Samsung Galaxy Folder leaks, puzzles everyone

16 July, 2013
Samsung is rumored to introduce a new clamshell Android-based smartphone next month in Korea.

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  • Bell

Yes I would buy at least 2 to 3 for my husband. I have been looking for him for about 8 months and I am unable to find a decent flip phone, I have only ever had Samsung and I love them they are so easy to use. I would also get one for my dad as well.

  • BB

I want to purchase one of these phones asap, how?

  • kthomas

blakspyder, 16 Jul 2013" Now there's a good reason why the folder form factor are ... more it wastes too much space for a world obsessed with thin and compact)

  • Gamini

Good Think...I like it.

Can't imagine a HUGE clamshell phone with 4-5' screen.. Would prefer to see QWERTY sliders in Android (Much like Nokia N900, N97)

AnonD-3611, 16 Jul 2013looks like Nokia N76Which looked like Moto Razr V3

  • Windoze9t8

What's all the fuss...this is nothing new, Samsung's flip phones have been around a while.

  • Simon

I can only agree to the above comments. I am eagerly awaiting this phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2013Erm... the Galaxy Folder is still a smartphone. No matter what t... moreAndroid runs without a touch screen just fine. I've run numerous versions in the emulator and on my OdroidU2 (media device for PC). No issues at all with lack of touch screen.

That being said, I would -love- to get my hands on this phone. I'm sick of the slab phone screen-only trend.

  • Aldi Shion

uhmm, I want that phone, please samsung, launch it.

  • Anonymous

WAHOOOO. At last. The flip phone is coming back. I have been waiting for a decent flip phone with physical buttons. Looking forward to this. THANK YOU SAMSUNG, PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

HostileCobalt, 24 Jul 2013YES!! YES, SAMSUNG! Thank you! I'm so SICK of these damn touch p... moreErm... the Galaxy Folder is still a smartphone. No matter what the shape is, Android is an OS for smartphones only, not feature phones. And this phone will still have a touchscreen simply because Android doesn't support non-touch.

  • HostileCobalt

YES!! YES, SAMSUNG! Thank you! I'm so SICK of these damn touch phones, it's like talking to bricks on the phone! Just because it's 2013 DOES NOT mean we should all use smart phones. They break easily, their battery is so weak, and they're aesthetically unpleasing.

I will always choose flip phones over smart phones, and I love Samsung for doing this! I just hope they make sure the battery life is good, android does take up a lot of the battery life.

Thank you!! Definitely gonna buy this when it comes out.

  • AVKamfher

I do miss flip phones, they had that really satisfying click sound when you opened and closed it. I am rather tempted to pick one up when it comes out.

  • AnonD-168050

At last a new flip phone!!!We have been forced into buying all those bar phones with no buttons!
Not everyone is comfortable with touchscreens!Especially those of an older age!
Thank you SAMSUNG...i hope its been released in Europe btw and not in ASIA only!

  • Anne

Currently my mum is using samsung flip phone that was bought 6 yrs back or maybe more
She can only handle flip phone and luckily the one she had is still doing fine
But if this is released in Singapore I will definitely get her these

  • Anonymous

Looks nicer and screen will be safe from accidental drop.

  • Len

Actually, I think this is preeeeettty good idea. Many peoples including me, have often envies Japanese cellphones. It's looks elegant, hi-tech, and it's just so cool. More colors for everybody. Especially cool, the flip and slide phones. I would love to see flip phones in lower price though. I already have Samsung C3520 (citrus) and absolutely lovin' it. So simple, screen larger than normal candy-bar non-touchscreen phones, keypad is so big and soft, excellent battery life, and so small when closed.

I hope they have more flip phone in the future. Definitely will buy it, because touch screen is sometimes very frustrating for a small device.

I really hope they do release flip phones... I'm in love with them, and I'm crazy as long as flip phone is involved.... I've had enough with touchscreen-only devices...

Better search some Japanese phones and see how cool, and hi-tech they are. (the best ones almost better in all aspect vs Samsung best phones, except the OS and the technology difference with the rest of the world.)
Almost recent phones nearly all waterproof, dustproof, 16.1 MP camera, 1080p video recording, purikura, and just see it yourself before comment negatively about this :)

  • IUrbanLion

I love the folder mobiles . Feels cooler . Defiantly gonna but this mobile

  • Anib0warE

lol, I do not agree with people's comments.

Your live style doesn't need to be "the good" or "perfect way".

It’s amazing how people thinks… always the same thinking -That guy is wrong-, in this case, Samsung.

I get here looking for an “android flip phone” so yes, this notice just made my day. Me, having one of the lastest Motorola w/ Android, be the first time that i’ll say “I have the last phone”.

"What you always see, does’nt always need to be good". Commons things, not always are the best.