Adobe under fire from FTC over deceptive practices

19 June 2024
It's all about Adobe's Creative Cloud suite.

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  • 24 Jun 2024

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2024There's something common about Adobe, Microsoft, Googl... moreMaybe they are specifically targeted as some people do not want to see them as CEOs.

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    • 23 Jun 2024

    This happened to my sister too. She cancelled one plan and requested a refund for the other plan. But, for the cancelled plan, she was charged the full amount.

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      • 20 Jun 2024

      Reality..., 20 Jun 2024You might be onto something there. I'm not going to me... moreI think being a CEO for a big tech company unfortunately means that you kinda have to be a terrible person because you’re constantly being pressured by shareholders to keep growing the company no matter what size it is, even if that growth is unsustainable or dangerous. And if you don’t do that, then you’ll be fired and replaced by someone who can.

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        • 20 Jun 2024

        Anonymous, 20 Jun 2024There's something common about Adobe, Microsoft, Googl... moreYou might be onto something there. I'm not going to mention what it is but their CEOs do have something in common. Maybe it runs in the veins (not bloood)...

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          • 20 Jun 2024

          Right about time. Payback for their greedy actions. Remember when was the last non-prescription version of CS collection? 12 years ago.

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            • 20 Jun 2024

            Anonymous, 19 Jun 2024Big corpos are the number one promoters and compliers of DE... moreBig corporations only care about 1 thing: making money at an unsustainable rate. The only reason adobe pretends to care about dei is because it takes people’s mind off of the horrible things they do as a company like stealing art from artists to train their ai models that need a huge amount of natural resources to run.

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              • 8uX
              • 20 Jun 2024

              There's something common about Adobe, Microsoft, Google, etc. that's causing these companies' decision making process to swirl around the drain in dogwater in these past few years that I just cannot put my finger on. It must have something to do with the bad decisions and the people who are making them...some common denominator among their CEO guys or whatever...but I am just not able to draw a proper conclusion due to a mindblock.

              Oh well, will you just look at the time! It's already daybreak here, so good morning Sir.

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                • 19 Jun 2024

                2 person from the same place

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                  • 19 Jun 2024

                  Dom, 19 Jun 2024I don’t think the last one makes sense because being a mult... moreBig corpos are the number one promoters and compliers of DEI policies.

                    potato4k, 19 Jun 2024Pirating it is not helping anyone. By pirating Adobe, you&#... moreThat's correct you can even get an office activator in GitHub a site owned by Microsoft themselves. I was wondering why they don't remove them.

                      About time.

                        potato4k, 19 Jun 2024What people should be asking is, why didn't the FTC do... moreThey did and fought with CMA against Adobe Evil Practice
                        The Documents are over 700 sites long

                          Anonymous, 19 Jun 2024I'm so happy that the Figma deal got cancelled. I�... moreFigma Acquisition got blocked not through FTC but through CMA

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                            • 19 Jun 2024

                            Good thing I use Krita for drawing instead of Adobe's products

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                              • 19 Jun 2024

                              I was over the moon when I heard this news yesterday. Finally.

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                                • 19 Jun 2024

                                Well, they may have done it all within laws, but it's a dirty game to get a money. They may get opaque response with people getting off the platform instead.
                                Well, they did earn some pocket money till now lol.

                                  Tigolebitties, 19 Jun 2024Honestly, I don't feel bad for these people. You know ... morePirating it is not helping anyone. By pirating Adobe, you're maintaining their existence as de facto editing software, and such increasing their userbase and justifying their outrageous behavior. The only solution here is to stop using Adobe, pirated or not.

                                  Do you know why Microsoft close their eyes when students pirated their software? Because they know by allowing them, their skills got locked into Microsoft software, and when they are in the workforce, they will only be able to use Microsoft software. The same thing with Adobe.

                                    GregLu, 19 Jun 2024Damn right! That's theft on their side, perhaps to tra... moreYeah, I blame people who keep using Adobe, pirated or not. As long as you keep using their products, even pirated, you're still supporting them as de facto software. The best thing to fight them is to simply not using their products

                                      Anonymous, 19 Jun 2024Revenge is a dish best served cold. Dirty deeds done di... moreYou meant Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price 🤭

                                        Dimtons, 19 Jun 2024Adobe deserves it, especially with their latest user agreem... moreDamn right! That's theft on their side, perhaps to train AI and so on?
                                        Frankly, I hope many will cancel and stop using their product.
                                        THERE IS alternatives nowadays. Good one.
                                        That wasn't the case 10 years ago.
                                        So jump and quit Adobe, remember Flash, it was from them haha 😅 (jk)