More details about iOS 18’s AI features emerge

31 May 2024
Siri, Notes, and Photos are getting big AI overhauls.

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  • 09 Jun 2024

Apple should add a damn clipboard to keyboard first

    kiloh3rtz, 31 May 2024What I see here is as always apple haters/android lovers,wh... moreI don't understand for anyone who says that "Apple implemented this x feature better." while I've never seen anything which is better on iOS/iPadOS/MacOS.
    Screen? The first iPhone literally uses the similar touch screen that used on Nokia 808 Pureview. Also nowadays they uses the screen that produced by Samsung, means it uses the "almost" same screen as the latest Samsung flagship.
    AOD? I don't see where they're implementing it better. Diming the wallpaper is NOT AOD.
    Widgets? Also nothing better than Android. Why tf there's an app label under the widget.
    AirDrop? Nearby Share/Quick Share is much better.
    iMessage? Telegram and Signal are much better and private. Plus no platform exclusivity.
    FaceTime? Google Duo/Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp Video Call are much better.
    Apple Maps? Google Maps is wayyy better, mostly outside US.
    Processor? You're onto something if you really said that the A17 Pro is better than the 8 Gen 3.

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      • PxV
      • 01 Jun 2024

      So it’s just iOS 17.6 😅

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        • TCv
        • 31 May 2024

        Fix annoying issues like syncing and undeletable pics.

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          • YUU
          • 31 May 2024

          🥱😪😴 boring...

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            • n1s
            • 31 May 2024

            All the salty comments on here. These people would only be happy if Android was the only game out there. Very sad and narrow minded.

              Anonymous, 31 May 2024I hope you are joking.Most prob other wise...One can only dream to reach happiness

                What I see here is as always apple haters/android lovers,what most of them fail to say is...Yes the tech was 1st on samsung yes it was a premier ...But as in all things in life some do it better...That is apple..I am not a fanboy of either...But seeing this ooooo android 1st oooo samsung 1st ooo whatever something 1st...YES,but lets be honest now like with the touchscreen which was on the market before iPhone...But apple made what this "smartphones" are today...Some comming and saying ooo they copy that and this it's like saying ooo appled copy sony and samsung copied apple...No it aint the case...If I can make a better car/phone/anything and if then some1 who made it 1st,then I am just better at that not a copycat...Go on hate on me...Cuz this what kids this days do...Come over the internet and cry over how good there samsung or iphone is and how bad the other one is....A few years back there was the custom roms for android tho 90% or more never used a custom rom...They were all yapping about it on forums

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                  • 31 May 2024

                  therealcasco, 31 May 2024I dont get whats the big deal here, we all now Samsung copi... moreIt is like with your favourite sport club. As long as you don't attack other fans, all will be fine. I don't see any problems with that. Otherwise, all stadions would remain empty.

                    I dont get whats the big deal here, we all now Samsung copies Apple / Apple copies Samsung, why dont you guys just be happy with your device and enjoy it and stop posting salty comments around posts like this? Jeezz

                    You guys are all fighting a war that literally nobody cares

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                      • Y6R
                      • 31 May 2024

                      the real AI feature that would be actually useful is if Siri understood well instructions to create Shortcuts and create them

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                        • pa7
                        • 31 May 2024

                        [deleted post]Your therapist would confirm that you were just projecting your own behavoiur on others. Just an advice: take a break from this and other forums and calm down ... you really need it.

                          [deleted post]Do have any real argument? Here I can see only you're crying. He had points unlike you apple boy

                            JLC, 31 May 2024Let us name it as what it is: Apple is just copying/followi... moreHe would have sued everyone left and right as he used to do, even for features they themselves were "inspired" by others.

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                              • pa7
                              • 31 May 2024

                              Let us name it as what it is: Apple is just copying/following Samsung, and that in a way never seen before. Steve Jobs would have gone "Thermonuclear" if Samsung did it the way Apple is doing it.

                              In order to let it look like "more", they pretend cross-device media control would be an AI feature as well.

                                Summarize web pages, removing objects from photos, transcribing audio messages? Sure i have seen them already on Android devices. All Apple gonna do is add their sprinkle on it and Apple users will think its something new and never seen before.

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                                  • sr777
                                  • xjH
                                  • 31 May 2024

                                  Most of these features are already available for android, hidden somewhere in the ecosystem. What apple is trying to do is bring all this together and integrate with the OS, slam the apple name in it.

                                    Meh...current AI tech doesn't excite me at all, it's a bubble and it'll burst sooner or later. "Real" AI is still decades away...

                                      Anonymous, 31 May 2024iOS 18 will be a game changer. It will destroy Huawei and a... moreiOS 18 can be a game changer but will it be able to beat the brand loyalty the Chinese people have for homegrown OEMs?

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                                        • Aerni68
                                        • Ec7
                                        • 31 May 2024

                                        ...still no hint, how Artificial Intelligence can help to use the IPhones - with iOS 18 under the hood - as a productivity device, where it can provide a decent presentation of Office Apps, File App Content, PDF Apps and many more apps decently on a connected external 16:9 monitor (and not that letter-boxed / pillar-boxed crap of current IPhones). Currently those phones are even too stupid to cover even the basics of Productivity features. At that front the users are waitung for improvements. SIRI, notes stuff or recap features for missed notifications are only nonsense, which doesn't hit central topics, that are still missing in iOS.