Samsung is readying a Galaxy Watch7 Ultra, leaked renders suggest

24 May 2024
The watch is said to have a very interesting design.

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  • 24 May 2024

I still think it's funny apple users think samsung is copying apple when samsung started the square watch in 2013 and apple in 2015

    Looks great, are these renders real or "home-made" based on dimensions?

      God, what an ugly thing!! just for following in Apple's footsteps... Lugo they say that Samsung is not copying

        Those TV for mice are so useless.
        But hey, since they can't sell you the same phone twice, they invented a bracelet status symbol to track data no one cared about before. And as a bonus, you get to charge them every day, and then throw them away in 3 years.

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          • 24 May 2024

          The more ultra watches Apple and Samsung bring out, the more the value of my Patek Philippe increases.

            Ugly af. Please keep the design of the normal Watch and remove all this nonsense

              My Galaxy Watch experience was so disappointing I'm never again buying their watch. It was so bad that even budget Xiaomi's smart bands look spectacular in comparison. Only good thing about it is AOD which looks as good as on Apple Watch 5 and above, but that's really about it. Everything else is subpar, clumsy and done really badly and is often really annoying, like all the "motivation" notifications you get every day for goals. If you want to get rid of them you also silence alerts that may be related to health, like heartrate warnings, which is super bizarre design.

              Highly integrated pairing makes it really annoying to quickly pair or unpair as you have to reset the watch fully every time where Xiaomi's smart band can quickly be re-synced. Also shockingly, Galaxy Watch lost connection to phone so quickly where Xiaomi's basic smart band remains connected across several floors and at much larger distances. And it doesn't even support WiFi unlike Galaxy Watch which should be seamless but isn't. Apple Watch was and I loved that feature so much because I could be reached via phone if only watch was inside my router's range. Anywhere in the range.

                DarlingYext, 24 May 2024Ew.The render seems to make the watch toy-ish, what about this circle/squared shape ... I'm not a fan either

                  What a disappointment lol. They said Samsung would go for squared shaped watches, and we got this monstrosity.

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                    • 24 May 2024

                    Why oh why...

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                      • 24 May 2024

                      Why not?
                      Apple has Ultra watch so samsung has to make one.
                      Seems there is an entire department within samsung,dedicated for copying apple😂😂