Sony Xperia Pro-C tipped to come with compact body and faster charging

21 May 2024
This is going to be an interesting one.

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  • 31 May 2024

If sony keep 6"
and 21:9
this shouldn't exist.

Sony should learn from Samsung about how to make bigger phones

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    • Rippy
    • yat
    • 29 May 2024

    Great to see this size option

      IQ200, 28 May 2024"Small or rather say tiny phones are useless PERIOD. ... moreWell yes unless you start making your own phones you will be always dissapointed because you will not get what you want.
      Those companies works for profits not for something else.
      No jack and no SD slot means more profit for companies.
      Bigger phones are always better regardless of options for the rest of people they can always buy Unihertz Jelly Star or Oukitel K16 smallest well specced and well looking phone on the market

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        • IQ200
        • Lec
        • 28 May 2024

        Cpt.Power, 22 May 2024Well it could be very interesting phone and it surely will ... more"Small or rather say tiny phones are useless PERIOD.
        You cant cram good specs into a small phone."

        Thank you for YOUR opinion.

        My OPINION is that some people are tired of BRICKS and SLABS without any OPTION.

        People just want options. Isn't it great when we have options in EVERYTHING? Like for example people wanting SD slot or 3.5mm jack. Those people are just expressiong their wishes and thoughts about the phone.

        Apparently I am WRONG because you are right and we can't both be right, RiGHT?

        Right. Well, have a great day people.
        Take care.

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          • 64W
          • 28 May 2024

          MrSTTEK, 21 May 2024another peak journalism: 1. a random "tipster" a... moreRemember the Nokia Magic Max articles because some X - The Everything App user posted about that imaginary concept phone

            Anonymous, 25 May 2024LOL. It should be obvious that I referred to the person who... moreTell me you are 13 y.o. without telling me you are 13 y.o.

            Slight differences in synthetic are not noticeable in real world use. Large differences are.
            This should be common sense.

            The differences here are small. Not noticeable in real world use for chipset performance. The battery performance is very noticeable in real world use.

              Phones are now boring. Nothing new nor special because it's about cutting cost, staying in agreements, making profits and hyping everything out of proportion

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                • KLS
                • 26 May 2024

                Anonymous, 25 May 2024LOL. It should be obvious that I referred to the person who... moreyou do realize that the 1V or 5V have a Much better cooling system, than it's predecessor and i assume sony gonna implement those cooling system on this Pro-C.

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                  • 70d
                  • 25 May 2024

                  Marco M, 24 May 2024What you said. You're not that anonymous, 70d. The ... moreLOL. It should be obvious that I referred to the person who said this:
                  "The performance of the snapdragon 8 gen3 is one of the worst in Sonys regular size phone.. So what's it gonna be like in a smaller body? Probably equally dreadful if not worse. Buying a Sony is a huge risk many are not willing to take."

                  Yeah, the battery life is excellent, but the performance is worse than the competition.

                    Anonymous, 22 May 2024What he said was true, though. The performance of the Xperi... moreWhat you said. You're not that anonymous, 70d.

                    The performance in synthetic benchmark tests was slightly less, yes. The performance in battery test was superior by miles. The real world use of the device will not notice the lower scores in 3d mark, especially offscreen in fixed resolutions, etc., but one will notice the superior battery life.

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                      • pt020
                      • ncr
                      • 24 May 2024

                      My next phone.

                        If they put +70mm ExmorT (or any telephoto lens even 50mm) it will be perfect phone/extra device for my Alpha 7SM3. I need external recorder with camera features and 4K120fps HDR rec.

                          Anonymous, 23 May 2024And 6 inches is not a small screen, 6 inches is well in to ... moreYou mean like the Z Fold you guys keep criticizing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                            It will be limited to just a few countries and be limited to wealthy people with money to burn. It will be a nice device but one to appreciate from a far distance.

                              Anonymous, 23 May 2024And 6 inches is not a small screen, 6 inches is well in to ... moreIt was nice when they would fit in pockets.

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                                • 23 May 2024

                                Anonymous, 23 May 2024This is far from compact. I am still running the Xperia XZ1... moreI'm on the same boat. Very well written and I agree! 🙌🏻

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                                  • IWR
                                  • 23 May 2024

                                  Finally, a move in the right direction by Sony!! I hope they make bring it down to the size of Xperia Z compact with thinner bezels. People are tired of having to gymnastics with oversized slabs.

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                                    • 3xE
                                    • 23 May 2024

                                    If you bring it down to the size of a zenfone this could be a winner sony

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                                      • 8sI
                                      • 23 May 2024

                                      I would love the small phone with high end specs. Sony! we have high hopes!!!

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                                        • EUk
                                        • 23 May 2024

                                        This is far from compact. I am still running the Xperia XZ1 Compact, which is less than 5" and never got the XZ2 Compact because it was too big at 5.2", And I am still waiting for a real compact phone (going on 7 years now).
                                        Sony needs a big phone and a compact phone. No one wants three options that are all the same size.
                                        For a camera phone, Sony would do well to have a larger screen, but it doesn't have to be huge; the screen on the back of an A7RV is adequate for framing, but if touch screen controls are required, bigger is better. What a camera phone really needs is optical zoom, a physical shutter, and physical zoom, iso, and aperture controls. The volume rocker can double as iso, and aperture and zoom can be controlled by a physical ring around the lens.
                                        And enough of the paper-thin phones. Making a device small and thick instead of long and thin means you can pack far more battery capacity and computing hardware inside. I deal for me would be about 4" diagonal and a centimeter or slightly thicker.
                                        Also, Sony, why did you drop the 920 fps super slow-mo? That was one of the best selling points. The only better one is the waterproof combined with the physical shutter for underwater photography (which I use a lot, but even if I didn't, who wants to have a device that expensive that is disable if not destroyed by a little rain?).
                                        All in all, Sony, assuming you keep the dual slot / dual sims, the 3.5mm headphone jack, and the lanyard loop, I may buy this camera just to have a nice small camera, but not use it as a phone. If, however, you make this a true compact, or a true compact version of any of your phones again (sub 5", preferably 4" or less), I will buy it as my new phone. If you make the phone actually have an optical zoom that replaces the need for a zoom lens, I will buy it (as will my friends). And, if you do make a device this size that can take interchangeable lenses, I will buy it and an adapter to for all my e-mount glass (as will my friends).
                                        Think of yourselves like a car company. There are compacts, full size sedans, vans, sports cars, and SUV's. No (succesful) car company makes 3 different huge SUV's and no compacts or sedans. No (sucessful) car company makes just 3 vans and ignores the rest of the market needing something other than a van. Keep all your phones the same internally, but make them in three different sizes: 4" 5.25", and 6.5". Make them thick enough to have a big battery and better camera (sure the nay sayers will still claim their thin phone is better, but then they will have to charge it three times a day and still bend it when they sit on it, and maybe then some of them will see the light).
                                        Thank you!
                                        p.s. I would still love to see the return of sliders like the LG Xenon, or the Sidekick, physical keyboards (only way to really do small). There is a market for small and neat, and not just among people old enough to remember the golden age of cellphone design; now we need cool phones for our kids that also keep them of addictive apps and pornographic websites and chat rooms, so cheap, small, durable, phones, not portable TV's, would actually be great! Make physical keyboards and physical answer/end call buttons cool again!