has... moreI agree completely, phones today are way too heavy. Phones above 160gr should be banned. I am not using my Samsung S24 ultra because of the weight, and went back to my Samsung note 10.

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            • PeterM
            • pqq
            • 14 May 2024

            Anton .el PAPI., 14 May 2024nothing about the size of the panel, I hope it is not 6.5 b... moreit's "confirmed" as 6,5"
            as for charging I doubt it will go over 30W, Sony has been always very conservative when it comes to charging speed, and focusing on battery longevity with their "battery care" function. they even market their phones retaining better battery life after x years of use than competitors. so I don't think higher charging speed would fit into that theme.

              RoyalBlue, 14 May 2024Not gonna lie, 6.77 with FHD+ would suck in terms of resolution Well, there is a lot of shit currently on the market! according to your logic!! I don't care about the resolution on a cell phone!

                Anton .el PAPI., 14 May 2024nothing about the size of the panel, I hope it is not 6.5 b... moreNot gonna lie, 6.77 with FHD+ would suck in terms of resolution

                  "The Xperia 1 VI is 8.2mm thick and weighs 192g, and it comes with both IP65 and IP68 ratings for dust and water resistance. When it comes to water, the phone can withstand submersion, as most flagships do these days, but it's also tested for withstanding water jets."
                  Withstanding water jets is IPX9 rating.
                  If it was tested against water jets, why not simply go with the IP69 rating for the press?

                    nothing about the size of the panel, I hope it is not 6.5 but 6.77 and a fast charge of at least 67w!!!!

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                      • INSIDER SONYq
                      • PEW
                      • 14 May 2024

                      DarkTracker, 14 May 2024Ok scar is a cool name for a red phoneIts Scarlet

                        Tha red is beautiful and the spec list is really good as usual. The price is going to be insane as usual which is the dealbreaker for how Sony handles software. But if the price is reasonable, that's a step in the right direction.

                          Ok scar is a cool name for a red phone

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 0cB
                            • 14 May 2024

                            Miles worse than Samsung S24 series.

                              Now I WANT that Red one. Maybe I have to sell my Xperia 1V for this.

                                alijoher, 14 May 2024Downgrading screen resolution to FHD+ will definitely deliv... moreFor sure the battery life will improve, but since you can get a oneplus 12 with one of the best QHD screens on the market for much cheaper than 1K Sony really needs to drop the price on this phone to below 1K if they want to stay competitive in the market.

                                  Downgrading screen resolution to FHD+ will definitely deliver a huge standby battery time and with the new vapor champer I assume the device going to be a champ in the power battery department I guess! which is really good, as per performance wise I don't think it'll gonna be less than any other flagship out there, they just need to do more work on selfie camera and tweaks here and there like adding IR plaster , it's not harming I guess! and on top of all I wish they reduced their price to compete other wise all the advances will not help much

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                                    • Bob
                                    • nIT
                                    • 14 May 2024

                                    it all sounds good, a higher mp main cmos would have been nice, my only question mark is the actual size of the thing. if it's still around 150mm tall then it would be a great zenphone competitor [if that ever comes out]. i expect it will be too overpriced again though.

                                      • S
                                      • Sean
                                      • b1K
                                      • 14 May 2024

                                      No QHD option equals a pass for me

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • Tsr
                                        • 14 May 2024

                                        At that size FHD+ is fine.

                                        QHD would be nice, but I don't see it as a must.

                                        At least it is not that power hungry 4K display they used, that aside from 2 circumstances didn't even ran at 4K but 1440p instead.