XPERIA X1 dresses up with a new thumbable interface panel

23 Oct, 2008
We guess that you probably know pretty much everything about the XPERIA X1 Pocket PC. So you know Sony Ericsson are staking much on their proprietary panels interface. It turns out that one of the panels...

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  • Anonymous

come out already, take a decade plz

  • Anonymous

I think SE have left it too late and the X1 will turn out to be more of a niche phone than a popular one. It's already outdated (and cost a lot) and will no doubt have a massive price tag.

  • NightBlade

It's a very nice shell, actually. Cool 3D animations and transitions.
This alone is a good alternative to TouchFlo 3D.

  • Rothariger

i want it now! :(

  • RAWR

this phone is available on amazon

  • Anonymous

You can put all the makeup and lipstick you want on WinMo but its still just WinMo. The fact that every manufacturer that uses WinMo is desperately trying to cover and hide the OS makes it obvious that WinMo is horrible.

  • hugzzy

the only thing i see come is news, but about when it be avalible no signs...i hate SE for doin that

  • sado

1st????? u sado's.