The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 upgrades to 50MP camera and SD 8 Gen 3

10 July 2024
For the first time, Samsung added a vapor chamber to cool the chipset. Also, it refined the hinge to make the phone thinner when closed.

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Anonymous, 12 Jul 2024SamMobile has confirmed that DeX is not available on the ne... moreThat's a shame since the Z Flip6 has 12GB RAM and vapour chamber cooling. Even a 4000mAh battery shouldn't hurt the battery life too much.

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    • 12 Jul 2024

    YUKI93, 11 Jul 2024Still questioning whether the new Z Flip6 has DeX support. ... moreSamMobile has confirmed that DeX is not available on the new Z Flip. Sorry.

      SD Cardigan, 11 Jul 2024What do you mean 'can't compare'? The spec s... moreRAZR 50 has a significantly worse chipset. Can't compare to Z flip 6. Okay, maybe if your priority is a folding design on a budget, if can be a choice.

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        • 11 Jul 2024

        Anonymous, 11 Jul 2024Did you watch MrKeyBrd's Flip vs Razr durability test ... moreI agree, but there are 2 things wrong with your statement.
        1. Motorola is not Chinese, it is, in fact, American.
        2. I have the razr (2023) and so far it has handled real world use fine.

          justasmile, 11 Jul 2024RAZR 50? That thing can't even compare with the Z Flip... moreWhat do you mean 'can't compare'? The spec sheets are here on GSM, you pretty easily can. A lot of the specs are similar. The moto ultra has a better selfie camera (yawn), faster charging and $300 lower retail price. you're entitled to your opinion but the Z is not $300 better because of 'ultrawide'.

          Personally I'd rather have the telephoto (optical) zoom on the moto.

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            • 11 Jul 2024

            Motorola is improving and Samsung stays the same. Two years ago was the other way around

            Honestly given the poor update policy of Motorola I still think the Samsung is the better option overall. And I´m a loyal fan from Motorola, but I ended up buying the flip 5, and I don´t regret the decision. Just look at what users are saying about last year RAZR 40 Ultra....They got the Android 14 less than 2 months ago,....True story! I´ve a been a Loyal Motorola user and I know how poor they treat their customers.... Brilliant phones outside but rubbish support...

            Think wise before you choose Motorola over Samsung ....

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              • 11 Jul 2024

              8gen3 with 4000mha last few hours of flagship experience lol

                Still questioning whether the new Z Flip6 has DeX support. Nevertheless, it's great to see more RAM on board. At this point, Samsung should stop giving 8GB RAM on vanilla Galaxy S and Galaxy S FE.

                  SD Cardigan, 10 Jul 2024Razr 50 has ultra wide.RAZR 50? That thing can't even compare with the Z Flip 6! The main 'competitor' was supposed to be Ultra.

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                    • 11 Jul 2024

                    bale, 10 Jul 2024The razr 40 and plus had ip52 ingress protection, so the fl... moreDid you watch MrKeyBrd's Flip vs Razr durability test from last summer? The IP ratings on Chinese phones are a joke, which is the real reason you are forced to tap "OK" on a out-of-box experience stating you are not to use the phone near water or dust, preferably not even unfold it when you use it. Yes, that is real terms you're forced to approve.

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                      • 10 Jul 2024

                      The real story here is not whether the upgrade includes this or that, even Dex.
                      The really huge disappointment compared to previous releases is the lousy trade in values and discounts.
                      $650 for my Flip 5, leaving me to pay $450 plus tax? No thanks. (Last year I paid about $100 after my trade in).
                      A 25% discount on Buds3 Pro? No way. Last year I think the Buds2 Pro were $50.
                      So now I'm stuck with my Flip 5 knowing the screen has a limited life span. I'll ride it out, but it means I'm moving on from the series.
                      Most probably last year the sales numbers were inflated because of the generous trade-ins. If they're way down this year they deserve it.
                      If you'll ask, why do I expect such a discount? Because your phone's screen has such a short life span and the price is highly exaggerated! My Notes 20 and 10 are still going strong because they have quality screens.
                      Don't even know where to go from here...

                        Anon., 10 Jul 2024Because UFS 4.0 isnt offered in 128gb spec. Not produced by... moreActually, Adata did it, but they're the only ones, and I don't think they still even do them due to low demand because the price is almost the same as 256GB UFS 4.0.

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                          • 10 Jul 2024

                          A little disappointed with the flip 6, was really hoping they would have improved the crease but all the early reviews suggests it's more or less the same.

                          Other disappointment if the lack of offers/free gifts provided by samsung UK, normal you get loads of stuff, this time it's a free case I won't use and 30% off the buds or watch.

                          Not so sure about getting bow and might just go for the s24 instead

                            Azu10157, 10 Jul 2024That's literally what I saidMy bad, sorry for not reading your comment properly

                              Darth Caesium, 10 Jul 2024That's for the Razr 50 Ultra. The vanilla Razr 50 has ... moreThat's literally what I said

                                Azu10157, 10 Jul 2024Not the Ultra, the UW is swapped out for a tele.That's for the Razr 50 Ultra. The vanilla Razr 50 has an ultrawide instead of the telephoto.

                                  SD Cardigan, 10 Jul 2024Razr 50 has ultra wide.Not the Ultra, the UW is swapped out for a tele.

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                                    • 10 Jul 2024

                                    50 mp camera upgrade is to make people fool.its same camera which was used in samsung s22 years ago.300 mah battery and 2024 chipset is only upgrade. Ai is just a software type thing which can b apply easily to any is fooling people and I afraid samsung may become LG OR HTC one latest hardware,no latest tech,no new innovation this not gonna work longer
                                    Samsung negligence Gave space to Chinese branda to grow faster.look at Chinese brand they offer best camera,best hardware and software

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                                      • 10 Jul 2024

                                      LoneOwl, 10 Jul 2024Spec and price wise, the Z Flip 6 is very promising and pro... more7 years of OS updates? Sounds good, but what to do with inner screen, how he can survive more then 2-3 years if so? Impossible...

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                                        • 10 Jul 2024

                                        DarlingYext, 10 Jul 2024Lame, the Razr duo is still way more impressive.Nah bro. That's even worse