Infinix Xpad will be the brand's first tablet, coming soon

15 June 2024
It will probably be a mid-range model with a very attractive price, given the company's history.

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  • 17 Jun 2024

arnabJ, 15 Jun 2024Not everything needs to be a Samsung or Apple killer. Th... morethere are already affordable tablet in the market.

realme, oppo, honor, huawei, samsung.

but there is no Samsung Tab S9 and iPad Pro 5G killer yet.

    Mills, 16 Jun 2024"Not everything needs to be a Samsung or Apple killer.... moreWhy even try to compete directly with the likes of Samsung and Apple? Samsung has 2 types of customers, one who don't trust anyone else. The other who have weighted their possibilities and chose Samsung.

    Apple too have 2 types of customers. One who are just after the status symbol with no actual use of iPadOS. Any tablet would have fulfilled their requirements. Others who actually have use of the advantages iPadOS and iPad provide over android rivals.

    A company like Infinix can't compete with the likes of 1st type of users of either companies.

    And it's not worth it to try to compete with the 2nd type of Apple users. The 2nd type of Samsung users are already comparing all possibilities and thus are automatically targeted by any brand releasing a tablet.

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      • Chaudhary rehan
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      • 16 Jun 2024

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        arnabJ, 15 Jun 2024Not everything needs to be a Samsung or Apple killer. Th... more"Not everything needs to be a Samsung or Apple killer."

        It doesn't have to be a killer, but it has to be good to COMPETE with them. Competition is good and I'm glad Transsion is allowing Infinix to branch into other markets. Meanwhile, Tecno is just pushing out quite good phones.

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          • Random dude
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          • 16 Jun 2024

          Elon Musk will be surprise 😁

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            • IgorS
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            • 15 Jun 2024

            Unexpected move, but since Infinix has notebooks, this might be at least useable.

              Mills, 15 Jun 2024The tablet market in the US quite boring. It's only Sa... moreyeah like sure they will

                Azu10157, 15 Jun 2024Sounds like something Elon would make people will probably call it the twitterpad lol

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                  • Charlie
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                  • 15 Jun 2024

                  It will be very nice having infinix xpad in the market, I will be among the first to get it at all costs i pove infinix product

                    The tablet market in the US quite boring. It's only Samsung Galaxy Tab A and S series and you have the iPad Air and Pro. The vanilla and mini iPads are just larger phones than tablets, imo. In the EU, it's more competitive. You have your BBK squad, Xiaomi and Transsion. I hope Infinix makes something good.

                      Sounds like something Elon would make

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                        • Israflor10
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                        • 15 Jun 2024

                        This can't be! I remembered years back that Infinix made a tablet with about 20% screen to body ratio. Does it mean that the device was never from Infinix?

                          LetSee, 15 Jun 2024will it be a Android Productivity King? Then it shall be ... moreNot everything needs to be a Samsung or Apple killer.

                          They can be their own thing and still make a name.

                          Moreover, Infinix isn't even in the segment of being able to kill the likes of Samsung and Apple with just one tablet that too their very 1st. And this isn't a bad thing at all. They are free from the pressure and thus can put more effort in making their product better on its own.

                            Even with great specs tablets from Xiaomi or Lenovo are usually better but lets see what they cook for us.

                              Rodolf, 15 Jun 2024Hopefully not another China-only tablet.They never market their phones on China though. 💀

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                                • 15 Jun 2024

                                rizki1, 15 Jun 2024This is how they grew, made the first cheap phone get a fan... moreXiaomi doesn't just makes cars and phones, they makes all kind of electronics including kitchen appliances and A/C and even exceptional items like toilet papers (yes you read that right they make toilet papers 😂)

                                  Post probably a 10-11 inch tab to compete with redmi pad, realme pad 2 etc.
                                  I wish someday, some brand will launch a 14 inch tablet with midrange specs and price. Something like a Lenovo Tab Extreme but with 7 Gen 3 or Mediatek 8200.

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                                    • gXJ
                                    • 15 Jun 2024

                                    The tablet I want to see it competing with is the Redmi Pad Pro. Not sure what the OS will be like though as it is Transsion's first tablet after all.

                                      Hopefully not another China-only tablet.

                                        infinix brand is really amazing, they should've release a tablet a while ago but it's good that it's on the way... my favorite budget tablet is the Redmi Pad, hopefully this one will be a tough competitor in that segment.