A load of Lumia 1020 1080p video samples surface on YouTube

11 July, 2013
A YouTube channel with almost a hundred fullHD video samples of the Nokia Lumia 1020 has popped up.

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  • Pete

allen, 13 Jul 2013i think ur a nokia hater right so pls spread the rumrous Now why would you say something like that? Why are all fanboys so sensitive? I only said it's speculated that the videos are fake, there are some reflections visible that show a camcorder, there's a zooming sound that isn't supposed to be heard from the 1020 as it has no optical zoom assembly, and some other, proper claims, not just hater's "Samsung is the best" rubbish. Then why am I a hater? I actually like that phone, and I guess I expect it to deliver an even better quality that what these clips showcase. Still, a fake is a fake, and you gotta call it fake when you see it, whether you like it or not.

  • AnonD-8779

Phal, 12 Jul 2013Speak about os samsung win but dont compare camera s4 and l... moresamsung is using android , but android is not samsung property

  • allen

Pete, 12 Jul 2013There is a post in the discussions section on the YouTube c... morei think ur a nokia hater right so pls spread the rumrous

  • Phal

Speak about os samsung win but dont compare camera s4 and l1020 cant beat nokia. Nokia lumia 1020 is the king of camera phone in 2013.

  • Pete

There is a post in the discussions section on the YouTube channel suggesting that these videos are fake, some of them being shot with a Lumia 800 and some with a camcorder (you're supposed to see a reflection of it somewhere), and all that I opened had Polish speaking people. My father lives in Poland, and Nokia Siemens Networks have their facility in Poland if I remember correctly, but that does not really explain how would someone from another division of Nokia get their hands on their latest-and-greatest and immediately go wandering around some dog expos, filming tomatos and lettuce.

Fake, anyone?

  • Pete

[deleted post]Most of the videos that I opened had some Polish speakers in the background, though I agree that these vids are kinda sick. Polish people are generally nice (I'm half-Polish myself) but these are somewhat disturbing.

  • AnonD-164253

I have a GS4 and iP5. I've been playing around with both phones. Especially the OS. Both have pros and cons. I never had the opportunity to try out a WP8 OS, except for my desktop which is running on Windows 8. This might become my 1st WP8 phone. If memory serves me right, WP8 OS and iOS are very fluid, same goes with STOCK Android OS. This phone is for those who wants a solid build, a hands down camera, and something unique in terms of number of users. This phone is not even for hard core gaming. Go get an iOS or Android phone for gaming. This is an OS for doing important day-to-day phone activities. ie: calling, texting, saving notes, web browsing, and others. Not for gaming. Just my opinion.


  • Marcio Bremer

the perfect combination will be Nokia and Android! please Nokia wakeup!!!

  • AnonD-156684

Skazy, 11 Jul 2013This videos are bad, or just plain old, my s3 could do the ... moreLol. Dude u have to watch the announcement of the 1020. U think ur S3 is better but I know its not. No offense even I use an S3 but I love this fone. :) its way better in stills and video recording.

  • sirol

looks like upscale from 720p or less.

  • goma

whats so special about these videos? my sensation 4g could record the same quality, and it was a 2 yr old phone...smh

  • Mark bautista

This phone is good in it's own way.. Camera is exceptional.. If you compare it to other phones now.. It'll surely blow them away with it's camera.. Yes windows phone 8 has a lot of catching up to do.. But for casual users.. It's more than enough.. I have a galaxy s4.. And i think i wud still give this phone a chance... Let's be open minded guys...

  • Android Man

well its like this. nice looking phone ok specs. but win 8, its will be dead in months. As windows 9 is in development. Android is the future proof OS.

  • Skazy

This videos are bad, or just plain old, my s3 could do the exact same videos, with focus and zoom, grow up Nokia, concentrate on the stills, thats whats left out of nokia.

  • AnonD-70078

the godfather of all

  • SD

AnonD-147377, 11 Jul 2013Real OS? are you on wrong prescription or something? WP8 i... moreOh really.. You love crap.. Its ur problem. I love Win 8, because of its uniqueness.. For me Symbian and Win 8 are real OS.

  • AnonD-147377

SD, 11 Jul 2013LOL, "Crapdoid is king".. Joke of the year... Win... moreReal OS? are you on wrong prescription or something?
WP8 is the lowest OS used now and Symbian is dead so wake up and get your head out.
Android is the best now and top sold phones are running Android.
And this phone is DOA, its like deja vu "Purefail 808".

  • hmmm

videos from Poland

  • Lucia owner

@gsmarena staff,how can we tell that this video is taken by Lumia 925? Is there kinda exif to back the claim?

  • Ryan

I have used Symbian (who hasn't!), iOS, Android, WP8. They all have pros and cons in each system so all I would love to say is, if you love Android so much, you don't need to view this post and leave the harsh comments. Or the other way round. You're just wasting your time to make a subjective comment based on your own preference, which is not representative anyway.

People come here because they love technology and love to see new things. So let's see what's in store today and stop thinking what you have is the best already.