Sony Xperia 1 VI is here - SD 8 Gen 3, better zoom and more conventional screen

15 May 2024
The Xperia 1 VI ditched what it didn't need and made the rest better. Coming in June for €1,399.

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Why 1080p?? 😭😭

They could've at least made it 1260p or better 1440...

    Nick Tegrataker, 15 May 2024That's one thoughtless way to defend a brand that has ... moreI agree with you on the resolution. They should have use a 2K display, so there would be no such a big difference, but I am glad they updated the display so the refresh rate is not only between 120-60 HZ.

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      • 15 May 2024

      David, 15 May 2024Lowering the screen resolution from 4K was a massive mistak... moreDavid, that was partial 4k, only in photo and video, in any other case there was just FHD 2520*1080.

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        • Madman
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        • 15 May 2024

        In terms of hardware Sony Xperia 1 is one of the best, but in terms of software there's a bit more work needed to be done. I mean 3 years of Android updates is not enough to what the competition is offering. Nevertheless it is better than 2 Android updates that was on the previous versions of the Xperia 1. I may actually think of getting the Xperia this year.

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          • 15 May 2024

          Was ready to pull the trigger .... but still stuck on 12mp for the telephoto sensor, wtf!! For a company like Sony that has a great imaging division (I use Sony alpha cameras), to not upgrade the telephoto sensor is just baffling! Skipped the Mark V, now skipping the Mark IV and won't be back now! Sticking with my Samsung S24 Ultra now, and next device will probably be a Samsung as well.

            I need to buy this one. Hopefully it comes bundled with the XM5?

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              • 15 May 2024

              David, 15 May 2024Lowering the screen resolution from 4K was a massive mistak... moreMaybe I'll get a 1 V in the end.

                Small question: if you have an Xperia, there is a small advantage in using the WF (WH)1000XM5 or if you use an other like Technics AZ-80 you have same use ?

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                  • 15 May 2024

                  Anonymous, 15 May 2024That really is an overrated feature. Having a tiny punchhol... moreI'm still using the Mi 9T Pro I got in 01.2020 just because of the clean perfect screen. Personal preference of mine and the staff of gsmarena. They've pointed it out how rare this is nowadays when they reviewed the 1 V.

                    Many welcome changes here. Hope next year they finally make it even shorter by switching to punch hole front camera and get rid of the chin at the bottom of the screen. A price reduction wouldn't hurt either, to match the competition, and plus another year of updates to round it up to 5.

                      In Japan : (Hope Europe June too)
                      : release scheduled for Friday June 21, 2024 (all colors)RAM12GB/ROM512GB
                      : Release scheduled for Friday June 21, 2024 (all colors)RAM16GB/ROM512GB
                      : Release scheduled for Friday August 23, 2024 (black, khaki green only)

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                        • 15 May 2024

                        It's the same awkward shape that's bad for almost every use case. The price is still ridiculously high.

                        It's like they are deliberately trying to kill the phone division.

                          Anonymous, 15 May 2024With all due respect you cannot see the pixels, quit yappingThat's one thoughtless way to defend a brand that has been insisting on a super high-pixel-density display for the last 5 years. WQHD+ would've been a sweet spot.

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                            • 15 May 2024

                            David, 15 May 2024Only 4000 people globally watched the livestream. Wow that ... moreI was watching Live on YT and there were 12,000 people in there. The comments were flowing all excited. Don't be a troll

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                              • 15 May 2024

                              Wow a new model where you go from 4k resolution to 1080p with slightly larger real estate.

                              As someone who bought sony phones because I felt they were less schemey when it came to what consumers wanted with expandable memory , strides in video and photography technology , as well as the unique dimensions 21.9 ratio gave , this is a huge let down and the beginning of the end for sony phones just like their vaiooo laptops.

                              They're having a Kodak moment , the seperste but connected companies producing most of world's camera sensors , panels for screens they're becoming quite lazy

                                This is actually a decent upgrade from the Mark V and that's surprising given this is a Sony we're talking about, who usually doesn't put a lot of emphasis on year-to-year up-speccing. A much brighter and more power-efficient LTPO panel, a vapour chamber, a telephoto lens that can optically zoom in more than 2x and also doubles as a close-up camera.. Packed with nice stuff.

                                3 years of OS updates plus an extra year of software updates isn't obviously Samsung-level of support, but it's still far superior to the predecessors' absolutely abysmal 2 years of OS AND software updates. The screen resolution downgrade to FHD+, on the other hand.. Meh. They could've gone with WQHD which would be pretty much indistinguishable from Mark V's 1644p resolution from a normal distance.

                                I'm wondering if Sony has updated the camera software in the Mark VI - Last year, their auto-mode processing wasn't bad but definitely left something to be desired compared to the best performers in the market, especially in terms of handling noise. Hopefully there will be less sharpening applied to images (especially on the telephoto) and the 2x crop zoom actually looks good this time around.

                                Sadly though, just like Pixel, BBK and Xiaomi, Sony will never release their flagship phones where I live, so I guess I won't be able to try it out myself in a store🤷

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                                  • 15 May 2024

                                  Is the display an OLED style, with per pixel lighting, for deep blacks? or an LCD type for boosted brightness?

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                                    • 15 May 2024

                                    The display downgrade from 4K is the reason for me not to buy this phone.

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                                      • 15 May 2024

                                      Anonymous, 15 May 2024Now that the cat is out of the bag.. Sony, the new Xperia i... moreCamera seems good.
                                      The only real downside is the loss of 4K.

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                                        • 15 May 2024

                                        Is it gonna available in USA market, I don’t see any changes or updates for US website or social Media handles