Weekly poll: the Poco F6 and F6 Pro are here, who is buying one?

26 May 2024
And which one? The F5 proved to be much more popular than its Pro sibling last year, will things this year be any different?

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TripleY21, 28 May 2024Thanks for your sharing . So, if we take the fog issue ... moreThe F6 feels fantastic in the hand, it's light and perfect.
In terms of photography, I did a comparison with my S24Ultra and the F6 is really good, even in low light conditions.
Its network sensitivity is excellent and the battery lasts between 1.5 days and 2 days.
The screen is splendid and bright.
That being said, if you can get the 13T at the same price, I would take the 13T which also has the e-sim and which will have more value in the event of resale.

    justasmile, 26 May 2024Too used to 6000mah batteries?Yes

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      • 30 May 2024

      i have f5 and this seems good offering of phone in 2024 but no need to upgrade now!

        Lamith, 28 May 2024Built-in advertisements. Bloatware.This nuisance is unfortunately an integral part of the Xiaomi's ecosystem. I guess we have to live with it if we're going to be able to afford a phone at F6's caliber 🥴

        Wether we manufacture our own phones in the EU, or buy them from China and live with all the uninstallable bloatware that can't even be turned off!

        It makes me anxious when I see a lot of apps that have permanent background access to the Internet, not only because the Chinese government is openly spying on us, but the apps themselves could become a vector of attack by criminals.

        Yes, I know Western governments are also spying on us, and no, I'm not interested in custom ROM. Custom ROM will render my insurance policy invalid should I be subject to identity theft or fraud.

          Anonymous, 28 May 2024Just purchased the Poco X6 and already have battery issues.... moreWhere did you buy it from?

            JimmyTheGreatest, 27 May 2024" OS is too crap " Explain!Built-in advertisements. Bloatware.

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              • 28 May 2024

              CamoGeko-XDA, 27 May 2024Be honest, you ruined your Redmi. Nothing to do with Hy... morei'll reply to yours as you seem to be a bit of a bully with your reply's to peoples headphone jack coments. my redmi note 13 pro 5g was working fine, i got my notifications and received my calls with the screen lighting up and giving me the info i had set it up to do. even though i already had a distatte for the convoluted way all the settings were laid out on the miui os i was getting on ok with it. then the hyper os update happened. i stopped getting notofocations, the screen did not display the caller with answer or not options, it stayed off, i had to press power which then just gave me a bubble overlay, that was when it did ring, often not. i went into the settings everywhere as so much is still in other places and in far corners. i did everything i could to make notifications always show, the apps always active, even got assitance to check what i had done and to look for other settings. it still did not do as was set. now it is factory reset and sitting in a drawer, £300 wasted just 4 months ago. i got it for the 3.5mm and was a price i could afford, i would much prefer a zenphone.

                JustJr, 27 May 2024Even if there's solution online for the lens condensat... moreThanks for your good opinion.

                Damn...😂 Already got my F6, & haven't opened the package thinking to return it.
                Seems the fog issues happens more common than i thought it were. Gonna give it another day of thinking & reading before decide.

                Thanks so much mate.

                  pinpin22, 26 May 2024Be careful with the Xiaomi 13T, after 30 minutes of GPS gui... moreThanks for your sharing .

                  So, if we take the fog issue (occur under specific conditions) out, & take everything else into consideration, would you still recommend F6 before 13T?

                  I could get them at the same price here.
                  Thanks again mate

                    pl2rts, 27 May 2024If you want all around for cheap then go for Xiaomi 13T tha... moreDo you think 13T suffers from dimensity issues?

                    I could get them at the same price with F6 in promo price.

                    I don't mind the performance, just if there are any issues around the soc. Like wifi etc

                      Anonymous, 28 May 2024Just purchased the Poco X6 and already have battery issues.... moreX6 ?

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                        • 28 May 2024

                        Just purchased the Poco X6 and already have battery issues. Fast charging is not working and it's charging the battery slower than my iPhone 14 pro max. Also the battery drain very quickly.Have to return it.

                          pl2rts, 27 May 20242024 Poco best to get is probably X6 Pro for best performan... moreWrong. Did you ever read user opinions on X6 Pro ? It sucks. You blindly go after high performance on paper and low price.

                            CamoGeko-XDA, 28 May 2024I see where you're coming from, but honestly it was al... moreAgain, not the point. Go look at gaming phones. They all have headphone jack because they know that segment values that feature.

                            Poco as a brand was targeting enthusiasts, providing best bang for the performance. Gamers are in that segment. If you start becoming just like everyone else, then you have lost your brand identity.

                            Even if Xiaomi is trying to be premium, they don't even know what makes a smartphone premium, ie the software. This is why Samsung is still king in premium segment. So basically Xiaomi is losing at 2 fronts because they don't know what they're doing. They think removing features and increasing prices mean they can play in the premium segment. Meanwhile, Transsion is eating Xiaomi's lunch from the bottom.

                              potato4k, 28 May 2024Not the point. Poco as a brand was targeting enthusiasts li... moreI see where you're coming from, but honestly it was always going to end up like this. Can you see headphone jacks on any phones at this price bracket these days??

                              Honestly everyone just needs to forget about the headphones jack and buy some cheap dongles.

                                CamoGeko-XDA, 27 May 2024Use a dongle, and forget about headphone jacks. They'r... moreNot the point. Poco as a brand was targeting enthusiasts like gamers. Eliminating headphone jack reduces the selling point. Ie Poco is losing its own brand identity.

                                This is basically Xiaomi trying to become “premium,” and thinks that removing those features mean premium. They forgot what made people buy Poco in the first place.

                                  JimmyTheGreatest, 27 May 2024It's so F* SEXY...I got the titanium model and omg man it's so sexy, hard to believe it's all plastic!!

                                    potato4k, 27 May 2024Wait, they removed the headphone jack? LOL. This is no long... moreMashed potatoes...

                                      Lamith, 27 May 2024The OS is too crap for me to consider getting a Xiaomi. Whi... more" OS is too crap "


                                        CamoGeko-XDA, 27 May 2024Same deal I got here in the UK. Best value smartphone de... moreIt's so F* SEXY...