HTC One mini certified in China, new live photos appear

17 July, 2013
The small version of the HTC One will take on the Galaxy S4 mini with aluminum unibody, UltraPixel camera.

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  • AnonD-160492

too early to judge. cmon there's no official announcement yet. i would be very disappointed too if its only 16GB but that seems quite impossible i know htc is not that really stupid. ha

  • AnonD-159958

The only ugly thing that this phone has is it doesn't have a card slot.

  • venkata

No Expansion slot, are they kidding, just 16GB? if there is no expansion slot, taking phone is a waste as we cant use the features of the phone.

15 min video will take approx 400mb,
one snapshot will take 2 mb approx

we need to regularly keep on managing the space, better to go for expandable phone at the same price.

  • Lalu.nice name ,ok

hTC Nice look & phon .

  • Anonymous

too bad battery is low

  • AnonD-166032


Very funny the austin powers photo!!


  • AnonD-149938

This is stupid by htc they should add msd card slot along with 16 GB internal and 1.7 Ghz dual core like s4 mini and 2GB or at least 1.5 GB Ram like the s4 mini than it will be able to beat the xperia sp and s4 mini otherwise it is another stupid release by htc

  • Dave

the way they are going with this Russ this pone might not even be the boom release an actual details so one can know wat next.

  • Anonymous

their flagship and this mini has the same camera, not common for a flagship going to mini.

  • Anonymous

HTC, why use the same camera that sets consumers back years in terms of photo quality?

Me first!

No dual sim, forget it.