Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6's foldable screen to have a smaller crease

17 May 2024
This will be made possible by the type of ultra-thin glass used.

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thicker ultra-thin glass lol

    All I want is a Fold with flagship cameras. If you do that, Samsung, I'll buy it.

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      • Teez
      • n1H
      • 18 May 2024

      I would have really liked the crease to go/reduce considerably, this feels like a minor change that will likely not result in any real world change.

      It's a shame as i need a new phone soon and wanted it to be the z flip 6...... might still get it to chnage from the regular brick phones

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        • y6W
        • 18 May 2024

        They've been saying smaller crease since the first one...

          Anonymous, 18 May 2024I just hope Flip 6 will have Samsung Dex desktop and they w... moreThe irony about it is that Motorola has no problem giving Wired/Wireless Ready For Desktop Mode for 2022 RAZR. Even though the 2023 RAZR lost the ability to do Wired connection because of no USB3 port with wired video output, you can still do Wireless Ready For with it.

            Rollable actually makes far better sense than foldable. In foldables, you only have two fixed screen size regardless of resolution. With rollable, you can merge multiple screen size into one body. Remember that LG Rollable phone? It's more than possible to extend the screen wider and give us a real legit tablet size. Extend it even more, and we could have a large-sized portable screen á la LG Signature OLED TV R. I can admit both screen tech are still too niche for mainstream public, but it's not difficult to see that foldable screen is not the future.

              Anonymous, 17 May 2024I'm far more concerned about durability, than visibility. Well me too but foldables are no for me period so i dont care honestly.

                There are ways to create layered UTG where glass is thinner near crease so most of panel is glass like on normal phone but no one use that method as its tad more expensive, but to be honest we had few generations of foldable phones and screens are still tragic in terms of how delicate they are, so I would not mind paying for more durable screen that will not end with deep line just because I touched it with fingernail...

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                  • p4K
                  • 18 May 2024

                  I just hope Flip 6 will have Samsung Dex desktop and they would update it for the Flip 5 too.

                  Not gonna upgrade yet from Flip 5 but if it will get updated with Dex i will likely buy Flip 7 next year for supporting the company.

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                    • 18 May 2024

                    Anonymous, 17 May 2024I've used Z Flips as daily drivers since day one of th... moresame tho

                      FatShady, 17 May 2024smaller and easier to crack...Did you ecwb READ this article?! Or is it reading comprehension ur issue?!

                      The thicking folding glass ia a BIg win in terms of durability!

                      Its one thing for thr co oetitiin to brag undiscernable crease at LAUNCH!

                      Its over the life span of the peoduct 1yr, 2yr 4yrs that REALLY will show a larger crease. THAT in 2yrs we'll see the real truth and THAT ia where youll see WHO IS WHO that backa theie product.

                      OnePlus Ooen Oppo Find N3 we'll see what screwn fokding warranty claims occur and how you stand by your products!

                        bluedragon1eye, 18 May 2024Flippable/Foldable/Rollable...etc. screen smartphones are: ... moreIf I want a phone that can be transformed into a small tablet without needing to have two different devices, a foldable might be a good solution.
                        If I want a phone that can be put fully into our clothes pocket, considering small phones are getting rare nowadays, a flippable might be a good solution.
                        I know that not everyone has those kind of problem, but a problem is a problem anyways, and a problem needs a solution, even though some solution isn't cheap. 🤷🏻‍♀️

                          Flippable/Foldable/Rollable...etc. screen smartphones are:
                          -Solution to a problem that doesn't exist
                          -Contributing more e-waste to the environment

                          CHANGE MY MIND

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                            • k9t
                            • 18 May 2024

                            still wont buy any flippity floppities

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                              • 05e
                              • 17 May 2024

                              FatShady, 17 May 2024smaller and easier to crack...I've used Z Flips as daily drivers since day one of the first launch. Not even a hint of a cracked crease on any of them, despite dropping them countless times on tarmac, concrete and rock. They're without a doubt the most durable glass-screen smartphones I've ever owned, without comparison. Stop being so envious of superior companies. Just make better yourselves.

                                Anonymous, 17 May 2024We will have to wait and see how this turns out. I personal... moreI would say the same but after using a Z Fold 4, its not that big of a deal

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                                  • 17 May 2024

                                  Samsung's crease on the ZFlip5 is gargantuan. For others it's no big deal. For me it's a deal breaker.

                                    smaller and easier to crack...

                                      Tell me there's no more visible crease on the Fold and I buy one rn I swear

                                        I've heard similar claims every year, so I'll wait until I see it. Even though Sam finally decided to use the teardrop hinge mechanism, the loop on the curve is still similar to the v-hinge. That's why the crease is still as visible as prior generations.