Google Search rolls out AI Overviews to everyone in the US

14 May 2024
They've been available as an experiment so far.

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Anonymous, 16 May 2024 moreSo its third. I wasnt that far anyway.
Or maybe they were too shy to put it first for obvious reasons.
Humanity is bunch of dirty pigs.

    Why is the Asian guy in this video pointing his camera up at the windows to the redheads apartment when he's trying to pull the manual camera's film lever?!

    Biomchanics that doesn't make ANY sense at all!! Unless you're looking through the viewfinder while doing it, the lens would always naturally be pointing forward or Down with that action!

    Google USA should be thinking twice about the perception that could garner.

      Cpt.Power, 15 May 2024No is not. No matter how you look at it maybe for your coun... moreGoogle Gemini's reply :

      Here's a comparison of top Google searches in the USA/North America and China:
      USA/North America:
      * General Search Terms (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, Amazon)
      * Location-based queries (e.g., "weather near me", "restaurants near me")
      * News and Events (may vary depending on current events)
      * Due to China's Great Firewall, Google is not the most popular search engine. Baidu is the dominant search engine in China.
      * Popular Baidu searches likely include a mix of general search terms, e-commerce platforms (like Taobao), and social media platforms (like WeChat).
      * News and events relevant to China (may be restricted or censored).

      Bing/ CoPilot :

      The top 3 search queries on Google in North America as of May 2024 are:
      1. **YouTube**
      2. **Amazon**
      3. **Facebook**¹

      It's important to note that Google services are not available in China, and they use different search engines like Baidu. However, the top buzzwords in China for 2023, which could reflect popular search terms, include "Modern Chinese civilization," "High-quality Belt and Road cooperation," and "Global Civilization Initiative."⁴

      Please keep in mind that search trends can vary greatly based on current events, cultural shifts, and technological advancements. These lists provide a snapshot of interests during a specific time period.

      Source: Conversation with Bing, 15/05/2024
      (1) Most Popular Google Searches - Top 100 (May 2024) - Backlinko.
      (2) Top 10 Chinese buzzwords of 2023 unveiled -
      (3) Top Google Searches (January 2024) - Ahrefs.
      (4) Top Google Searches (May 2024) - Exploding Topics.
      (5) Getty.
      (6) Getty.
      (7) Getty.

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        • 16 May 2024

        Cpt.Power, 15 May 2024No is not. No matter how you look at it maybe for your coun... more

        Single most searched term globally is "youtube", for the US it's "weather."

          Anonymous, 15 May 2024Actually, no. Number one search term is "youtube."... moreNo is not. No matter how you look at it maybe for your country if you live in Asia with Islav religion but for EU or US citizens most searched words been said.

            Anonymous, 15 May 2024Anyone know how we can opt out of this, or if we even can? ... moreYeah, it's called using a VPN.

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              • 15 May 2024

              Cpt.Power, 15 May 2024Poor AI. Best most people or most searched word on google... moreActually, no. Number one search term is "youtube." What makes you keep coming here to post this garbage?

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                • Iby
                • 15 May 2024

                Anyone know how we can opt out of this, or if we even can? Google's AI search is worse tab useless.

                  Wow, this is worthless!

                    Finally catching up with Bing search

                      Poor AI.
                      Best most people or most searched word on google is SEX, P*RN, F*CK, Lesbian etc.
                      And said poor AI cant even make a bounce it will sweat on its own brain or core cells without knowing the real feeling of said feel of excitement.

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                        • xjH
                        • 15 May 2024

                        New way to to steal and use userdata is A.I.
                        Just a gimmick.

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                          • 15 May 2024

                          Anonymous, 14 May 2024Kinda boring I/O today nglBut did you see the first 30 mins , it was bonkers , it was crazy , later it got lame

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                            • XUC
                            • 14 May 2024

                            Kinda boring I/O today ngl

                              MS Edge alike, literally.