Mobiado releases three new phones, charges a kidney for each

21 Oct, 2008
The Canadian phone manufacturer Mobiado has just released three new additions to its lineup of insanely-expensive phones. White and Red special editions to the 105EM model were unveiled as well as...

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  • AME

Why would someone buy this phone?, for two reasons, they want to , and they can !

  • nicholas nguyen

OMG!!. so pretty. i love it!! Imma get this 3 news for my collection.

  • Anonymous

I'd rather donate to charity than to waste the cash on these pieces....The price of these phones can get the best nokia phones in the costliest markets of the world with alot of change to buy some good balanced diet with...i can bet that Bill gates won't look this way.

  • Jap

why would anyone buy this phone..?!

  • Alii


  • James

Why anyone would buy this is beyond me. They're so ugly and trashy looking. Vertu phones and the Motorola Aura seem much more tasteful now compared to this heap of garbage.

  • Anonymous

Didi, 22 Oct 2008It's kinda ugly though. Even if I had the money I wouldn't... moreexactly. ugly is the word.

  • Anonymous

nicksti, 22 Oct 2008Let us face it, these phones are not bought by anyone that ... moreYou're wrong, I can afford it but am here, however it's for older people, conservative style like LV etc. Also, if one can drop 25K on a phone, they can ALSO donate to charities, create jobs, pay more tax in one year than anyone will pay in a lifetime etc. Don't judge people and things you know nothing about, you might actually do better in life.

  • Anonymous

ok so exactly how expensive are these phones or other phones made by Mobiado in the past?

  • Mohammed Zeeshan

This Phone!YUKES! Its as similar as a kidney but with many stones and normal phone 6600 is much better than that

  • Anonymous

i don't think selling a kidney would be enough :)

  • nicksti

Zobi, 21 Oct 2008Crapoo. I have the money but not gonna buy. I prefer Nokia ... moreLet us face it, these phones are not bought by anyone that reads or even posts on gsmarena. Phones like these are for exclusivity. Handmade and rare materials mean limited production and will be used as a status symbol.

If you have to ask then you cannot afford it. I cannot afford it, I never will and hopfully that makes me a better person. Instead of buying a $25,000 cell phone why not donate to charity? Feed the homeless? Really.

  • Anton

[deleted post]Shallow-materialistic-no class

  • Didi

It's kinda ugly though.
Even if I had the money I wouldn't buy it.

  • Anonymous

z, 22 Oct 2008the review goes this way! a piesce of junk curved from sap... morelol nice

  • alpha0201

This phone looks....everyday for a status symbol. Only with expensive material. Why won't they come up with a phone which is out of this world rather than generic...?

  • z

the review goes this way!
a piesce of junk curved from sapphire,covered in gold which was burned in platinum melted by the diamond crust burning of the emerald and sge tree wood with which it was batterd to mke this horrible shape! the buttons look so ugly that they had to be covered up i silver nd gold paint(i bet using crayons can cover hidiousness better!)
what an worthless piece of junk of an excuse to rip off peoples money! but on the second thought the people who buys them deserves to be ripped off because of their excessive money spending habit!
so in con clusion Bravo Mobaido for Ripping the insnatically rich people!

  • Anonymous

NOKIA 8800 Sapphire Arte more normal than this phone=_=

  • lucky

Status symbol! Yeah right, I'd be so embarrassed walking around with that, no one on the street is gonna know what that is besides thinking it's some cheap gold painted plastic cover from china you got for your Nokia!

  • Anonymous