Honor 200 series will arrive on June 12 with 4-layer AI

22 May 2024
The company will work with Google Cloud to develop generative AI experiences.

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Does that mean we'll get unlimited system-level UI customizations in every menu through just a prompt? This idea will make every phone owner has really different phone software-wise from others..

Imagine just telling it you want the settings menu transparent, or background with whatever color or even a custom image, make any window floating with just a prompt, reorder or sort options in settings, do multi-screens up to even tens, make icons in any shape user wants, open that app in a specific time or do that or this (scheduling), troubleshoot any problem with AI, just tell it you want the system to be rooted instantly for any specific need.. boom you're ROOTED!

That's the kind of AI I want, with endless possibilities.

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    • Anonymous
    • st4
    • 22 May 2024

    I Can't wait for Honor 200 Pro Ai 5G xD

      maybe they should use ai to improve magic os, its still based on old emui with upgraded icons.

        So they did some pattern on launching their number series phones

          • K
          • Kekma
          • nyf
          • 22 May 2024

          Ais, Ais everywhere..

            I think that we can all agree than we've heard the word 'AI' more times in the past 6 months that in our whole lifetime