vivo Y200 Pro arrives with Snapdragon 695, 120 Hz OLED screen

21 May 2024
It's already available in India.

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Stormtrooper voice 'nothing to see here, move along move along' 🥱

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    • 21 May 2024

    Vivo really loves their Y200, there's 7 of them now on this website!

    Personally if I were to pick one, Y200 GT looks to be the best choice.

      I am going to name my kids Y200 and SD695. 🤣

        Mills, 21 May 2024SD778G would've been a way better choice in fact. Now ... moreNow thats false, Qualcomm does not pushing the 7G1, they already left it in the corner to mold and it was Samsung who picked it up since they have many unsold leftover
        The 7+G2 is not really pushed either since the price is too high no vendors really interested in picking it up as they would choose the cheaper alternative like the Dimensity 7200 instead
        The 7G3 is the most viable as its much cheaper than the 7+G2 and it performs much better than the 7200
        Also as comparison its used by the vivo V30 that only cost 310$ now, so its really a scam for this rebrand Y200 pro to use 695 and sold for 300$, if its 150$ then its doable but doubling the standard price for more profit? Thats fooling the customer

          LosEstupido, 21 May 2024it's like the Snapdragon 778G of budget CPUsSD778G would've been a way better choice in fact. Now Qualcomm is pushing 7 Gen 1, 7+ Gen 2, 7 Gen 3 and 7+ Gen 3. I'm not expecting flagship performance at 300 USD but SD695? Isn't that the chip with the intolerable ISP

            David 040882, 21 May 2024The never-dying 695 strikes again!modern day snapdragon 625

              Mills, 21 May 2024Does vivo have 695's laying around or do they actively... moreit's like the Snapdragon 778G of budget CPUs

                "a Large 5000 mAh Battery" which is a 200mAh uplift from the base Y200

                "The Powerful Snapdragon 695" which is no different from its underclocked variant, the Snapdragon 4 Gen 1, that was used in the base Y200. (6% to 14% Uplift)

                and to top it all off, a single 128GB storage option and no ultrawide camera on a 300 dollar phone.

                The only things that'll justify the 50 dollar price lift are probably the curved and "bezelless" screen and the slik design...

                Vivo, make better budget phones.
                The Redmi Note 13 Pro, which has an actually powerful Snapdragon 7s Gen 2, a nice to have 200MP Camera, faster charging, more storage, and an Ultrawide Sensor can easily beat you at the same price (for 8GB/256GB), and if you have 50 extra dollars, you can get the 12GB/512GB Variant.

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                  • 21 May 2024

                  Welcome Money Milking Y Series new member. I got it's hands-on 10 days before launch due to tech expert privilege but I can say it's pretty much V29E copy with 1 year Android Update & a little camera downgrade with 8MP Ultra-wide removed.

                    Dude, is vivo horny or what? Releasing rebrand one after the other everyday
                    And more overpriced on top of that
                    Even the iQoo Z9X with 6G1 is only 190$

                      Does vivo have 695's laying around or do they actively buy them. If it's the second option, my view on vivo has dropped

                        "Pro" with SD 695 hahaha

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                          • 21 May 2024

                          Come on justvlet 695 die, it is already 3 years too late

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                            • 21 May 2024

                            Doesnt this phone already exist in 20 other variations?

                              Y does the Y series exist? Y?

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                                • 21 May 2024

                                300$ is quite high for a SD695 phone..

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                                  • 21 May 2024

                                  a little back to the future (we are in 2030) :
                                  vivoY800 Pro arrives with Snapdragon 695 !

                                    The never-dying 695 strikes again!