LG Tone Free T90S feature graphene drivers and up to 36 hours of battery life

16 May 2024
The case also features an AUX cable and can act as a Bluetooth transmitter for legacy devices and in-flight entertainment systems.

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  • Ramzaj
  • yMK
  • 20 Jun 2024

Does anyone know which chip the earphones are built on? Is it Qualcomm or something from LG? Thanks

    Anyone knows when they become available? I've been looking for the past 2 weeks and they're not anywhere...

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      • Muzik
      • vGR
      • 20 May 2024

      YUKI93, 18 May 2024I totally second this. As a current V50 and Wing 5G owner, ... moreTotally agree with you.
      Quad-DAC is an Emotion. I still have Lg G7+ ThinQ. It is not my primary device but yes my WALKMAN every time. That sound is something I cant ignore and none smartphone have that kind of Audio output. Loving it since 2018. Unbelievable.

        PanRT, 16 May 2024LG , bring back smartphone:DI totally second this. As a current V50 and Wing 5G owner, I can easily say that I totally miss LG in the smartphone market. I love their bravery to be different from the rest of the field, Sony included. There are still no mainstream smartphone brand that can give the direct replacement to the stupendously popular V60. Sony might still keep the headphone jack and microSD card slot on their flagship phones, but I have to sacrifice the detachable Dual Screen case, the built-in Quad DAC, and the active stylus support. The Dual Screen made me sold my foldable screen phone and the built-in Quad DAC made me leave the wireless audio bandwagon completely. You can throw in any wireless earbuds, and they still can't compete with the Quad DAC's crazily excellent audio quality.

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          • Anonymous
          • Ib5
          • 16 May 2024

          Stoon, 16 May 2024never buy in-ear buds ... they are not ear friendly (infect... moreNever faced any problems. Just don't use them 24/7 and low down the volume a little.

            based product

              Stoon, 16 May 2024never buy in-ear buds ... they are not ear friendly (infect... more"The buds also come with LG’s signature UVnano charging case with ultraviolet light that eliminates 99.99% bacteria."

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                • Anonymous
                • THy
                • 16 May 2024

                Is graphene proven to deliver superior sound quality or is this just sticking buzzword materials in products to justify the high price?

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                  • Jimbob
                  • 3xE
                  • 16 May 2024

                  Are they ever going to make a neckband version again...

                    These look great and if I didn't have the Galaxy Buds 2 already I'd get a pair of these.

                      PanRT, 16 May 2024LG , bring back smartphone:DOnly if it means they don't follow any trends Apple and Samsung love to set.

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                        • ProMax Ultra
                        • CbK
                        • 16 May 2024

                        Now with build in 3.5mm Jack you can use your wireless earbuds with wires.😂

                        Jokes aside nice feature.
                        Hope these sound good.

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                          • PanRT
                          • Mrm
                          • 16 May 2024

                          LG , bring back smartphone:D

                            Graphene drivers sound quite promising. I loved the way Meridian Audio tuned the DACs of the LG G7 and V35. Seems like a great combo.

                              No wonder it has so long battery life, when it has no tone. Useless gimmick!

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 8XV
                                • 16 May 2024

                                3.5 mm jack and UV case? That's something way useful and these might be the best-built earbuds for the asking price(of course, if it cost under 120$)

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                                  • SK89
                                  • AZY
                                  • 16 May 2024

                                  This is seriously impressive spec list. please do a review on it as soon as you can!

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                                    • Stoon
                                    • fwG
                                    • 16 May 2024

                                    never buy in-ear buds ... they are not ear friendly (infection, deafness) : use open-ear/open-fit instead !